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The Green Hornet 2011


Oh hi,

911 what is the nature of you emergency? Uh huh. Right. Ok. Sir you do realize that sounds a bit racist. What does Jewish Humor Guy and Bruce Lee type even mean? Right. Right. So what is your emergency?

You were walking your dog on the street outside of the Jewish Humor Guy’s house and you were nearly ran over by the Bruce Lee type when the bushes and a parked car split open and the duo suddenly came flying out in their death machine of a car barely missing you and your dog?

Oh my, that does sound terrifying! Did you confront them? You did and what happened? The Bruce Lee type one inch punched your dog when it barked at him and the Jewish Humor Guy dry humped your unconscious dog’s body before running away screaming ‘Green Horny?’

Ok. Wow. Hold on one second and I will patch you through to McGriff The Crime Canine and he will come out with his giant cartoon dog head and flasher type trench coat and resolve this cartoon type problem you are having. Click. Take a Bite Outta Crime.


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The Green Hornet (2011) – A man boy and his boy man take on crime in L.A. by becoming criminals themselves! Mind blown. Now make me some coffee.


  • Is this the Bruce Lee one?
  • Weee! My Ken doll looks like a flying hero!
  • The Chauffer is too
  • Tell the major I am insulted!
  • Sent home again…after another school yard fight…I know you miss your mommy
  • Dad is the Sentinel
  • 750 Employees and you have to take care of yourself.
  • Trying doesn’t matter when you always fail?
  • My Ken doll!
  • 20 years later
  • I am very important…to the back of the club!
  • Now sit in one of my very comfortable chairs
  • I’m in charge of all the crime in the city of los angeles. I worked very hard.
  • Chud-Nofs-Ski
  • I got a see thru piano
  • My gun has 2 barrels …that’s not boring. It was very hard to make.
  • Hey you forgot your briefcase
  • Doing it in the the cars…on the cars…fast motion. We out!
  • Slurp-o-Chin-o
  • Dad died of a bee sting
  • Trying doesn’t matter when you always fail
  • Hey! Where is my leaf!
  • Kato…works on his father’s cars and makes the good coffee.
  • Kato made the coffee machine and the coffee
  • Sit with me Kato…tell my your tale.
  • Parents died. Shared life.
  • Shoot the car…
  • Kato is a beer top slinging master
  • Kato is a human swiss army knife.
  • Dad was getting paranoid
  • Chopping dad’s statue head ought to be good.
  • Hey look…it is some street toughs…witness it! Be a hero!
  • He has the spirit of a hero…and a sense morality…Kato has the skills.
  • Is Kato a robot?or just a fighting genius?
  • Head Statue to the shin.
  • Ahhh…I haven’t seen a good car launch in a while.
  • The Green Bee
  • The Green Hornet and Stinger
  • Ego Maniac or Power Maniac
  • You are old. Temp to permanent.
  • Rich Man Boy hooks up with Super Genius Skilled Mechanic guy.
  • Rich man with the plan.
  • What year is this? Car fax. Car Record Player.
  • Those green headlights.
  • Hanging shoes…I think we are in the hood Kato.
  • Business Affected
  • Ha! Daniel is the IT Crowd. Who is Daniel?
  • Smash Meth labs.
  • You so special. You have a gas gun.
  • 11 days hornet gas gun. See you in an hour.
  • Make me coffee is putting him back in his place. It was the gesture that freed him from servitude to brotherhood.
  • If I can’t have her then the boys can hang out. Conflict
  • Easily hurt feelings Crime boss.
  • We got an email.
  • How did he tape that phone to his hairy chest?
  • Ego Maniac like your father.
  • This fight between friends is great. I haven’t seen one this good since They Live.
  • Kato can’t swim….his one weakness.
  • When they are their weakest…give daggers out to everyone a million dollars.
  • Don’t be wearing or driving green.
  • Know what happens when you corner a hornet? You get stung.
  • Sushi Drive USB
  • I recorded this intro on my Sushi USB dummies.
  • Let us get honest. You know Karate.
  • Suicide Door Guns..Awesome
  • 3 Black cars
  • nuchucks were my idea
  • 2011 you couldn’t upload things to the internet from your usb drive recording device.
  • Bag o bombs
  • Is that gas mask? Just for yourself?
  • Paper Roll Robots.
  • I’m un gasable
  • Does the USB only fit in one computer?
  • OMG he didn’t even record anything!
  • Lock vision.
  • Double Dagger Death Eye
  • Fighting the police as much as the bad guys.
  • Ejector Seats. Good Idea.
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