Real Steel (2011) – Filmsack Show Notes

INTRO Oh hi, Are you troubled by strange noises in the night? Does Hugh Jackman slide into your bed and spoon you while you sleep? Do you experience feelings of dread in your dead father’s gym? Have you or your family ever seen the films Rocky, The Iron Giant or that one episode of The… Continue reading Real Steel (2011) – Filmsack Show Notes

Priest (2011) – Filmsack Show Notes

INTRO Oh hi and welcome to the Monthly gathering of Familiars where we discuss how to better serve our Vampire Masters out here in the wastelands. Now, I see some unfamiliar familiars out there today. So let’s go over a couple of points that may assist you in avoiding an untimely end like your predecessors.… Continue reading Priest (2011) – Filmsack Show Notes

The Green Hornet (2011) – Filmsack Show Notes

INTRO Oh hi, 911 what is the nature of you emergency? Uh huh. Right. Ok. Sir you do realize that sounds a bit racist. What does Jewish Humor Guy and Bruce Lee type even mean? Right. Right. So what is your emergency? You were walking your dog on the street outside of the Jewish Humor… Continue reading The Green Hornet (2011) – Filmsack Show Notes

Limitless (2011) – Filmsack Show Notes

INTRO Oh hi,You know…they say we can only access 20% of our brains…here…take this breath mint… it will let you access 100% of your fresh breath and cost like… 8 cents a pop. NOW you are Limitless. Go forth and make the love, clean your house and make some spreadsheets…not necessarily in that order…YOU will… Continue reading Limitless (2011) – Filmsack Show Notes