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Priest 2011


Oh hi and welcome to the Monthly gathering of Familiars where we discuss how to better serve our Vampire Masters out here in the wastelands.

Now, I see some unfamiliar familiars out there today. So let’s go over a couple of points that may assist you in avoiding an untimely end like your predecessors.

Point one…wear sunblock. We have buckets of the stuff so there is no excuse. The Masters secrete that stuff everywhere.. so be sure to apply it liberally. I’m soaking in it! Don’t touch me.

Point two… don’t wake daddy. If there is one sure way to quickly be terminated it is to wake up your Master. Vampires are notoriously heavy sleepers and if awoken before night fall there will be consequences.

Ok, new guy, you have a question? Oh nice to meet you Billy Corgan… and your question. Yes, I guess in a way…the world is A Vampire and it does appear to be set to drain.

Oh listen, Shhh… you hear that?! it’s the Vamp Train! Choo Choo you Uncle Fester looking creeps. If you have a ticket to ride congratulations. If not you get to stay here on the reservation with your weak ass master. Good luck! Say hi to the Priests for me. Choo Choo Billy Corgan


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Priest (2011) – This is what is known. There have always been bad movies. There have always been good movies. This is a a good bad movie. but it makes my Eye’s Ache. Isaac.


  • Oh! Cartoons!
  • This what is known There has always been man and there has always been Vampires
  • Man Had the Sun. It weren’t enough
  • The 2 races. White guys and Even Whiter Vampires
  • The ultimate Weapon…the priests
  • The priests have very defined T Zones…very dry
  • You’ve been faded
  • Residual Radiation…guess we blew up some Vampires
  • That blouse needs a top button…there it is. Can you feel it…coming in the air tonight. C’mon
  • Ma…Pa? You ded?
  • Sector 12…it’s always Sector 12
  • Is this parallel to our timeline?
  • Remember…to go against the Church is to go against God.
  • Confessional Booth 69 now available….Forgive me Father…for I have phlegm
  • We don’t talk to priests
  • Woo Wooo…the vampire train…woo woo
  • Is this the world I fought for…no…but it is the only world we have left.
  • These rosary beads are gonna kick your ass.
  • To sin no more and to avoid the near occasion of sin.
  • Jet Bike!
  • You are now leaving the safety of the giant statues and into the odd rock formation of the wastelands…
  • Let us get on our Jetbikes and RIDE
  • Point one…I shoot your truck…Point two…I shoot your truck again…Point three…oh…
  • Me..nothing…just carving little crosses on the tips of these bullets.
  • Redouts and Rejects down in Nightshade.
  • An actual Chick in a Bucket
  • A Vamp Pack…
  • Familiars are hairless.
  • Bettany always like to wear stuff on his forehead.
  • Billy Corgan looking bunch of Vampire Familiars
  • Don’t wake Baddy…vampires
  • Little tiny throwing star crosses
  • I live in a hive that I made with my spit!
  • There are always 2 points…know them both and you will always kill a vampire. 2nd reference to points
  • This snake oil salesman talks like Bill Clinton…and he is now Familiar.
  • Solar Powered Jet Bikes
  • Makes my Eye’s Ache…Isaac
  • That is a really big hive hole.
  • Hive Guardian….here…let me throw some stones for you to step on in the air.
  • Oh look a new addition to the hive…
  • They bred an army….soo…that means they did the Vampire Mambo…a lot.
  • Who would name their town Jericho…have you never read the bible!
  • It’s the night train….VampTrain?
  • I love the idea of some secret train…at night…full of Vampires.
  • Let’s separate…I’ll check out the house of hooks.
  • Eyeless vampires…more bat like
  • Classic Opera stuff….it’s all family.
  • Vampire trains are very explosive.
  • All that is left of Karl Urban is his smoking hat.
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