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Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

Thanks for speeding over to Captain D’s to meet me for dinner guys. I have something really important to ask you all in a very aloof manner and with no further delay…. hold on..there is a girl over at that table flashing gang signs at us.

Oh no…wait…it appears to be some sort of secret code that you see deaf people using when they want to make fun of your small feet.. No worries. I took an online course on this very subject. I got this.

Ok, she wants to know if you guys are my brothers. Short answer…No…long answer Brothers from another mother….. She says you guys are very cute…but not in a creepy way…awww….ain’t that nice..

no no…wait..I got that wrong…she says she is cute…and you guys are creeps. Well that wasn’t very nice. I am now telling her that she can go suck tartar sauce from Captain D’s size 10 feet… and now her dad is coming over…

Alright, I think it’s time to reveal my big news. I bought us all scooters! Will you scoot with me?

Now let’s get out of here in a manner that would imply Speed but would leave you asking yourself “this is speed?” Ibbott, blast the Reggae music. Randy, pass the Red Red Wine and Scott, hand me that chain saw…what? I don’t know why Captain D’s has a chainsaw…fewer questions more action!!

Speed 3 colon small title We got Scooters.



Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997) – Not as good as Speed 1 but better than Speed 3…. that never happened because this movie killed it slowly. oh so slowly. You’re a mad man De Bont!


  • How many knots is 55?
  • This is very exciting music and credits
  • Ocean…Road…Bike!
  • Pop a wheelie. No stunts and no wrecks Alex.
  • Tim Conway!
  • My last boy jack. 2 years ago…pepper spay perfume.
  • So was that the joke? She didn’t have a license? Did she lose her license?
  • This box truck is losing its cargo! That is a lot of cargo…What is this delivery delivering?
  • Dip…another Dip! 2 Dips…
  • He’s a guy that works the beach on a bike.
  • That is the slowest motorcycle in the universe….can’t even catch up with a
  • 295 Hye
  • You’re a mad man Shaw!
  • Swat Team…Suicide Squad. He has been lying about his job. He lets her pick the movie.
  • He is a romantic…Jack was not a romantic.
  • Surprise Boat Party.
  • She is sitting next to Dafoe….like she wouldn’t notice.
  • Dante…Welcome to Paradise…sell some mugs.
  • 7 day cruise
  • It is that guy from Friends…the maintenance guy who dances with Joey
  • Romeo Dafoe
  • I need you to boogie with me.
  • Wake up boys. Shake up a couple of jars of leaches.
  • Those golf clubs are explosives! and the balls? Those balls don’t look suspect at all.
  • Hacking the Seabourn Legend.
  • We at Fat Busters…we say Fat is your friend
  • Your body is a computer.
  • How did they get UB40?…golfers clap.
  • There is a multi-million dollar jewelry collection.
  • Even the deaf girl can feel the dope beats that UB40 is dropping.
  • Daddy Downer
  • Drew the Deaf girl..
  • The girl across the way is flashing me gang signs…oh wait…she wants to know if you guys are my brother’s. She says our kids would be very ugly.
  • Everybody wants these kids to get together.
  • Can I order À la carte
  • Rich guys always making regular guys jewelry look small. Size doesn’t matter.
  • Plugging in my 9 pin serial console cable.
  • Drunk Dafoe using his Drunken Master to pull off some sneaky moves
  • Don’t drop your tiny coffee captain…
  • He just LoJacked the ship.
  • Nasty…Dafoe got that while flashlight in his mouth. I hope he washed that flashlight before he pleasured it.
  • Satellite Guided Ship.
  • Golf Ball bombs.
  • The captain is drinking his tiny coffee.
  • We have lots of fun…don’t we Lolita.
  • We have lots of fun…but not so much fun that I ain’t gonna puke…gross.
  • Dafoe is leeching himself? Time for group therapy
  • Lolita
  • Dude…who the hell skeet shoots on a cruise ship…that would be the worst.
  • Skeet shooting instead of sex?
  • She likes to take care of him…Embarrassing for him.
  • Great soundtrack.
  • I don’t even know your cop number.
  • Do not disturb….Make up room please….
  • Maybe I flipped the card…club face! Stole his uniform.
  • Human Error…! 4 degrees…
  • Lead singer of Bush (Gavin Rossdale) is navigating. The Autopilot won’t go down.
  • They didn’t have any size 10s…I told them size didn’t matter.
  • One more thing…I would like to plug-in with you.
  • Captain Pollard. Who is running the ship? Oh yeah..I am.
  • DaFoe is a disgruntled computer engineer.
  • DaFoe does a really good crazy.
  • The Texas Sisters. …say Dallas…So did Dafoe go home with the sisters.
  • Deaf Girl Drew is a total flirt. Speed 3
  • You look like a clown.
  • Daddy Jerk face.
  • He can only trust his instinct. The only certain thing.
  • Always cock blocked for pipping the question.
  • Dafoe is taking a lot of pills.
  • Earthquake at sea.
  • This ship is explosive…
  • watch me blow up this ship
  • Sir I think you should push the button
  • 3 minutes to stop….15 minutes to evacuate
  • Have these fires been confirmed.
  • Sulpher based smoke..not explosives.
  • 6 hours to destination.
  • Get in the boat…get out of the boat.
  • Always some dumbass in these movies that won’t listen.
  • Where is the speed in this movie?
  • Nooo…not Dante!! How about a deal on those photos Dante?
  • She is starting to participate…gangplank!
  • Geiger…I know it was him.
  • Oh good…they didn’t kill him.
  • The plot thickens.
  • “No little girls in here…just big women…normal sized women!”
  • Come on Dante…stop being negative!
  • Sandra Bullock is problem solving
  • Why is there a chainsaw on a cruise ship.
  • I’m a navigator.
  • Time to flood the ship….that sounds like a bad idea
  • Chainsaw wielding Bullock.
  • You trying to drown Drew!
  • Hope they didn’t let any sharks in!
  • Relationships based on extreme circumstances rarely works out.
  • You don’t have to save the ship Alex! But don’t I?
  • Geiger is in pretty good shape for a really sick guy.
  • Geiger has a forearm keyboard…tippity tip tap.
  • Alex thinks computers and TVs can be stopped by bashing the monitors.
  • He got copper poisoning and that is why he is on a rampage. Alex is a bit of a brute.
  • Maniacal Dafoe laugh.
  • Darn Fire Doors
  • Ship Shop music!
  • I need my saw!
  • This gernade has a number.
  • Taking the ship hands shoe lace.
  • Clothing is a common solution to these problems.
  • Where is the grenade it’s in my hand.
  • What did they do with the grenade!
  • He is driving us into an oil tanker…17.8 knots. 20 mph…
  • Lion ship oil tanker.
  • No problem…just tie my shoe lace around the propeller.
  • Even if you stop the propeller will it slow the ship enough…we got some momentum.
  • 4296…blah blah blah badge number.
  • snake that line in there…
  • man….he did not think that through….he about got sucked up.
  • That propeller is made out of something tougher.
  • You slowed it down..but you didn’t stop it
  • Mr. Juliano…
  • Oh no…blood in the water…one arm free style.
  • Get those big nasty anchors up you oil tanker.
  • So how did he go from functional engineer to absolute maniacal mad man?
  • I’m good with this. Annie is safe…
  • Why didn’t anyone tell the passengers about the collision.
  • Two Large Wheels connected to a shaft.
  • I guess those speakers are water proof and they work underwater.
  • I said starboard wheel!!!
  • This movie still has 30 more minutes
  • Echelon Lion
  • So does that wheel turn the ship? Couldn’t do that sooner?
  • Lousy cruise ships.
  • That is one angry anchor.
  • Oh shit…oh shit…
  • that is way worse…
  • Meanwhile on the Good Ship Bananas.
  • ha! this anchors are like…nope…we weren’t designed for this.
  • Where is the boat horn?
  • That was one explosive dinghy.
  • Everybody get away…
  • What a very smart boy for seeing those boats
  • This slow speed crash is more humorous than thrilling.
  • haha…6 knots is like 7 mph
  • This is less Speed and more like Momentum.
  • No! not the church bell!
  • What kind of low frame slow-mo is this? It sucks.
  • “My Car!”
  • Now the ship is tipping over
  • Now he has broken both of his arms.
  • LAPD…
  • This speed boat chase is the most speed we have had for almost the entire movie
  • We are on a date…
  • The plane got impaled and now it is going to blow?
  • So in the end….he blew up the oil tanker?
  • Look what I found in international waters
  • 50 years!
  • 8 minutes of credits.
  • Wow she is back after a week for drivers

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