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Speed 2 Cruise Control 1997


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Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997) – Like


  • How many knots is 55?
  • This is very exciting music and credits
  • Ocean…Road…Bike!
  • Pop a wheelie. No stunts and no wrecks Alex.
  • Tim Conway!
  • My last boy jack. 2 years ago…pepper spay perfume.
  • So was that the joke? She didn’t have a license? Did she lose her license?
  • This box truck is losing its cargo! That is a lot of cargo…What is this delivery delivering?
  • 2 Dips…
  • He’s a guy that works the beach on a bike.
  • That is the slowest motorcycle in the universe….can’t even catch up with a
  • 295 Hye
  • Swat Team…Suicide Squad. He has been lying about his job. He lets her pick the movie.
  • He is a romantic…Jack was not a romantic.
  • Surprise Boat Party.
  • She is sitting next to Dafoe….like she wouldn’t notice.
  • Dante…Welcome to Paradise…sell some mugs.
  • 7 day cruise
  • It is that guy from Friends…the maintenance guy who dances with Joey
  • Romeo Dafoe
  • Those golf clubs are explosives! and the balls?
  • Hacking the Seabourne Legend.
  • We at Fat Busters…we say Fat is your friend
  • How did they get UB40?…golfers clap.
  • There is a multi-million dollar jewelry collection.
  • Even the deaf girl can feel the dope beats that UB40 is dropping.
  • Drew the Deaf girl..
  • Everybody wants these kids to get together.
  • Rich guys always making regular guys jewelry look small. Size doesn’t matter.
  • Drunk Dafoe using his Drunk Master to pull off some sneaky moves
  • Nasty…Dafoe got that while flashlight in his mouth.
  • Golf Ball bombs.
  • The captain is drinking his tiny coffee.
  • We have lots of fun…but not so much fun that I ain’t gonna puke…gross.
  • Dafoe is leeching himself?
  • Dude…who the hell skeet shoots on a cruise ship…that would be the worst.
  • Skeet shooting instead of sex?
  • She likes to take care of him…
  • Great soundtrack.
  • Maybe I flipped the card…club face! Stole his uniform.
  • Human Error…! 4 degrees…
  • Captain Pollock…
  • DaFoe is a disgruntled computer engineer.
  • The southern sisters.
  • Deaf Girl Drew is a total flirt. Speed 3
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