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Real Steel (2011)


Oh hi,

Are you troubled by strange noises in the night? Does Hugh Jackman slide into your bed and spoon you while you sleep? Do you experience feelings of dread in your dead father’s gym? Have you or your family ever seen the films Rocky, The Iron Giant or that one episode of The Twilight Zone? If the answer is yes, then don’t wait another minute. Just pick up the phone and call the professionals — Filmsack.

Our courteous and efficient staff is on call 24 hours a day to serve all your Rock’em Sock’em Robot movie needs. We’re ready to believe in you.

And remember…Champions aren’t born. They are made. Courage is stronger than steel and If you’ve got one shot. Make it Real! God. Those are all real marketing taglines from this week’s movie! Who wrote these? A 9 year old in a wife beater? What? They were 11? Yeah, well they are still terrible.

Alright, somebody hand me a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper, a dirty shirt and a burrito. I’m programmed for pain and ready to sack this movie. NOT YET. I almost forgot I have to turn on the windshield wipers for my feet in my 2020 bot hauler (slash) mobile home for losers as predicted by a film from 2011. But why does my vehicle even have a window for my feet! You can’t see my face in this thing but my feet are totally visible? They even have wipers! My feet don’t need to see! Rain or no…That’s a job for my face! Alright, I’m ready. NOT YET! Hey, this burrito is shaped like a hamburger. Are you sure this is not a Hamburgers? Alright, I’m ready. Wait for it. Not Yet. Robot Rocky. Go.



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Real Steel (2011) – Like finding a $5 movie from 2011 in the bargain bin at Walmart. I’ll give you $3 dollars no $2 fiddy. I’ll take it… now that’s a Real Steal. #WolverineWaspFalconAndFriends


  • Rock’em Sock’em?
  • 800 lb steer for 2000k
  • 5. 3. 2.50. Going to be one of those towns.
  • 20 Grand
  • Any fans of Robot Dancing
  • Bull vs Bot.
  • His Libido just cost him 20K and his bot.
  • Upper Cut on the Bull
  • Bull took his feet out.
  • Gimmie that leg…for $5 dollars.
  • One more step and I’ll drop you like your girlfriend.
  • Ex-Girlfriend is dead…Son who is 9 or 11 is coming to live with you.
  • Per Texas State law.
  • 2027?
  • Uh oh. He is in it for the grift.
  • 75k now or 100k in August…for a summer deal. 25k for the summer.
  • 50k now.
  • Tallet’s Gym
  • He is always negotiating. 3k rent. 6k rent.
  • Hugh Jackman is a charmer…
  • 50k in cash
  • August 27th in NY from Texas.
  • They are going to Italy and I’m pissed.
  • Did Marvin give you that money?
  • I spent the money on a robot! Give me half! You sold me!
  • powered on HP
  • Brazilians are crazy about that
  • How do you know Japanese? Japanese video games.
  • Gravity-One down town!
  • Thanks big pops.
  • That truck has windows for your feet…including wipers.
  • Eminem and 50 cent mix.
  • Noisy Boy and Charlie.
  • Midas. 50k Guarantee…winner take it all.
  • Falcon Finn
  • He is programmed for pain. The mighty Midas…
  • the WRB…on the exile tour oversees.
  • This is the underworld there are no rules.
  • Jab jab.
  • So far he is 0 for 2…I’m starting to think he is no good at this.
  • Rock’em sock ’em robot.
  • Winner takes all…does he keep the bot.
  • He got 400 for Noisy boy’s head.
  • Taking his kid to steal parts…good father son time.
  • Generation 1 look more like humans.
  • Dude…you had 1 job.. take care of the kid for the summer.
  • He is good when the shit hits the fan?
  • This robot saved me…he is my daddy now.
  • I carried this robot so he could carry me.
  • 1st of the 2nd gen? His name is Atom. G2 2014 Sparring bot.
  • He used to be a boxer but human boxing died out because people wanted to see real destruction.
  • Zeus…2 rounds…that is it.
  • Father Daughter…Zeus…important bot designer out of retirement.
  • What Zeus sees…he kills. He is a learning bot.
  • Here kid…have a Zeus towel.
  • Take him to the Zoo.
  • I hate hamburgers! It is a Burrito!
  • Back yard bot wrestling
  • Don’t step on my feet.
  • This kid is fueling up on Dr. Pepper and wife beaters.
  • Do the robot.
  • Are you sure you are 11?
  • People want to see the flair.
  • Oh man. Charlie is totally going to back stab his own kid.
  • A robot with 2 heads…2 heads are not better than 1 if they both get punched.
  • This kid is fueling up on Dr. Pepper and wife beaters. nooo
  • This kid is talking some shit.
  • “I don’t want your money Marvin.”
  • I just want you to fight for me.
  • That empty spot next to you in the bed.
  • Just one more night.
  • Fight for meeee!
  • 5 rounds for Robot Championship.
  • Dad always end with a knockout.
  • are you ready for the Movie title! REAL STEAL
  • Voice activated boxing.
  • Always got to cover his mic. when he is talking to others.
  • Get up Atom…
  • Zeus gave an uppercut that stunned.
  • Let’s go homie…homeoby.
  • Sponsored by HP and Bing
  • Hardwired this bot with the will to go on.
  • Are you kidding me with those eyes.
  • Not yet…fight…not yet…NOOOOOW
  • He’s…he’s…beautiful
  • Rock’em Sock’em.
  • Oh wow…they have never had to go to the Judge’s cards.
  • 5 for heart.
  • Zeus won by technical.
  • The result is as expected.
  • Atom is the people’s champion.
  • People’s Champion. Sounds pretty good to me.
  • Don’t worry. Your secret is safe with me.
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