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Sunshine 2007


oh hi,

Dear Ma and Pa from your boy in space. Remember how you said nothing never good came from staring at the sun for 12 hours a day and then the sun quit on us and then you blamed me for that and then I had to kidnap old man Elon Musk so he would agree to let me join space force so I could fly to our dying sun with some other astronauts and scientists to restart the sun with some explosives the size of Manhattan. Well…..get out your Sun-brellas. We’re almost there!

Phew, is anyone else hot? I’m really sweating balls over here.

Oh yeah, Dad. I asked them about your idea about “why don’t they just move the dang ole Earth closer to the sun” They said that was a stupid and laughed a lot. So thanks for that dad. Gosh it’s hot.

Anywho, just remember, it takes eight minutes for light to travel from sun to earth. Which means you’ll know we’ve succeeded about eight minutes after we deliver the payload. So if one day you look up into the sky and…ok…it is really hot’in here. So I think I’m gonna take off all my clothes…. and head up to the main frame coolant tank and take a swim. You know what, I don’t need this skin either…just gonna peel it right off.

Alright mom and dad. Camp has been great so far. See ya at the end of summer. I volunteer….I volunteer Randy!


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Sunshine (2007) – For 7 years I spoke with God. He told me to take us all to heaven…in a little row boat…i’m a golden space suit god..


  • I looked directly at the sun!
  • Our sun is dying, mankind faces extinction.
  • Seven years ago. The Icarus Project. To restart the son. “Damnit Sun! Don’t you quit on me! Live Damn you! Live!”
  • But that mission was lost…damnit
  • 16 months ago. Crew of 7. Left Earth frozen in a solar winter. Our Payload. Stellar Bomb. Size of Manhattan. Create a star within a Star.
  • 8 Astronauts…strapped to a bomb….weeee…it is Icarus II.
  • The sun looks like an eye! It is watching!
  • Look at that worthless sun.
  • 36 Million miles….2% of full brightness…can you show me 4%…just do it Icarus computer!!! How about 3.1% for 30 seconds. Put on my shades!
  • Wouldn’t it just be easier to move the Earth closer to the sun.
  • 29 000 KHM
  • Beef or Chicken….
  • The point about darkness…you float…like a vacuum.
  • Don’t make the Asian guy fix your food.
  • Send messages back to the moon stations.
  • 55 Million miles from earth.
  • Flying into the Dead Zone.
  • I see hyrdoponics…but
  • “By the time you get this message. I will already be in the Dead Zone. Uh, it came a little sooner than we thought, But this means you won’t be able to send a message back. So I just wanted to let you know. I don’t need the message. Because I know everything you want to say.”
  • “Just remember, it takes eight minutes for light to travel from sun to earth. Which means you’ll know we’ve succeeded about eight minutes after we deliver the payload. All you have to do is look out for a little extra brightness in the sky. So if you wake up one morning and it is a particularly beautiful day. you’ll know we made it. Ok I’m signing out and I will see you in a couple of years.”
  • Automated Razor Scooter!!
  • Sitting in the sun room going blind and getting one hella burn.
  • It took him an hour to make that message?
  • Prescription 2 hours in the Earth Room. The waves make me feel peaceful
  • I would just stay in the Earth Room. Duh.
  • Captain America talking to Capa
  • Icarus 1 got hit by a minor asteroid storm. none bigger than a rain drop. It was beautiful. Until it kilt us!
  • Don’t put your hand in the coolant tank…hey…he shaved!
  • Ladies and Gentlemen. Mercury! Mmmmm… Mercury is so hot!
  • Two last hopes are better than one.
  • I forgot about the angles!
  • I volunteer Capa.
  • You golden suited god.
  • Sweet. Space Zoom Call.
  • The space turtle is too shakey!
  • Com 3 and 4 are now space sparklers.
  • Com 3 and 4 just busted through.
  • Manual control. Negative. Computer Control. Negative.
  • What can you see? Nothing! I blind!
  • I volunteer Yo Mama!
  • Icarus II – 0 Sun – 2
  • Oxygen Garden is gone!
  • This is becoming Space: Survivor edition.
  • Somebody has been hanging out in the sun room too often.
  • Neither of these ships were designed for docking.
  • Subliminal Screaming Face
  • The air is human skin! That is a lot of human skin. Most dust is human skin…grote
  • “I can hardly walk it is so thick.”
  • We are dust and nothing more..
  • Capa always goes into the suit.
  • Hey Capa. We’re only Stardust.
  • Did not like Harvey Death atall.
  • Well they got rid of their extras they needed. Problem resolved.
  • Weigh the life of one against the future of mankind.
  • haha…electric scapel
  • Problem solved.
  • using up the oxygen you moron.
  • 5 crew members. We got an unknown crew member!
  • At the end of time when only one man remains. Pinbacker. Not your god. Mine
  • Icarus would not full sunlight befrore…now she do.
  • Please return the mainframe to the coolant!
  • A lot of “my god” at the end here.
  • jumping in the coolant to save the mainframe…have you tried turning off and back on again first.
  • Pinbacker is not in this dimension/time
  • Capa my leg…my sandles….my bloody sandles.
  • What…it’s not hard enough to save humanity by traveling to the sun and blowing it up…you also have to fight space crazy time traveler?
  • Did they pioneer the “too close to this guy’s face” cam?
  • Looking through a lot.
  • I need a Sunbrella
  • Outside the suit looks like no struggle. Inside the suit…space spittle.
  • That was the Capa Suit. He shit in it…it is only his.
  • It is the only dream I have. Surface of the sun.
  • I wonder if the meteor shower that hit the Icarrus 1 was the Icarrus 2 explosion?
  • “Cassie we are flying into the sun.”
  • For 7 years I spoke with God. He told me to take us all to heaven…in a little row boat…owwww….my arm flesh.
  • It’s getting hot in take off all your flesh.
  • just like he described…a moment of free floating and then death!
  • Even in solar winter…kids make snowmen.

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