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Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome


oh hi,

This Sunday… it’s Thunderdome Live. Where you don’t want to miss when 2 men enter. 1 man leaves.

Hey, is this going to be like that one time when one of the men who enters is not really a man at all but some kind of grinning boy’s head sitting atop a man-body and then when he starts losing… his little person manager hops into the dome in the middle of the fight and starts yammering in some broken English he learned from Vinyl Records in his Circus train car…. only to be interrupted by yet a fourth individual who enters the dome of thunder to further the discussion on who runs the place…. all the while no “man leaves?” Cause that was some real partisan based pig shit right there.

Anywho, This Sunday, it’s Thunderdome Live!… Where apparently no rules apply….. Even though everyone is chanting the one damn rule.

Tickets available at the box office… if you can convince post modern Alfred Hitcock to sell ’em to ya. God I hate this job. Maybe I will see if I can get a job as an elevator operator. I can do that….Pushing a few buttons all day….ooooohh…Conan Style?…no thanks, I don’t do the cranks. That is just jerking time, Randy


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Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985) – 2 movies enter. 1 Man Leaves. “Hearing Wonky. Sounds like an order.”


  • Do you have gas? I need gas.
  • Funky music is funky. Hey! That is the lady that sings the thing!
  • Double barrelled credits. Coming at ya!
  • One of the Living! Yeah Yeah Yeah-oooooh.
  • Before Drones…there were shaky helicopter cams.
  • It is the outback! Didgeridoo
  • Buzzed poor ole Charles Ingalls of the Outback
  • That monkey is not pleased.
  • Nooo…it’s Mad Max Beyond Covered Camel Caravan
  • That monkey left him his boots. Also,you really shouldn’t be driving without your shoes on.
  • Well they wasted no time getting to Bartertown.
  • Football pads are in high demand.
  • H2O is my go! What’s a little fallout eh?!
  • Pelts for 2 hours of woman.
  • Nothing to trade…nothing in bartertown.
  • I didn’t know Alfred Hitchcock ran Bartertown…The doorman.
  • 24 hours of your life in trade for your shit.
  • That be a lot of weapons. Humorous amounts. Is he going to catalog that stuff? Does he get a ticket!?
  • “House of Good Deals”
  • Elevator operator. I can do that. Push a few buttons….ooooohh…Conan Style…no thanks cranks.
  • Sexy Saxophone. Play something Ton Ton…something tragic.
  • But he’s just a raggedy man.
  • Water…Fruit? Death.
  • Beaten with his own whip.
  • Rule 1: Kept it Secret who you work for. Rule 2: Fair Fight. Rule 3: To The Death
  • Underworld…where Bartertown gets its power. Pig Shit. Methane fuel.
  • Master Blaster. Little Master…Big one Blaster. They run Underworld. Keep the Master. Kill the Blaster.
  • I don’t got no experience with Methane. You can shovel shit can’t you?
  • Pig Killer…Life Sentence.
  • 12 Pounds of explosives.
  • No Trade in Underworld. Not Shit. Energy!
  • Who Run Bartertown Embargo. You Know who.
  • What if the power company called occasionally and asked you who ran your local town.
  • The big one don’t like loud noises.
  • Now who runs Barter Town.
  • If you are about a head short then add a head.
  • Thunderdome. Hand to Hand.
  • Meanwhile down at the Atomic Cafe.
  • “Hearing Wonky. Sounds like an order.”
  • Master Blaster. We want Thunderdome.
  • Thunderdome…Live! I wonder what that sign was like before the last day.
  • Auntie…Auntie..
  • Welcome to another Edition of Thunderdome!
  • 2 Men enter. 1 Man Leaves to avoid the folly of war.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls. Dying time is here.
  • Hey…you didn’t say anything about bungies.
  • The audience is counting the blows.
  • The whistle don’t work if you can’t blow it. Oh you blew it.
  • haha…Chainsaw is worthless….pig shit!
  • Whistled dead. Uh oh. The monster with the Boy’s Face.
  • It was totally part of the deal.
  • No Not Master!!
  • 2 men enter…1 man leave…you know the rules
  • Technically…3 men entered.
  • Bust a deal and face the wheel.
  • All laws must have rhythm.
  • Look here Vanna…this wheel was not the deal.
  • Are there any good prizes on the wheel?
  • Auntie’s Choice…
  • nooo! Not the Gulag! Nooo…What’s The Gulag? GooLag
  • Ride a horse backwards across the wasteland with a mascot head?
  • They dipped Master into the pig shit.
  • Send the Monkey!
  • That poor horse just wanted some water.
  • That is more monkey ass than I wanted to see.
  • That Horse looks thirsty
  • The wasteland is trying to eat him!
  • Damn monkey just scared me.
  • So do monkeys not get thirsty?
  • Apparently, I only remember parts of Mad Max Beyond Thunder-dome.
  • This is like 2 movies in 1
  • 2 movies enter. 1 Movie Leaves
  • It is Captain Morgan? Walker?
  • Some lord of the flies shit.
  • Delta Fox X-ray. I don’t think they know how tech works.
  • Children of Dead Tech and Toys
  • What a way to wake up. Good thing they tied his leg.
  • Chorus of kids.
  • We got it mouth to mouth.
  • That is some weird post modern TV. At least it is widescreen.
  • We don’t need the knowing. We can live here.
  • High Scrapers and Video. All the knowing they have lost.
  • Tomorrow-morrow Land. Sky Raft.
  • Haha! Captain Walker and Mrs Walker.
  • Bye-De-Bye. Don’t worry…we will be back.
  • Well yeah…now he looks like Walker since you cut his hair and dressed him up.
  • You kept it real good. You ain’t been slack.
  • Follow me says War-Boy
  • The time is now! We got the wind at our backs! C’mon! oh…perhaps another time then.
  • The second half of this movie may be some of the best of George Miller.
  • That is just jerking time.
  • Language is the first victim of the apocalypse.
  • He used the boom-stick.
  • I am the guy who keeps Mr. Dead in my pocket.
  • The kid who wakes up Max after the gun-frontation is speaking pretty good English. In fact…they all started losing their weird accent.
  • I can’t decide between laughing and being thrilled.
  • He holds his own…and then I holds him.
  • Everybody know the Sarlacc Pit gonna eat ya!
  • She has a tiny globe for a map…that is a horrible map.
  • Bartertown is our only chance.
  • This is jerking time.
  • Once a pig thief always a pig theif.
  • I don’t want to die in Pig Shit
  • and down the corn shoot!
  • The turnabout chase.
  • Who runs Bartertown? Apparently no one! This place is a disaster.
  • This is more pig assholes than I am comfortable with.
  • Bartertown. Where you gonna run. Where you gonna hide? Now get me my jet car!
  • Ha! Master must have been in the traveling circus when the apocalypse came about. Look how snazzy in his snaz suit
  • Great…the only language recording that survived is French.
  • Ha! More jump moments than I remember.
  • So many stunts.
  • Safari Kid
  • This is so confusing. Why does Gyro Pilot not recognize Max from Road Warrior? Oh…cause he is the same actor. 2 different characters.
  • Max would have not been able to jump that far away.
  • Raggedy man. Goodbye Soldier!
  • This ain’t one bodies tell.
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