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Expendables 3 (2014)


Oh hi,

Hey, thanks guys for meeting me here at Rusty’s early morning bar and grill. Ibbott, go ahead and order another drink. it’s 9AM Mountain time and you got Saturday night at your house to do. Randy, would you like some wings? Scott, stop it…that’s gross.

Anywho, It’s been 11 years and 500 hundred episodes…. and you know, it’s very hard for me to say this, but at one time, you guys were the best. Maybe still are. But nothing lasts forever. Hard as it is to hear. We aren’t the future anymore. Unfortunately for us, we’re part of the past.

As I see it, if we keep this life up, the only way this thing ends, for all of us, is in a sack, in a hole, in the ground and no one giving a shit. Now, if that is the way I am supposed to go out, I can live with that. For me. But what I can’t live with, and won’t live with, is taking you with me.

So, it was a good run, Ibbott go ahead and order another drink. Randy, that is an unhealthy amount of wings. Scott, stop it….that’s gross.

Alright, well I just saw Harrison Ford slip into the backseat of my Ford Pickup Truck outside. I’m not sure if he has some new intel on an upcoming Indiana Jones movie he wants me to sack with my new twitch stream team or if he is just confused because he thinks its his truck. Because you know, Ford in a Ford.

Seriously Randy, no more wings! Do you want me to open up your meat shirt and show you your heart, cause you will be sad, oh so sad!

Happy 500 sacks everybody! Booby slave! Booby slave. Grab me my Mingo phone…I want to call Flash Gor-don to tell him all about it!


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The Expendables 3 (2014) – In the movie’s own words “I hear this movie killed more people than the plague.” also “How much we getting paid for this?” “Not Enough For Bruce Willis” #500


  • It’s a train! Choo Choo!
  • Armored Prison Transport
  • Put on the lucky ring
  • Hannibal Lectured his ass.
  • Wesley “Grady” Snipes
  • Snipes hates that portrait!
  • “Your Dude’s Tripping.”
  • Ramming Speed.
  • Who sets up their prison fort at the end of the prison transport.
  • You put the ending of your movie at the beginning.
  • A guy named Church.
  • Guys…where are our guys…Hammer…Butchman…gone…damn.
  • Why did he blow up the copter?
  • “I hear you killed more people than the plague.”
  • Tax Evasion.
  • Dolph is a sore loser
  • 5 to 22.
  • That jingling time…your tags up there…jingling…jingle ling
  • 1 mistake. 8 Years. Place called Swaziland. Failed Assassination. – Doc
  • 49 Pontiac…
  • Why does the inside of this plane look like Twitch Studio
  • Meanwhile, Mogadishu
  • He’s good..shutup.
  • They give Wesley Snipes the best jump stunts.
  • Shipping Container Ride! Weee get in.
  • /me screams “Stonebanks!”
  • Told ya Crews…10 seconds…time to mow the lawn.
  • “How much we getting paid for this?” “Not Enough” Obviously..the operation cost is through the roof.
  • Down at the Port. What kind of firepit facility are they driving through?
  • Yes…we do weapons and firepits.
  • Make Room for Caesar! Huge black guy in a boat.
  • What pistol is Stathum shooting…the whole scream is bouncing.
  • Why did he shoot Crews in the ass…but then the chest.
  • You dropped the bomb on me.
  • Did Stallone have a stroke?
  • Meanwhile in Moscow.
  • Time to put together a new team.
  • It all ends “In a hole in the ground.”
  • Wesley Snipoes
  • “We’ve been (in) the mud, the Shit and the blood.” – Jason
  • Gibson bought the painting because he could.
  • Meanwhile, Vegas.
  • Is that the big dipper? We got to turn around.
  • Close quarter combat.
  • Rhonda Rhow-zee
  • I need a Job. All I know how to do is kill people…and I do that very well.
  • Sponsored by Ford…parked in an empty parking lot. With Harrison Ford in the back seat. How on the nose. Ford in the back seat of a Ford.
  • Put a Ford in your Ford.
  • Snipes eats all the screen.
  • Standard issue single seater motorcycles for all the Expendables.
  • Drinking…shooting…stabbing…
  • you better be right…ba-bam
  • This ain’t 1985…you can’t just go in shooting.
  • A squad is like a family…you know what I mean…and my brother betrayed me…in case you didn’t get the subtle drop.
  • A mark on Cain…like tattoo…not to mark him…but to protect him.
  • haha! “Hurry up, it’s boring” – Arnold.
  • now they are the Deletables.
  • “I’ll open up your meat shirt and show you your heart.”
  • The Hauge…
  • You didn’t check him for watches.
  • How did he get his email address? “”
  • Do you know who he is working for? and who he is working for?
  • Time to get the crew back together.
  • I don’t have any friends. But other than the friends issue.
  • gogo…no galgo…
  • Christmas is coming…but it is July.
  • Morons Need Friends.
  • The tall one doesn’t like me.
  • Walking the river of rocks.
  • “Sally don’t like it.” – Snipes
  • PipBoy come on…jam it.
  • You didn’t charge it! It’s down to 9%.
  • Why aren’t they killing that Nanny Cam that Gibson has setup.
  • Get to the ground floor….get to the roof…do it yourself….Get to the choppa.
  • Yeah…that is fair…Stallone has been running around for about an hour…he just shows up…wanting to fight.
  • For sure is going to have to impale him..that is how this works.
  • I guess not…looks like
  • “What about the Hague… I am the Hague.”
  • He dead….wait a beat…he alive!
  • You could have skipped the demented part
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