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Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985) – Filmsack Show Notes


oh hi,

This Sunday… it’s Thunderdome Live. Where you don’t want to miss when 2 men enter. 1 man leaves.

Hey, is this going to be like that one time when one of the men who enters is not really a man at all but some kind of grinning boy’s head sitting atop a man-body and then when he starts losing… his little person manager hops into the dome in the middle of the fight and starts yammering in some broken English he learned from Vinyl Records in his Circus train car…. only to be interrupted by yet a fourth individual who enters the dome of thunder to further the discussion on who runs the place…. all the while no “man leaves?” Cause that was some real partisan based pig shit right there.

Anywho, This Sunday, it’s Thunderdome Live!… Where apparently no rules apply….. Even though everyone is chanting the one damn rule.

Tickets available at the box office… if you can convince post modern Alfred Hitcock to sell ’em to ya. God I hate this job. Maybe I will see if I can get a job as an elevator operator. I can do that….Pushing a few buttons all day….ooooohh…Conan Style?…no thanks, I don’t do the cranks. That is just jerking time, Randy



Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985) – 2 movies enter. 1 Man Leaves. “Hearing Wonky. Sounds like an order.”


  • Do you have gas? I need gas.
  • Funky music is funky. Hey! That is the lady that sings the thing!
  • Double barrelled credits. Coming at ya!
  • One of the Living! Yeah Yeah Yeah-oooooh.
  • Before Drones…there were shaky helicopter cams.
  • It is the outback! Didgeridoo
  • Buzzed poor ole Charles Ingalls of the Outback
  • That monkey is not pleased.
  • Nooo…it’s Mad Max Beyond Covered Camel Caravan
  • That monkey left him his boots. Also,you really shouldn’t be driving without your shoes on.
  • Well they wasted no time getting to Bartertown.
  • Football pads are in high demand.
  • H2O is my go! What’s a little fallout eh?!
  • Pelts for 2 hours of woman.
  • Nothing to trade…nothing in bartertown.
  • I didn’t know Alfred Hitchcock ran Bartertown…The doorman.
  • 24 hours of your life in trade for your shit.
  • That be a lot of weapons. Humorous amounts. Is he going to catalog that stuff? Does he get a ticket!?
  • “House of Good Deals”
  • Elevator operator. I can do that. Push a few buttons….ooooohh…Conan Style…no thanks cranks.
  • Sexy Saxophone. Play something Ton Ton…something tragic.
  • But he’s just a raggedy man.
  • Water…Fruit? Death.
  • Beaten with his own whip.
  • Rule 1: Kept it Secret who you work for. Rule 2: Fair Fight. Rule 3: To The Death
  • Underworld…where Bartertown gets its power. Pig Shit. Methane fuel.
  • Master Blaster. Little Master…Big one Blaster. They run Underworld. Keep the Master. Kill the Blaster.
  • I don’t got no experience with Methane. You can shovel shit can’t you?
  • Pig Killer…Life Sentence.
  • 12 Pounds of explosives.
  • No Trade in Underworld. Not Shit. Energy!
  • Who Run Bartertown Embargo. You Know who.
  • What if the power company called occasionally and asked you who ran your local town.
  • The big one don’t like loud noises.
  • Now who runs Barter Town.
  • If you are about a head short then add a head.
  • Thunderdome. Hand to Hand.
  • Meanwhile down at the Atomic Cafe.
  • “Hearing Wonky. Sounds like an order.”
  • Master Blaster. We want Thunderdome.
  • Thunderdome…Live! I wonder what that sign was like before the last day.
  • Auntie…Auntie..
  • Welcome to another Edition of Thunderdome!
  • 2 Men enter. 1 Man Leaves to avoid the folly of war.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen. Boys and Girls. Dying time is here.
  • Hey…you didn’t say anything about bungies.
  • The audience is counting the blows.
  • The whistle don’t work if you can’t blow it. Oh you blew it.
  • haha…Chainsaw is worthless….pig shit!
  • Whistled dead. Uh oh. The monster with the Boy’s Face.
  • It was totally part of the deal.
  • No Not Master!!
  • 2 men enter…1 man leave…you know the rules
  • Technically…3 men entered.
  • Bust a deal and face the wheel.
  • All laws must have rhythm.
  • Look here Vanna…this wheel was not the deal.
  • Are there any good prizes on the wheel?
  • Auntie’s Choice…
  • nooo! Not the Gulag! Nooo…What’s The Gulag? GooLag
  • Ride a horse backwards across the wasteland with a mascot head?
  • They dipped Master into the pig shit.
  • Send the Monkey!
  • That poor horse just wanted some water.
  • That is more monkey ass than I wanted to see.
  • That Horse looks thirsty
  • The wasteland is trying to eat him!
  • Damn monkey just scared me.
  • So do monkeys not get thirsty?
  • Apparently, I only remember parts of Mad Max Beyond Thunder-dome.
  • This is like 2 movies in 1
  • 2 movies enter. 1 Movie Leaves
  • It is Captain Morgan? Walker?
  • Some lord of the flies shit.
  • Delta Fox X-ray. I don’t think they know how tech works.
  • Children of Dead Tech and Toys
  • What a way to wake up. Good thing they tied his leg.
  • Chorus of kids.
  • We got it mouth to mouth.
  • That is some weird post modern TV. At least it is widescreen.
  • We don’t need the knowing. We can live here.
  • High Scrapers and Video. All the knowing they have lost.
  • Tomorrow-morrow Land. Sky Raft.
  • Haha! Captain Walker and Mrs Walker.
  • Bye-De-Bye. Don’t worry…we will be back.
  • Well yeah…now he looks like Walker since you cut his hair and dressed him up.
  • You kept it real good. You ain’t been slack.
  • Follow me says War-Boy
  • The time is now! We got the wind at our backs! C’mon! oh…perhaps another time then.
  • The second half of this movie may be some of the best of George Miller.
  • That is just jerking time.
  • Language is the first victim of the apocalypse.
  • He used the boom-stick.
  • I am the guy who keeps Mr. Dead in my pocket.
  • The kid who wakes up Max after the gun-frontation is speaking pretty good English. In fact…they all started losing their weird accent.
  • I can’t decide between laughing and being thrilled.
  • He holds his own…and then I holds him.
  • Everybody know the Sarlacc Pit gonna eat ya!
  • She has a tiny globe for a map…that is a horrible map.
  • Bartertown is our only chance.
  • This is jerking time.
  • Once a pig thief always a pig theif.
  • I don’t want to die in Pig Shit
  • and down the corn shoot!
  • The turnabout chase.
  • Who runs Bartertown? Apparently no one! This place is a disaster.
  • This is more pig assholes than I am comfortable with.
  • Bartertown. Where you gonna run. Where you gonna hide? Now get me my jet car!
  • Ha! Master must have been in the traveling circus when the apocalypse came about. Look how snazzy in his snaz suit
  • Great…the only language recording that survived is French.
  • Ha! More jump moments than I remember.
  • So many stunts.
  • Safari Kid
  • This is so confusing. Why does Gyro Pilot not recognize Max from Road Warrior? Oh…cause he is the same actor. 2 different characters.
  • Max would have not been able to jump that far away.
  • Raggedy man. Goodbye Soldier!
  • This ain’t one bodies tell.
Filmsack Notes

The Last Dragon (1985) – Show Notes (Nerdtacular 2017)



Oh hi! This is Brian Dunaway all the way  from the other side of the Country.

I hope everyone is have a great time at Nerdtacular 2017, pause for applause. too much pause…  *listen and pointy fingers*

I miss you guys.

Scott, set me up…Scott…set me up.

Oh hi, Sho’ Nuff we done watched a chop stick of a movie this week and in honor of this hot chop suey Motown mess I sent one of my students down to China town to get some advice from Master Sum Dum Goy….He sent back fortune cookies. Let’s see what they say.

Fortune Number One:

You are deeply attached to your family and home. (Apparently)

Fortune Number Two:

You are capable, competent, creative, careful. Prove it. (Toss it up baby!)

Fortune Number Three:

Stop Searching forever. Happiness is just next to you. (picture of Scott Fletcher)

Fortune Number Four:

You are always welcome in a gathering. (picture of Nerdtacular 2017)

and finally…

Fortune Number Five:

You need only to understand that it is not necessary it understand but only enjoy. (i kid you not. i have no idea.)

Thanks guys…oh…what is this…I’m feeling….I’m feeling all glowy!

Love you guys. Have a safe Nerdtacular.

Brian D




The Last Dragon (1985) – Like Superman 2 with Black Ninjas and Motown Music. BOW BEFORE SHO’NUFF


The Last Dragon (1985) – Like bad sushi. You’ll have your head stuck in a trash can faster than Richie can be a smartass.


Let’s get right to the music and flexing.

Oh Motown. Why are we not using classic Motown music?

Is this Weird Al singing?

This is more crotch shots than I am comfortable with.

Let’s practice Martial Arts….and eat rice!! Chop chop.

Time to switch up to boxing

When your master tries to kill you while you are training. Take a hint.

Leroy is my karate name

The final level. You know without knowing.

Masters think stuff is funny.

Every Samuri needs a Master…or he is Ronin and nobody wants to be Ronin in New York.

How did you end up with Bruce Lee’s medallion? did you beat him up for this?

Meanwhile down at the docks…a black man in a giant hat struts his way to the subway and china town.

uhh…I am tryin watch a movie here. Jam box in the aisle.

Am I meanest? Sho Nuff Shogun

Shade shades.

The Shogun of Harlem is here to watch a movie…

This movie has more interruptions than a Friday night at my house.


Skinny little lizards like you…

Balcony kick!

Off brand Nike karate shoes

Freezer full of pig.

This is like the Lex Luther of white people. What’s in that tub.

Coke is it!

I don’t like the portrayal of white folks in this movie. I LOVE IT!

The great white hopeless.

My video hot pick of the week is DeBarge

There is a DeBarge music video right in the middle of their movie.

You let the order A la carte!

Video Game King!

There is a lot of shiny shirts in this movie.

Who was the costume designer?

JJ the white guy.

Was Motown trying to reinvent itself?

Never say never at Heavens Elevator door. 7th Heaven  with my cloud crowd.

Eddie Arcadian does not like to be turned down.

The clown crowd thinks they have a chance with the star. Stalker bait.

Meanwhile, Leroy just happens by. EYE CONTACT…lots of it.

If you are going to fight like Bruce Lee you have to make faces like Bruce Lee

If these bad guys had cell phones they could have back up in no time. Also, none of these bad guys had guns. Just a switchblade.

Bruce Jerry Curl Leroy

Such magical music after the fight…and now he is gone. TAXI!

Dangit Leroy…you lost your fancy medallion

Angela is a hot 80s mess that looks like a pig pissed in her eye. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!

Yep…Leroy…you just had to be a bad ass didn’t ya.

Yeah…big black guys with chains and clubs.

Johnny the no Martial Arts Asian

Leroy is wearing that Bruce Lee thing

Limp Wimp Leroy.

Kiss my converse

The initial bullying from the bullies.


Black man with a pizza shop. Just direct ya feet to Danny’s pizza.

Why is Leroy talking like a weirdo. He grew up in that house…he didn’t come over on a boat from the orient. Kind of sounds like a robot.

Little Richie is a playa.

Leeroy can not rap.

That lady is always in trouble and Leroy is always there.

I’ve heard worser Mr. Arcadia

Good thing Leroy packed his Ninja outfit.

Also, Leeroy can chase down cars

jive Coolies? Cool Breeze. Leroy can’t get any slack… Everybody hates Leroy

Leeroy Green… Junior

Momma throwing dough at the Martial Arts gang.

This will not be the last time Momma Green is going to have to pull Richie out of the trash can.

Busting up the family shop. That is typical martial arts films.

Leroy doesn’t want to be a body guard.

Dental School dropout. She reminds me of the actress from Little Shop Of Horrors…

Sho Nuff got so much money he can turn down money.

Mr. Nuff.

Wait…he doesn’t have a paintbrush? Then he ain’t gonna be making much love.

Everybody owned a jam box in the 80s

Do we still have “Jack me up” music in movies? Usually, used in training montages. Used here during the Bruce Lee seduction scene.

“Chocolate covered yellow pebble.”

Of course! The Chinese connection. All life’s problems are solved by Bruce Lee plots.

Kung-Fu Head.

Is it really a disguise if you really are the pizza delivery guy?

Medium sized oriental

This should be offensive to Asians and African Americans. But it’s ok right…

Leroy’s battle is against his own stupidity.


Sum Dung Goy.

Leroy…you are following Drunken Master.

What you wanna bet the golden glow is like after glow from sex.

That time when your master fucks with you. It is common place for the master.

The old “lock your buddy up or know him out to keep him from putting him in danger.”

Who is operating Arcadias camera on the big screen.


Golaith only has one move…but it’s hard to beat.

Who is that kid. I know that kid.

Richie is going to pop and lock his way out of those ropes.

Who brought the ghost of Mr T to the fight?

Hey Leroy!

The old “next time i will not miss.” Why miss! Just fricken do it moron!

Richie kicked the rock in the nuts so hard that he will never use that again.

Richie done caught a concussion.  We used to think that was funny.

Oh snap. Sho Nuff has the glow. You are so screwed.

This just went from Star Trek to Star Wars.

Sho Nuff…friend to Brisco County

Sho Nuff…just wants to know who’s the master.

He don’t want money…he don’t want fame…he just wants affirmation. Sho Nuff.

Sometimes he takes a drowning to discover who is the master.

Master’s always think shit is funny.

Sho Nuffs powers are on the fritz.

You are the Last Dragon!

Finally! Time to use the gun.

Catching a bullet in your teeth. Quick, to the mythbusters!

What will happen to all the arcades if you chain up Mr Arcadia

The police always show up just in time.

You are the last dragon you posses the power of the glow.