Almost Famous (2000) – Filmsack Show Notes

Almost Famous (2000)


Oh hi Mom,

Sorry I haven’t called sooner. I have been very busy on the roads of America following the exploits of the Filmsack Podcasting Crew for an article I am writing for the cover of The Rolling Stone. Just kidding mom. Nobody reads magazines anymore. It’s a think piece for Buzzfeed….. No I’m not too old to write for Buzzfeed! What? I’m how old? What the hell mom? I was held back for 10 years in the 7th grade! Yeah, I guess that explains all the body hair I had as a 12 year old. uncomfortable shower scene!

Anywho, I met a girl…Are we dating? No, she likes Randy. Yeah the creep with the facial hair. Does he know I’m talking about him? Well I’m looking right at him…yeah, he’s taking notes with his eyes. No, It’s ok mom. I un-grounded the mic on his headset. He’s about to get a real shock.

Alright mom. I’m a golden god…..and you can tell Buzzfeed…my last words…were…I’m on drugs. Oh…Don’t do those. Oh ok…

Randy… don’t do drugs.


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Almost Famous (2000) – Like Vinyl…it will blow your mind..oh…don’t forget to light a candle… it will blow your mind…oh…and don’t do drugs…it will blow your mind.


  • Am I famous yet?
  • Time to write the credits.
  • A drawer full of old concert merchandise and tickets. Groupee? The Plaza!
  • Christmas Movie!
  • Circa…old time ago..
  • Santa in a speedo.
  • Adicas Finch…Take your kid to see To Kill A Mocking Bird.
  • More Zoe
  • You have been kissing…I can tell.
  • Simon and Garfunkel…on the pot
  • Mom! First, it was butter. Then it was sugar and white flour… bacon, eggs, bologna, rock ‘n’ roll, motorcycles—then it was celebrating Christmas on a day in September when you knew it wouldn’t be commercialized. What else are you going to ban?
  • Mom is a college professor.
  • Feck you…this is a house of lies!
  • Vinyl…it will blow your mind…oh..forgot to light the candle.
  • Meanwhile, 1973…
  • Iggy Pop…Amen!!
  • Everybody wants this kid to be a lawyer.
  • 1000 words on Black Sabbath for $35 bucks.
  • Use the family whistle…Don’t take drugs…yes mother.
  • Groupies..we are not groupies…we are band aids.
  • Hey the enemy.
  • Stop writing notes and watch. I’ll show you how to live. Penny Lane
  • Tell her like last summer…no…not like last summer…It ain’t California without you.
  • You know about the Riot House right.
  • Have you seen the Bridge? Mr. Plant signed my shirt.
  • Act One: in which she pretends she doesn’t care about him.
  • Act Two: in which he pretends he doesn’t care about her, but goes right for her.
  • Act Three: in which it all plays out the way she planned it. She’ll eat him alive.
  • Put on my telephone man voice.
  • 3 thousand words $700 dollars…alright a grand.
  • Detroit Sucks Shirt.
  • Don’t let them rewrite you.
  • “Don’t take drugs!”
  • Come by later. I’m in too truthful of a mood.
  • Is this Mary Ann with the Pot?
  • “Just make us look cool….” I will quote you warmly and accurately.
  • haha! Can we skip the vibe…
  • T-shirt …Dick is the manager.
  • Russel hanging out with real Topeka People. Come on man…to our Topeka party.
  • Want to see me feed a rat to my snake….yes!!!
  • Now I get to be the mom.
  • I am a golden god…..and you can tell Rolling Stone Magazine…my last words…were…I’m on drugs.
  • Last words. I dig music. meh. I’m on drugs…cheer!
  • “Look at him…he’s taking notes with his eyes….”
  • “I have to go home….” … “You are home”
  • Rockstars have kidnapped my son.
  • Falling in love with Penny Lane.
  • I have never written anything longer than a Filmsack Intro in my entire life.
  • I have a particular set of skills. They are all mom skills.
  • Why don’t you get on my back for a piggyback ride.
  • Your mom kind of freaked me out.
  • Like grabbing an un-grounded mic on tour.
  • I think you know Reddog.
  • Did they just gamble away the girls.
  • You are too sweet for Rock & Roll.
  • 50 bucks and a case of beer to Humble Pie.
  • What kind of beer?
  • Long looks.
  • Winter Rugburn
  • A Mojo…Wire…18 minutes a page.
  • See my smiling face on the cover of the Rolling Stone
  • “Yeah…she’s with me.” – Chorus
  • Painful to watch…looks that tell.
  • All she left were her Quaalude. All my friends
  • While my friends graduate I am taking care of Penny Lane in a hotel room.
  • “Why doesn’t he love me?”
  • Class of 1973.
  • Penny wake up!
  • Boldy go where many men have gone before.
  • oh man…do not pump my stomach!
  • haha…sexy stomach pumping.
  • Lady Goodman is Penny Lane’s real name.
  • What have I done!? Too late! I’m on this plane Penny Lane.
  • Jimmy Fallon hit a guy in Deerborne.
  • The manager has been taking money.
  • I slept with Marma Dick.
  • Coming out as fay always fixes the plane
  • Write what you want.
  • We are uncool. I’m always home. I’m uncool.
  • I’m in a room full of people. I’m alone.
  • Let’s say all the things we never said.
  • haha..Penny Lane fucked Russel over.
  • What do you love about Podcasting…Everything.
  • Morroco!!
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