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Air Force One (1997)


Oh hi,

Ok Colonel Bob, I’m in the pilots seat and I have told all of the terrorist to “Get off my Plane.” What’s next…. Turn off the autopilot?… But It’s been two weeks since I have landed an intro Bob…It’s like riding a bike? Look Colonel Bob…I don’t know what kind of bike you ride back in DC but I see at least 6 dials and 2 flip switches just for adjusting the height of my handlebars here. So how about we cut the crap and get me and my Filmsack family on the ground safely.

Hold on a second Bob, my co-pilot is gurgling something incomprehensible. What’s that William H. Macy?  Try rolling your R’s Ahhh…you say the possibility of successfully navigating an asteroid field is approximately 3,720 to 1. Well that has nothing to do with what we are doing here…but, Never tell me the odds!

Anywho, You know what Bob. Maybe this was whole thing is bad idea. Say, why don’t you just send in a crack team of Filmsack hosts to zipline us into an intro that is not a flying dumpster fire of parallels drawn between Harrison Ford’s iconic role as Han Solo and this. Save your strength. There’ll be another time.

Randy…tell me about that time, like a Saturday night at Ibbott’s House.

Now it’s public. Now it’s Policy. Get behind it.


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Air Force One (1997) – Teaching us: If you give Harrison Ford a cookie…he is going to want a glass of milk and a tour of Air Force One. Where’s the pod. No Pod? Get off my plane.


  • Special Forces Mission…We killed a few people.
  • Ohhh we teamed up with the Russians.
  • Get off of my plane…get into the backseat
  • Get tough on Terror
  • Geez…Melanie…Loose Lips…Sink Ships…
  • Totally not sus foreign reporters.
  • Don’t tell me the …14 – 13 Michigan….Bastard!
  • what’s in the briefcase with the handcuffs?
  • This president is hardcore on US policing the world.
  • He’s one of them! He’s one of them!
  • He has access to the weapons staff.
  • This movie did not waste a lot of time on getting to the hijacking!
  • Ramenstein Tower..Du Haste…
  • Geez…good thing Melanie did not tell the terrorists about the President pod….but they knew.
  • They shit that pod right out of air force one.
  • “What are our airborne scenarios.” There ain’t none!
  • Who do they trust? Who do we trust.
  • New Nuke Codes are generated.
  • He will not negotiate…he just made a whole speech about it…
  • Bad Politics.
  • The President is the unknown man on the inside! Who knew!
  • The Terrorist Pilot has turned off the No Smoking sign…smoke ’em if you got ’em.
  • I am a terrorist…let’s negotiate.
  • The President will get his Baseball glove back.
  • Whack A Mole President.
  • Fleet Footed President….butthole clinching run from one spot to the next.
  • Kill a hostage every 30 minutes
  • 50 people on a plane.
  • This terrorist at this point has to be thinking the plane is haunted. Suddenly Loud TV. Watches going off and beeping.
  • You can’t just leave that terrorist there..knocked out…he will come back to life.
  • Maybe he flushed himself!
  • Sat Phone! With Instructions.
  • Uh oh…Busted! Totally going to get charged.
  • Russian Ultra Nationalist Radicals.
  • We can not release Reddick.
  • “If you give a mouse a cookie…he is going to want a glass of milk.” – Entire negotiation philosophy.
  • Good thing the president knows a little Russian
  • Hey…this shot up milk gives me an idea!
  • The President Tasks me.
  • Fax and Voice ain’t the same.
  • 15k feet 200 knots…otherwise it is suicide.
  • Damn you CNN
  • This is the lollipop….don’t suck it….but if your chute don’t open…go ahead and suck it
  • Not without my family
  • weeee….suck it terrorist…fax this!!
  • uh oh…mistakes were made
  • 32 survivors out of 50
  • very intense struggle between the president and the terrorist
  • she does not negotiate with the secretary of defense
  • There is a knob…we are turning Bob. Intro, Idea…let bob tell me how to land this movie plane.
  • Raddick!
  • These Communist Hate Air Force One!
  • haha…Good Guys are here…
  • Halo 2 sacrificed his life.
  • This movie gives me the patriotism
  • This movie always has somebody with an idea…which they will not share with the audience until it is time.
  • Can’t land Air Force One…no problem…how about a zip line to Air Force Dues. Get off my Plane.
  • You are on the plane with the Traitor.
  • Get off the f’ing plane.
  • You can no have the thing strap! Get off my zip line!
  • Liberty is now Air Force One!
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