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A Christmas Prince (2017)


oh hi,

You have reached the palace of Mandovia, how may I help you?

Ahhh, I do believe you have mistaken us for Aldovia. Yes, if you are looking to fulfill your fairy tale dream of marrying a prince by Christmas you will need to contact them there. Hold on…I think I have their number.

What’s that? Any Single and ready to Mingle royalty in Mandovia. No, I am afraid not. We have 2 kings and they are happily married to one another.

Well what kind of question is that..how would I know if they are gay.

Look lady, I just answer the phones around here because I lost to every other man at the ‘arm wrestle for a job’ job fair last summer. Alas, I have no upper body strength. Well i have enough to lift the receiver of this phone and hopefully enough to wipe away my tears every night. But nothing more.

Anywho, I probably shouldn’t even be talking to you. They banned woman from the manland long ago after the men folk ran Queen Mary out of town for her ‘All Hallmark Channel All The Time’ decree.

And now for something really masculine, Randy




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A Christmas Prince (2017) – Like a love poem riddled with gibberish that will eventually leave you feeling like “there is for sure going to be a part 2.” Yep. That is it in a nutshell… hanging on a Christmas Tree made by King Dick


  • Am I going to cry?
  • Inter-rickdum. 1 year.
  • “his royal hotness.”
  • Dec 18th. Presser
  • Gay Co-Worker and/or POC Friend role in Fashion or News Career
  • Usual Christmas is Corndogs…this time. 5 alarm Chili. Dad owns a cafe. Diner
  • Mom is dead?
  • Stay true to your dreams…and success will follow.
  • Aldovia…nobody can say it.
  • The coronation will happen on Christmas Eve at the ball. Duh.
  • King Richard wouldn’t have done this.
  • From 1st time reporter to illegal entry
  • “Ahhh…American” – Classic comedy…mistaken identity and lies.
  • The other lady wasn’t due for another 2 weeks.
  • …something about a mouse in her bed.
  • This plucky music.
  • You look like a derelict Santa clause
  • Tutor from Minnesota. Oh I thought you said Tudors from the 16th Century. We are kind of primed for royal shit around here…watch out for my 15 century Ming porcelain Vase…ok…gone
  • We live in a castle/palace
  • 2 to 3 weeks jail for the deception
  • ohh…a tutor…I thought you said Tudor
  • “There is nothing loose about this goose.”
  • Math is hard!
  • Spina Bifida…and there is no cure.
  • Poor little rich girl….Brave little girl is what I was thinking.
  • Jellied meat?
  • cookies > jellied meats
  • Richard then the deuce
  • He lost his dad. She lost her mom. They are soul mates!
  • Holidays are the worst.
  • Where was king Richard hiding that giant acorn ornament. His other was a bear/elephant.
  • Busted. Now 2 know her secret.
  • For someone who hates Christmas he sure does like to play Christmas Music.
  • Time for the Royal Fair! It is unfair.
  • 3 days till Christmas…time for an Adventure.
  • Time to drag the Spina Bifida kid and rocket her down a hill.
  • Uh oh….time for a sexy snowball fight.
  • fancy hair horse
  • Her scary stalker diary is scary.
  • All this guy does is Prince stuff
  • Horse trouble…turned into wolf trouble…”Someday my prince will come.”
  • He used a gun to scare it off…pretty sure he was supposed to fight it with fistacuffs.
  • He (King) wrote a poem to go with the acorn. Winter’s Harvest…Acorn’s gift. A Poem riddle! He hid the acorn up his ass.
  • That horse is a cock blocker. The horse says neigh
  • Look here Nancy Drew….you better stop nosing around the King’s cabin.
  • Scandal! The prince is adopted! How can a prince be adopted…people be watching that shit…lineage is very important to the Royals.
  • nothing be Sofi-er and me. Sofi-ar…
  • According to this movie…gay men want a prince.
  • Kiss her in the garden! Now the truth has a cost.
  • Could these Bad Royals be more maniacal.
  • He said some bad things on Father’s death day. I don’t want your crown.
  • They have the 3 person “Works” team are here…so you can fit in.
  • Princess up top. Red Converses on the bottom.
  • Sure…they could have stepped in before the coronation….but no…that wasn’t dickish enough.
  • The Fraudulent Christmas Prince…Murmur…murmur
  • Oh it is a soap opera
  • This is the tale of the Paparazzi and the Prince.
  • Emily was an oopsie.
  • I forgive you for adopting me and not telling me and letting me make a fool of myself.
  • Keeping my bracelet though!
  • Failure Plants the Seed….just when you think all is lost…a Christmas miracle.
  • Once we have Quorum.
  • Throw them in the dungeon…no dungeon! Found the dungeon.
  • that is one large acorn.
  • Not my King.
  • Would someone please crown a king already!
  • If any would care to dispute…son of a bitch…stop!
  • She is lying…like before.
  • Wait…can a king just decree that shit.
  • No..you are crying.
  • The order is marked with the kings official seal…see that!
  • Sofia is out.
  • No more disputing!!
  • Bippity Boppity Boop. You da king…Finally.
  • King Richard the 2nd.
  • Good people surrounded by shit people. High Ground.
  • He’s a Prince…he smells good…she smells like a diner.
  • Uh oh…he moves fast….
  • How long do you plan to keep a King on his knees.
  • ahhhh…they gonna get married…I wonder if part 2 will run into marriage problems.

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