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The Abyss (1989)


oh hi, Morph.

It is as I said it would be. The surface dwellers have descended into the deep blue and are now resting just above our alien ship in their primitive underwater observatory. Likely they are here looking for their submerged metal cylinder of dead compatriots that you “accidentally” murdered with your power hungry remotely operated underwater jelly vehicle .

Alright, I guess we need to send out the water finger to probe their Deep Core. What’s that? You prefer the term Water Tube…whatever…just get to probing that thing already.

5 minutes later….

Oh My Glorb , Did the female form just probe our probe with her meat probe and stick it into her face hole for a taste! Does she have any idea where that probe has been! Alright, I’ve seen enough….retract the water tube before they do something really weird.



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The Abyss (1989) – Half shirt Coffey is about a half a shirt short of a full cup. #I-grew-this-mustache-myself


  • Is this the water tube face movie?
  • Ping…Ping..Ping….echo location!
  • That is one long Y into the Abyss
  • The music implies “Big” the visuals imply “Blue”
  • is this 4:3? No way is this 4:3…nooo…it has to be iMax format…Anamorphic?
  • It doesn’t even sound like screws? propellers?
  • The Abyss is like Close Encounters for under the water
  • Blow all the tanks…blow everything 00:03:27
  • Launch the buoy…we ded
  • “Hey. They’re coming.” – Cabin Boy
  • Pants. Pants. Dress.
  • Queen Bitch of the Universe?
  • 0922 local time uss Montana 156 men about 22 miles from here.
  • Operation Salvo
  • 2000 feet of water. Search for survivors. In 15 hours…before the storm!
  • 3x Normal Dive Pay
  • We are oil workers…and we will have a navy man to oversee the operation.
  • That is one big underwater rig.
  • Hurricane Fredrick….Fred.
  • His ex is here. They aren’t officially divorced?
  • “Luck is not a factor”
  • A lot of stocking talk.
  • 8 hours to compress. 3 weeks to decompress.
  • About 1 in 20 can’t handle it. Who has the HPNS
  • Pressure-induced psychosis also called High Pressure Nervous Syndrome. Referred to as “HPNS,” the symptoms include tremors, psychosis, myoclonic jerking, somnolence, EEG changes, visual disturbance, nausea, dizziness, and decreased mental performance .
  • We have hand tremors!
  • Hippy has a mouse.
  • Oh hi, Lindsey (barf)
  • The ole blue hand reach in.
  • Cayman Trough
  • Oh yeah. Nuke Sub. Radiation!
  • What good is money if 6 months later your dick falls off.
  • 00:19:12 – Finished getting prepped and ready to get wet in 15 minutes.
  • Fluid breathing system…
  • A little bit of anxiety…breathing fluid.
  • “She is doing it…she ain’t digging it.” – Hippy
  • This bubble ain’t got no seat…you just plop down like you on the floor.
  • “Little Geek is on the case.” The ROV
  • Coffey is jittery
  • We knew we were going to see dead floaty bodies…chill out.
  • Something not cool about seeing dead people in the water with their mouths open.
  • “Triple time sounded like a lot of money…it ain’t”
  • Not cool crabs…stay out of the dead people. Jammer is losing it.
  • Jammer can’t go any deeper…2 tugs. First the flashlight…and now my rope!! I am totally freaking out man!!!!
  • Bud is that you glowing? Jammer Out! Too much o2!
  • A Coma could last hours or days.
  • Garfield suction cup doll!
  • We saw something. Fish light.
  • “Jammer saw something down there…something that scared the hell out of him…” Scared him so much he took a brain nap.
  • My hat says Seal on it. Bark like a seal.
  • Cuba only 80 miles away.
  • Coffey took flatbed!
  • This paper says secret on it…it tells the secrets. Fine…keep your secrets then.
  • One Night can’t get a grip on that cable. She ded.
  • More backwards hat wearing jerks than a jerk gathering
  • “We lost the crane. The crane…it’s on the way down to you.” Hi Crane.
  • Mouse in a ziplock
  • Uncomfortable laughter….just missed…uh oh…uh…that is going to pull us down.
  • Fire under the water…
  • put Ziplock in mouth …rat bag.
  • 00:46:19 – hoo ughhh
  • Always a portal to watch your friends die. Philip!
  • That is one strong ring…how poetic.
  • Cut the hose! Cut the hose!
  • I was under orders…I had no choice…tell that to my dead friends!
  • She is at one with the rig
  • 12 hours of O2
  • That purple glowing fast moving jellyfish is a power sucker.
  • It makes sound like a vehicle.
  • Ahh…so the little one is like a Rover for the bigger ship. So these “Others” are essentially a reflection of our own exploitative nature.
  • Doh…I forgot to take a picture….always forget to take a pic of the the alien thing.
  • She is pleased with the encounter.
  • “non-terrestrial intelligence” or “NTI”.
  • It glided.
  • “It was a machine…but it was alive…it was like a dance of light.”
  • A sense of calm overcomes during an encounter with the NTI
  • Or are they are reflection of our own beliefs
  • Ed Harris is a realist. She is a dreamer and runs on emotion.
  • Video evidence is hard to come by in the Abyss
  • Hippy is a paranoid conspiracy type
  • “Do you hear me Roger Ramjet?”
  • “I give this whole thing a sphincter factor of 9.5” – Hippie
  • Virgil is going to take a little deep sea nap.
  • Water Tube. Just doing Water Tube things with a face. My god…I hope that is a face! I have penetrated your Deep Core! Look at me…do not close the door! Noooo….my tubes
  • It’s trying to communicate by making faces….I poke it!
  • Oh dude…do not poke the Face Tube and then stick it in your mouth for a taste. mmmm…Sea Water.
  • Love happy adventurous music in the middle of a disaster film.
  • Uh oh….it found your warhead. Chop it off! Chop it off!!
  • Raise your hand if you think that was a Russian Water Tentacle.
  • They can control sea water. Technology based on controlling water.
  • R.O.V. (Big Geek)
  • Coffey Cuts.
  • “Went straight for the warhead and they think it’s cute.”
  • Coffey is on another plane of understanding.
  • I would really get tired of being wet and cold.
  • “We are going to Phase 3”
  • 3 hours to get to a safe distance.
  • When there are 3 people and you tell one of them to shoot “anyone” going near the door….you know who you are talking about.
  • Jammer nap. Jammer saw an angel.
  • Up tp the moon pool.
  • Pull the chain. Go Crazy. Pull the chain. Go Crazy.
  • Take his gun!! or bash him with a beam. how about both!
  • Gladiator style then
  • Coffey’s shirt is made of paper.
  • All those fancy fighting skills…Cat punches hard.
  • The great underwater chase.
  • Half shirt Coffey is about a half a shirt short of a full cup.
  • Big Geek’ing
  • Coffey Smash…Coffey smash Ed “Bud”
  • there are a lot of underwater fires.
  • “Keep your pantyhose on.”
  • So ocean man don’t know how to tie a knot?
  • Bumper Subs!
  • blub blub blub…all these subs are like …blub…blub…blub
  • sorry Coffey…not sorry.
  • You imploded
  • Ok…bud finally lost his cool over a crescent wrench.
  • I don’t think you can choose to go into hypothermia
  • Go…..why you waiting! Go
  • Cat in his undies.
  • The CPR Trope: C’mon! Noooo…She’s ok…she gone…NOOOO….Try harder! Slap….Slap…Success!
  • You did it! Brain Dead
  • Well that was fun. Time to go die
  • Breath the fluid…it’s ok…just breath it
  • Descent into the abyss is full of bad typos
  • “Love you….Wife…sorry…spellcheck…. Life. Goodbye cruel world…hey look…a glowy fish.
  • Weak little alien fingers.
  • The rebirth. Figurative and Literal
  • Take me to your underwater ship…You guys have oxygen! I need oxygen! this is great…wait…am I a pet now in a human bowl.
  • Howdy…how you guys doing? Kill it.
  • “Knew this was a one way ticket. But you know I had to come.”
  • Did the aliens clear the storm?
  • Keep your pantyhose on.
  • Unless that ship also reverses the bends…shouldn’t they be in a compression chamber.
  • addressed. They did something to us.
  • Ha ha ha ha…now is the time that we laugh…ha ha ha ha. woooo
  • uh…so…Aliens

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