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Flight of the Navigator 1986


Oh hi,

This week on Filmsack we fall in a crevice, get abducted by an alien and navigate our way back to the mid 80s in our faster than light liquid mercury shaped “Paging Mr. Herman, Mr. Herman” Space Ship being chased by Dr. Johnny Fever where we try to get into our 12 year old mindsets and enjoy this classic Disney Family Movie. aaaand go.

Alright, I’m there…in fact..It’s like I never grew up at all…oh and here comes the cute neighbor girl Yennifer who lives down the street. You know what… I think I’m going to use that pickup line my dad taught me combined with a little of my own 10% of my 12 year old brain. Wish me luck!

“Oh hi, how you doing?..that’s a nice bike ..and I see you got the one with the “banana” seat…man that looks way more comfy than the taint splitter that I ride. Speaking of comfy let me tell you about the 10 foot sliding banana peel of death I stole from Billy Johnson that I keep on the hill in my back yard that my dad hooks his pipe up to every summer for me and my brother Jeff to enjoy. Yeah ok. I’ll see you later then….yeah…through my $30 dollar JC Penney Mobile 20/30/40 triple x Telescope that is good for only one thing…embarrassing me in front of my dad.” Oh shit…do I have daddy issues….Let’s go test that theory…I’m going to go hug the whole family on our boat .. including the “sucks at Frisbee” dog ..but not dad…he can go hug himself!” Yep…there it is. I’m 12 all over again.

Randy! Big Mac, Large Fries and a Coke…those are still around I hope.



 1986 ‧ Sci-fi/Adventure ‧ 1h 30m

Flight of the Navigator is a 1986 American science fiction adventure film directed by Randal Kleiser and written by Mark H. Baker, Michael Burton, and Matt MacManus. It stars Joey Cramer as David Freeman, a 12-year-old boy who is abducted by an alien spaceship and transported from 1978 to 1986.




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Flight of the Navigator (1986) – Hey, blimpo… too many Twinkies. Oh, You wish to depart this hostile alien environment. COMPLIANCE!


  • It’s a spaceship over the city!! Nope..a silver disc!!
  • These dogs suck at frisbee catching… Maybe they will be better at navigating.
  • Did I turn on Flight Of the Frisbee by accident? We sure loved the Frisbee in the 80s.
  • South Flo-rida July 4th, 1978 Dog Championship.
  • You can’t say the R word!! 2 toned eyed bruiser.
  • Have fun at Billy’s and his sliding banana peel of death
  • Back when kids could ride in the way back
  • You will never see your 9th birthday…I promise.
  • Hi Yeniffer. and your banana seat bike.
  • Just using the weak ass telescope you got me
  • Hi, how you doing..that’s a nice bike… thanks dad.
  • We are going to get some burgers and set off those fireworks of yours.
  • Meanwhile down at the train tracks that existed everywhere in our childhoods.
  • The girls like a take charge guy.
  • Just going to walk through the woods at dusk…half a mile…
  • I don’t know what I want in life anymore…as a young Dog… JEFF
  • Everything is a UFO in this movie…we were promised UFOs…not Frisbees…Blimps and Water towers.
  • Get back Jack…I’ve got a gun…
  • Way to go dummy…fall hard into the trench and I guess bruiser just went about his merry little way…
  • What is Larry doing in my room? In his silk robe…looking at Yeniffer.
  • Power outages…
  • This is the missing kid….look at the date…that is a typo.
  • I’m 12 police lady…it is the 4th of July…1978…
  • who is the president of the united states… duuuuh…you want that for your paperwork…
  • Why are we stopping at this shithole? We are rich…we live in a nice place this is a shit place.
  • Dad….mom…shit…what happened to you guys…you are all old and gross….and now I am passed out.
  • How old is that dog now?
  • Finally! A UFO!
  • Hessman is Faraday.
  • We got a controlled situation.
  • His disgust for his parents old faces is hilarious.
  • I just went to get Jeff from the Johnson’s a few hours ago..
  • Jeff feels rotten about jumping down out of that tree to scare you.
  • You should be like 20.
  • Every Saturday they made me put these stupid ass flyers out….
  • It’s 1986 man… 8 years since that night.
  • Ya little Weasel, Dork, Buttface, Scuzbucket.
  • Hey guys…I’m scared.
  • One of us will be with you around the clock. F’ a parent…I wouldn’t leave that kid for at least a week.
  • Just throw a trap over it….no one will suspect a thing. Hey…Wide Load…that’s hurtful!
  • “He’s hurt! He’s calling me!” Like E.T.
  • Around 8 o’clock at night…your parents suck.
  • Alpha Waves with Complex … he is communicating with the computer directly with binary code.
  • We got to get these 2 together…I think that would be an extremely bad idea.
  • David has a Led Zeppelin / Hindenburg shirt.
  • I’m sorry you don’t want to know the truth.
  • I just need 2 days … 48 hours… then you can go home…I’m with the gov’t…trust me.
  • I’m a doctor…Dr. Fever…no…Faraday…yeah.
  • we bought you some shit. where my phone
  • we got remote control wands
  • space door no knobs
  • RALF
  • Big Mac, Large Fries and a Coke…those are still around I hope.
  • Her/Him/Them
  • No Starsky and Hutch…just MTV
  • There is a nice lady who brings me my food. Don’t take any shit David
  • In Analysis Mode on another planet…for the last 8 years.
  • 560 Light years. 2.2 Solar Hours.
  • 4.4 hours … Speed of light.
  • Stop asking me question that are being answered by my subconscious
  • Love this music…so sci-fi.
  • I don’t know…
  • She is grooming that kid. Also, she is terrible at keeping secrets.
  • Pardon me. Coming through.
  • Locked doors but a robot named RALF in and out all day.
  • These NASA Security guards are about useless.
  • A robot named RALF that delivers food… RALF!
  • That truck is big and RALF is teeny…do you get the symbolism!! IN YOU FACE!
  • Geez…how far is that building…hope the RALF Cart doesn’t have any other tasks to perform other than being your Uber for the day.
  • That is some pretty sweet CGI on that ship for 1986.
  • This ship is shiny! All the finger prints!
  • Sit Down Navigator. Affirmative. You have the information I require.
  • Vectors…I don’t have any vectors.
  • Yes…you are THE NAVIGATOR.
  • This is it boys…this is what we have been training for…get out the redbook! Scramble!!
  • I’m still going to wear this NASA hat.
  • Compliance! You wish to depart hostile alien environment. COMPLIANCE!
  • Puny human restraints.
  • Take us 20 miles from here…not straight up.
  • Sara Jessica Parker and her lopsided earrings
  • A 3rd class maneuver.
  • Aliens always fooking with Bovines.
  • Do not know promise.
  • So does Ralph deliver food and paperwork…your paperwork would smell like a big mac.
  • oh..the 10% of the human brain. filled the rest with alien stuff and it leaked.
  • Fragile human bodies can’t go back in time.
  • I don’t know promise…now promise.
  • You give me the star chart and I will take you home.
  • Follow it…I can’t even see it.
  • Trimaxium … Max.. and David… David and Max.
  • Navigator I do not leak…you leak…remember…
  • Please look at my house of horrors
  • PupMaron. has no home…destroyed by a comet.
  • I blew a fuse…Checking out Daisies.
  • That mind transfer turned him into PeeWee Herman.
  • You called me a geek.
  • Carolyn the Intern
  • Some kid trying to navigate the world
  • Were those Geeks Randy?
  • This movie kind of loses something when it gets to the road trip part as the alien learns more about humans.
  • Al’s Gator City. Alligator.
  • haha…he called him a fatty. Hey Blue Boy…too many Twinkies.
  • I think they broke Al.
  • Can Nasa put you under house arrest?
  • Free Florida Maps!
  • “He just said he wanted to phone home..” The setup for that joke was pretty great.
  • Kind of like a Hippo but with Feathers.
  • Jeff is the worst at Fireworks…also, are those fireworks 8 years old?
  • I can’t believe we never met grown up Yennifer.
  • Pretty sure Jeff is going to burn down the house.
  • We squeezed between time! Bzzzt.
  • Now he is a few days older.
  • Wow…still can’t show his dad any love…Mom gets love. Dog gets love…hell…even stupid little brother gets love…but screw dad.
  • See ya later Navigator.

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