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The Fast and the Furious


Oh hi,

Look, I have been coming to your little eating establishment slash mechanics shop here for the last 3 weeks and I have one question. How is the Tuna? Oh, your Tuna is Crappie. Alright, well give me the Crappie, hold the crust….and hey can you toast the bread please…also I’m in kind of a hurry sooo….

Oh, you can do it super fast because your brother hooked up a Nitrox Oxide System to the toaster. Sweet. So you just start it like normal and then you press one of those red buttons and bam…you got toast.

Sounds sexy. Can I watch?

Oh ok…so are you just going to watch me…. watch you… make the toast…but shouldn’t you be giving your full attention to the toasting…ok…now you are sorta looking at the toaster and sorta looking at me out the corner of your eye…oh…are you about to push the button! Oh!! Here it comes…push the button!! push the button…yeeees.

Holy hell that was exciting! Oh boy…but this does not taste like tuna. Where did you get this? Subway?..oh…it really is crappie…well now I’m just mad. In fact…I’m furious. Randy, are you as Fish and as Furious as I am right now?

oh man..sometimes you just have to get the bad jokes out…you don’t want to keep those in…


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The Fast and the Furious (2001) –  I watched this at the theater. I can still remember Vin Diesel screaming at Paul Walker. The people who were there said the movie was alright. They said it was me that was screaming. Street’s Closed Pizza Boy


  • How is the Tuna? It’s bad. Remove the crusts
  • No one likes the tuna here!
  • I need NOS…I need it by tonight.
  • Who is this Snowman…typical white man name.
  • It’s not how you stand by your car…it’s how you drive you car…duh
  • Mreow…sniff sniff…I smell skanks.
  • I take the cash and the respect.
  • Street’s Closed Pizza Boy…
  • Nooooo….Monica!
  • Watch me NOS…Watch me nay nay.
  • You can find out anything on the internet?!
  • My riding bitch rider is wearing aerodynamic backpack to avoid drag…bummer…
  • NOS!
  • Dating a guy’s sister is a sure way to get your ass kicked
  • Drinking Vince’s beer…mmmm…goood
  • You want time…buy a magazine
  • I live my life a quarter mile at a time…
  • Welcome to the race wars
  • I keep my cash in 2 large rolls
  • The Burning Gas an Fesitval
  • “I’m on it. Go!”
  • Easy on the NOS
  • Yes…I need a large roll of bills
  • Let’s go for a little ride
  • When the sun goes down
  • This is yours…but if you get her to
  • A business deal that went south. Plus, I made the mistake of sleeping with his sister.
  • Crossing the line.
  • Dude. I almost had you.
  • Granny shifting.
  • Ask any racer. Winnings Winning
  • 900 horses of Detroit Diesel
  • They said it was me that was screaming.
  • Janitor at the high school after a wrench beating.
  • Live my life a quarter a mile at a time.
  • 10 seconds or less I am free…not the family…not the store.
  • Does that Tuna come with Nos?
  • Honda 2000
  • Visualize and Win
  • Where’s Jesse going?
  • “Can’t stop. Won’t stop” is a trope.
  • I’m not running.
  • No Jesse!!!
  • Nos is the answer
  • How is the Tuna? Bad…maybe if you rub some Nos on. Oh…too soon.
  • The Fish and The Furious
  • Come on Rob Coen! I need to know more about the Tuna?
  • “Suddenly a train appears” Trope
  • Watch the f’ing road…stop looking at me and watch the f’ing road.
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