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Aliens 1986


oh hi,

Meanwhile, in the far flung future…on an alien moon… in space.

Alright listen up. It appears we have another infestation of humans and it also appears that they are a little tougher brand of pest than the last go around when we killed all of the colonizers. Well except for that creepy kid with the doll head…I ain’t touching that. But, needless to say…Mom ain’t happy. But when is mom really ever happy. She spends her days crapping out ungrateful leathery eggs from her Alien Queen vagina tube. gross. Why is everything wet?

Anywho, You know the drill. Assholes and elbows! Wait…do we have assholes? I mean some of us ARE assholes…but I don’t recall any of us ever taking a poo. Hmm.. But whatever, our blood is acid and we are covered in dripping wet…why IS everything always wet? Is it to keep our leathery skin smooth? Oh look out! Youngling coming through…aww…look at him crab walk like a human carrying a gun that is too large for their body that makes them look like they are walking with a load of shit in their pants…Hey I bet they have assholes! They would have to right?

Uh oh, It sounds like one of those humans is in Mom’s hatching room making poached leathery eggs with a flamethrower. God I hate those things…almost as much as I hate deep space and airlocks our only true natural enemy. That an Randy. Somebody wake up Randy.


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Aliens (1986) – You must’n wake mother while she is shitting out leathery egg babies. Oh the horror. Game over man. Game over.


  • Hey…is this a sequel?
  • Alright, you know the drill…assholes and elbows
  • Stan Winston! James Horner! What is this…a good movie or something?
  • Hey…the L.A. Effects group…I used to use their hair gel
  • James Cameron Screenplay…OMG…best movie ever.
  • Meanwhile…deep in space.
  • Space is cold…good thing I got this torch …holy crap I thought that was some straight lines on that torch cut…I see why…robot!
  • Let me scan you with my blue light.
  • Hey lady! Are you asleep!?
  • Cryosleep with a cat…and you are suddenly known as “The Cat Lady”
  • Gateway Station for a couple of days.
  • Hey Jonesy! Are you full of alien babies?
  • “I work for the company.”
  • Just a little hypersleep.
  • Has no one discussed this with you yet?
  • Hypersleep for 57 years. Drifted right the core system..
  • I would need about 50 scans to make sure I ain’t got no alien babies in my belly.
  • Ok…she is really making love to that cat…kind of creepy.
  • 3 and a half hours telling the same story.
  • M-Class Starfighter. 42 Million Dollars…you blew it bought it.
  • Did IQ’s dropped suddenly while I was out?
  • Kane saw thousands of eggs on that moon! Just 1…gonna lay all the eggs in us and shit acid blood…kiss all of this goodbye…especiall
  • LV-426 moon… Terraformers for 20 years…a shake and bake colony… 60…maybe 70 families…FAMILIES! Jesus
  • I ain’t gonna smoke this cigarette…I’m just gonna burn it.
  • Coincidence…that they find her and then they lose the colonists.
  • Marines are trained man! Gonna be different!
  • She got a new job…loaders and fork lifts.
  • What is up with that Coffee mug of his and his pop collars.
  • Don’t call me kiddo
  • I’m not going back!! Get out…ok ok…I have had enough of the nightmares…let’s go face it.
  • Just one catch…I’m in…if we are there to wipe them out…but no hanky business.
  • And Jonesie lives!
  • Nobody wants to wake up to a cigar!
  • Not enough to wake up to your face Drake
  • like a day on the farm..just like the corp. Look into my eye
  • Yay! Ripley got some better fitting undies.
  • These military types don’t mind bitching about pay and colonist…but the Arcturian Poontang…chef’s kiss.
  • So they have met aliens?
  • Knife hands…That wasn’t funny man.
  • The synthetic missed…just a little…I prefer artificial person.
  • It is impossible for me to hurt anyone…unless it is Paxton.
  • Assholes and elbows! Hudson, come here… Come here.
  • Sarge likes his cigars
  • Time to prove myself to you bunch of men…with my bad ass mech lift skills…beep beep beep…watch your toes.
  • Let’s dance with guns! Ok!!
  • Love this old school military metal looking stuff in the future! also, the bat-tank
  • Getting some chop. Not to worry…I have done tons of drops…simulated
  • “I got a bad feeling about this…” does that effect you as a viewer?
  • Somebody wake up Hicks (Randy)
  • It’s always raining inside in Alien movies…soggy dounts
  • Oh great…these colonist had been collecting these Aliens…I’m starting to think that maybe…these colonist were more like families in the atomic bomb development. Weaponize those aliens
  • There there…I have you now…2nd grade rebecca now lives in a whole under the grates.
  • Newt…my name is newt…and my brother is dead
  • This is Casey my doll….I killed Timmy with her…cause he called my Rebecca.
  • They’re all dead…can I go now.
  • Grown ups always die. duh…now stick me back in my hole
  • Are the synthetics always medical?
  • This gun makes me walk like I shit my pants. Oh wait…I did
  • These aliens excrete resin…and make things hot…and wet…
  • This whole facility is a fusion reactor…so be careful where you shoot…I won’t if that is how this movie will be ending? Destroying the cooling tanks. How about grenades.
  • Oh no! they keep us alive…no thanks.
  • “Let’s rock” is not the best rallying cry.
  • Their leader sucks…he is in over his head.
  • What exactly is Paul Reiser’s job? Director of special operations.
  • Do something!! Ripley is a hero of action. Do something…even if it is driving poorly.
  • Those Xenomorphs blow up pretty good…too bad they are full of acid!
  • All your macho blood shedding is bad when the blood is acid.
  • Please stow your overhead luggage/baggage so as Captain doesn’t get a concussion.
  • You’ve blown the trans axel. ease down…ease down.
  • They left a few men behind…and now they are alien incubators.
  • Take off and nuke it from orbit.
  • Spunkmeyer gonna eat an alien goo
  • Ship going down man…game over…game over man.
  • Here…hold my pulse rifle.
  • Down to one flame thrower!!
  • Seventeen Days for a rescue.
  • Hudson makes a good point…put Newt in charge.
  • Ripley is a natural born leader.
  • The aliens are taking the service tunnels…maybe that is their job.
  • This movie is a torch and welder’s dream movie…
  • Go to sleep newt…go ahead…we are watching you with cameras and this tracking bracelet.
  • …don’t say Hope to die!! Cross my heart
  • Well…looks like we gonna blow up!
  • Hudson is the doom sayer.
  • “Well someone is going to have to go out there.” -Trope
  • I’m a synthetic but I’m not stupid….but I am shaped like the inside of a tube…shimey!
  • Captain took a pretty good hit to the head.
  • They must not have watched Newt too close…since she is under the freaking bed!
  • Fricken crab crawlers…
  • This doll has no body! Can’t burst out of my chest if I don’t have a body.
  • Well well well…it looks like Reiser is a real shithole.
  • Medlab has soundproof and shatter resistant glass room.
  • Is it still on me!? Get it off!!
  • yeah…seeing them aliens crawling along the ceiling…I would truly never sleep again.
  • Show me how to gun!!
  • Motherfucker! Bastards…Hudson has a mouth.
  • See ya Burke.
  • Unsure why the Xenomorphs shake so much before they attack. No…Wiggle it! Wiggle it more!
  • Fast aliens are way scarier than slow aliens?
  • “You always were an asshole Gorman”
  • Say my name one more time kid…RIPLEY! see ya…down the hole. Oh…we got a tracker!
  • This movie always has location finders.
  • Too bad they can’t weld a few alien bodies together.
  • Pop goes the alien!
  • Nooo…The doll head!!
  • I should have brought Jonesie!
  • great…and now I have acid all over my uniform.
  • You have 14 minutes.
  • The “I have a big gun” walk.
  • Oh no! Newt lost her fitbit!
  • Theory….aliens are afflicted by Newt’s scream…
  • uh oh…it looks like we walked right into a Aliens nest…WHAT THE F IS THAT!!
  • mother Alien! Holy shit kickers!
  • Did you wake mother? YOu mustn wake mother..while she is shitting out babies.
  • Oh…a little emotional blackmail. As foreshadowed. Let’s not make emotional decisions.
  • But we had an agreement!! My beautiful babies!
  • Ripley the one man army.
  • Too bad it looks like shit now.
  • Never noticed the implied Godzilla music during the Queen Boss Fight.
  • They set up the evacuation like an hour ago.
  • uh…you kill’d my babies…I kill’d you now.
  • Bishop abandoned me! Didn’t they do that in the first one too?
  • How did the Queen Alien take the elevator? She too good for the tunnels?
  • Bishop doing the best he can.
  • James horner hitting that horner pretty hard during the escape from the planet scene.
  • No! Not bishop he is my fave
  • Mecha Bitch fight.
  • Blowing things out of the airlock.
  • Not bad for a human.

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