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Oh hi,

Welcome to our little suburban crime ridden… and social justice warrior nightmare…of a neighborhood where you will find puppies in hot cars, unfair vending machines that steal your money, irresponsible car owners, delinquent kids and crazy shop owners who are easily spooked and are quick to broom waving and shouting nonsense.

Hell, even our street performers are endangered. Yep it’s Hard Times for our Late Night Mimes….can someone please think of the mimes!

Yep, if I have learned anything from this movie…and I haven’t…it’s that sometimes you have to lose to win. Well I lost…where is my win?


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Suburban Commando (1991) –¬†Negotiations have ended. Send in the Night Mimes!


meanwhile above planet hulk

star wars!

Mr. President Starship 1?

“You might as well have been feeding the hungry” – Suitor

“I don’t think of myself as egotistocal. Proud Maybe.” – Suitor

Poney Tail Guards!

this is what you paid for…wrestling moves!

There will be others….”Goodie Goodie”

What am I watching! Did the president just pull out an envelope? Air mail! Hand Chop!

hmmm…now Suitor is a lizard man?

“Negotiations have ended.”

Rocket Boots! Time to escape and place these tiny bombs down this tube. Escape plan. Also, where was he keeping all those bombs and why did Suitor turn into a monster when he got his armed chopped? Is he the hulk?l

is it the red or green button for the stabilizer

Something on your books…. A Terrorist Extermination. Galactic Narc Duty. Ok how about a big bug hunt with creatures that bleed acid.

You haven’t been the Old Ramsey

such a furrowed brow

I’m not stressed out!

.01% is traceable!

6 weeks forced vacation

Disappear. Blend in. Oh no…Earthlings!

Hulk Hogan is rapping! Triple threat.

Such a Nice Place to Live..But I wouldn’t want to visit?

Why is he welding trucks on a skateboard. That will never be strong enough to hold.

haha…Dad get a grip. I haven’t heard that since the 90s

This speech Christopher Lloyd is giving about the risk/reward of asking for a raise is almost word for word the speech Marty’s dad give Marty in back to the future about asking out his mom for the first time.

The wife said ask for a raise. Not demand one.

That unix system/IBM

Are people allergic to Tuna?

“These plans are adequate.” – Boss

“Did I tell you I spent all the weekend on this?” – Sad Sack

Nice Landing Hulk. You landed right into an abandoned disco dance bar that apparently we shut down with a switch. Up until then it was a party. Also, Earthlings.

Haha…I do like the Rat Race Red Light Stop Light. Well he follows the rules.

“What are you looking at? What are you huh?” – Guy with a Broom.

Stupid RC Cola Machine.

Why are they so freaked out about Hulk Hogan?

Uh oh…hot dog in a truck.

Just gonna park my drag race mobile here in the street.

Jeep Flower Planter Colonel thinks your car door is an acceptable sacrifice but your freedom is not.

Where is this Suburb. it’s full of assholes.

Jeannie watching Dr. Ruth all day.

Out to the workshop. What is he building out there? Dangit Charlie.

haha…she turned his shed into a rental place…geez…I wonder who will rent the place? Also, she has some mad skills to do all that work while he is gone to his day job.

Aliens in disguise were always from France during the 80s/90s

square laser hole?

physical humor is Hulk’s wheelhouse.

Warwick show about scream therapy. You should watch Hulk

Ramsey’s hate for the paperboy is pretty funny.

Why are these delinquents not in school?

strategy. lose to win…that will come back up – Colonel Dusty

Time for the Charlie Wilcox Show.

More like Social Justice Warrior Hogan.

This is the 90s…we sue…what kind of world is this.

Picking up cars is his primary power.

secondary power…picking up everything else.

Why is Christopher Lloyd such a busy body

Smart Car alarm

working hard on the Fish Out of Water Alien Trope

The magnetic Hideaway Key is universal

Star Commando “Give it up Dragos!” haha…played the game so hard it put out the white flag…just awful

Poor late night Mimes…Hard Times For The Late Night Mimes

What a crime ridden neighborhood

Let’s talk…don’t shoot me.

So does the suit has it’s own powers? Does it have crotch powers?

Saving cats…not saving cats. That’s not my cat.

Are those people still in that meeting that started days ago?

Breaking cars…it’s what he does.

Hey! That gun detector looks familiar!

It’s Christmas time! You froze me!

M2 thingy

Surfin Burger! Honey Moon Booger.

How you gonna get out here….Vertical Blast….Shutup

Don’t set me up as a decoy!!

Simeon crystals! I just happen to work for a dick who has a ton of them.

That was a pretty decent spaceship landing

‘These are all jokes’ – Bad Boss

haha…big boys…he bends it…I unbend it.

They have some pretty cool props in this movie.

Smart…have the guy fly up the column

That was dumb…they have little kid voices. I laughed.

Bring in the Keystone cops.

Hole shaped like the bad guy.

haha…that wasn’t the deal!

Sqeeeer…See ya Shep

man. Some of these stunts had to be wrestling stunts.

eeek…it’s The Predator/Alien…with abs

Well…the self destruct was pretty pointless to kill the bad guy.

This is how all of Shep’s adventure’s end. Mass destruction.

OMG. Shelley Duvall is abusive. Head to the pavement.

Closing Line: The Galaxy is saved.

Prat fall Hulk is the best Hulk. Pulling stunts. I bet he did his own board stunts.

The walk of win? Now he is tying up all the loose ends.

and walking off music.

Is that where his porn video takes place? On Hulk Hogan’s Space Ship.

The “goodbye…the adventure is done” moment. Do they still do it like they did in these movies?

Good guy Charlie killed all the cross traffic.



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