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Oh hi,

On this week’s FilmHack….oh…wait…..hold on a second guys..my screen just locked and it wants a Password?

Hey, I don’t remember setting a password. Hmm…let me try my bank password…cause that makes sense  right? So, It’s all lower case iamsobroke and then the number 69 followed by the dollar sign.

Nope…oh man…this is a really a lot of pressure with all you guys watching.

Oh…ok…thank you Ibbott…yes a back rub does help…oh yeah…now it’s coming back…I think I may have used my Facebook password Suckerberg69. and Enter….crap…

Woah woah…Randy where are you going dude!? Get up from there man! oh…you were just helping tie my shoe. Man…you guys are super helpful.

Oh I got it. I probably used my Twitter password… TheBirdIsTheWord69. Bingo! That’s it…Show notes open!

Scott, stop measuring my inseam that’s too helpful.

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Swordfish (2001) – Like Tequila Squirters from Helga. Back off Helga, you’re killing my Netflix search chi for something better.



You know what the problem with Hollywood is?


Dog Day Afternoon

Stop mentioning better movies i would rather watch.

Bullet Timex2

4 Days Earlier

I have 2 Passports!

This guy wants to run

“Been here for 5 minutes and I already feel bad for myself.” Halle

Red Onions and Beer…Heiny

Larry is the porn King!

Holly is a fluffer…what is that?

haha…He exists in a world beyond your world. – this guy

Yeah…you eat a dick

Storm and Wolverine go undercover

Back off Helga…Tequila Squirter

Helga is a bit much

Why is Hollywood always trying to make Hacking Sexy…this is the most oversexed movie i have seen in a while.

It’s hard to have heart when everything is over sexualized. reminds me of Armageddon

Wait! Where are you going! We just want to talk. Fine…how about a game of Tumble Down The Hill…dry slip and slide.

DEA? Why is this movie so over sexualized?

Yes. This is how you Hack. In a dark room with Monitors and lots of graphics.

So Travolta’s character killed a guy and stuffed him in the wine cellar and stole his identity?

Geez…don’t follow this guy…that is a lot of road rage.

These looks. Halle Barry and her hug ass Hoop Rings and Jackmans tiny earring and Travolta’s Bobbed cut and weird ass vertical chin stache. It’s killing me!

hold on now…Thomas Jefferson…and we will never know the end of that story.

Black Cell…..No one is who they think they are!

This is the worst porn ever…full of dead people.

…..and we are back!

Hydra Worm with Multiple head.

Well she ain’t gonna hang. She is gonna get shot. Does she have on a vest?

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