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stealth 2005


oh hi,

yes, is this the Walgreens of Thailand sometime in the near future? Excellent, yes I would like to place an order for a larger than life photo for a last-second-all-hands-on-deck-memorial send off of a larger than life fallen Navy Pilot who flew his top secret state of the art jet into the side of a mountain during a failed attempt to shoot down an even more state of the art rogue jet piloted by an experimental A.I. with a convenient Chekhov’s gun cockpit that is predictable as an A.I. growing a conscience after being struck by lighting, which apparently the A.I. designers just never thought would happen to a jet that flies in the clouds all day.

Anywho, can you have that ready by 1600 hours? Oh, too busy you say. What if I told you I can see you from my air carrier command room swivel chair on one of my 12 monitors and I have now locked onto your position with some Ship to Walgreens missiles that are ready to launch. Excellent! We will see you then.

Randy…uh…I just wanted to say….uh… nevermind, I’ll tell you when we get back to the boat. the loooove boat. i gotta go pee pee


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Stealth (2005) – This movie made me gotta go pee pee and never return. Now that is stealth. … also, pardon my C Cup..humble brag.


  • Do you hear that?
  • The Naval Air Force, The near Future.
  • 400 pilots applied 3 were chosen…I hope it is the sexiest 3
  • Most boring way to start a movie? Some long ass dog fight on a mission that we know nothing about. Oh…and it is just a training mission in Nevada
  • Penetration Detonation.
  • Popsicles after flight.
  • War is a team sport.
  • There are a lot apple eating
  • He black too. he black.
  • 4 is an unlucky number. It is not a prime number.
  • Apprehension about a new partner.
  • Incubus song! Love this song!
  • I gotta go pee pee.
  • Don’t think…drink.
  • Work your uniform.
  • 3 is the holy trinity.
  • Mystery pilot is robutt.
  • “Open for Tim please… show me your giant ball.”
  • Quantum technology…
  • A bag of chips alright…it will replace us all.
  • uCav
  • The best part of this movie is the music.
  • EDI
  • No picture please…ok..take ’em… take ’em.
  • They all have their own music.
  • Era of Eddie.
  • He had a foster mom. Ben Gannon
  • Oh…pardon my C Cup
  • Hasta Manana
  • Deep Invader
  • A sudden emergency during a routine run
  • Not bad for a tin man.
  • Meanwhile in Rangoon.
  • Face recognition and fingerprint long distance recognition..ok!
  • Just going to take a little too many G’s nap
  • Just observing your human deception and insubordination. What could go wrong?
  • Tin man just had his mind blown.
  • So…they didn’t plan for Lightning strikes?
  • I don’t need no net.
  • I will call it a he when it gets out of the cockpit and takes a dump.
  • Keith Orbit…the guys name is Orbit. when he was 22…changed his name.
  • He downloaded all the music
  • Ok…so they think hiding behind the sheet will keep EDI from hearing them? He can read shadow lips!
  • Cigars rolled on the thighs of women? Weird
  • Instincts and Feelings , moral judgement.
  • A little R&R on the 3rd day?!
  • Thailand…land of the food boats! Just paddling my foods around.
  • What happened to Tim?
  • uCav did what you did in Rangoon.
  • You are just not getting it are you… Eddie is the future.
  • I want my plane back Ben.
  • The future is to not act this way.
  • I think Henry is dead
  • I will tell you when you get back to the boat
  • I don’t give 2 shits about what they say on CNN.
  • Fuel Blimp!
  • Eddie likes his rock and or roll.
  • Can’t have fuel. Denied..shoot fuel.
  • Where is that? North Korea…poop
  • There’s burning debris everywhere.
  • My chute is on fire…I hope you enjoyed the blow by blow of my decent into death.
  • He made mistakes. Pilot error.
  • Ring of fire!!
  • Mmm… Caviar Sweep.
  • He can learn from Hitler or Captain Kangaroo. Same thing.
  • Confirm observational status
  • If it is not real then why did they plant it in my brain..profound.
  • Calculating odds…less than 1%
  • This movie is way too real for my tastes right now.
  • Excuse me while I chaffe all over the air.
  • Eddie took a a hit….in 4 5 seconds
  • All those dead fish
  • You gave me your word…now I am keeping mine
  • Alaska! That is way better than North Korea
  • “We go to Alaska. We don’t have a choice.”
  • Man…he really messed up their airstrip in Alaska with that piss poor landing.
  • Welcome to Alaska
  • What kind of doctor are you?!
  • I don’t need a shot Randy! I said no…NOOO
  • Whyyyy why would you shoot me in the arm.
  • Keith Orbit Tech Support. How may I help you?
  • I said don’t interrupt.
  • Apparently that table is electrified.
  • I’m going to crawl into Eddie and we are flying out of here.
  • Scramjet sequence includes Rock and or Roll..and missiles.
  • Welcome to Alaska
  • I lost my Stealth ability…the title of the film…
  • That cockpit only holds 1..pretty sure that equals a Rose on the board in the ocean scenario.
  • Never abandon your wingman…learn learn learn.
  • Good thing she is near the border.
  • Ok…so she is going to cross the border where people who are not blown up and shot everyday.
  • Worst job ever..border guard who has to scan an area with a spotlight.
  • retreats at huge explosions.
  • This is the last missile.
  • North Korean sniper is the best at his job.
  • ouch…sniper rifle to a grenade launcher fight.
  • Goodbye
  • it is raining fire again.
  • and now we celebrate our fallen comrade with the biggest fucking photo you have ever seen…yes..even you in the back can see it.
  • Oh just tell me you love me you .
  • What happened to Tim!!
  • Know what is not Stealth? that giant ass photo

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