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Space Jam 1996


Oh hi,

Ok guys. I know it’s been a rough week for all of us… but I got some good news! I found out what happened to all of our talents! and I was able to retrieve them and put them into this sack…. But before everybody starts touching my Sack let me make sure I have the right talents.

Let’s see….I have a blue collar hick accent…Randy…I think that one is yours. …and…I have a bottle labeled “Saturday Night 180 Proof”…I’m assuming that one goes to Ibbott’s house…alright…and I have an alternate title card with a booger on it…pretty sure that one is yours Scott and gross….and finally here is my box of intros that I won from the devil in a fiddling contest.

Alright, everybody grab my sack and hold on tight! Woohoo wrong sack guys! I believe I can flyyyyy….I believe you just touched my guy!

Hey “I didn’t know Dan Aykroyd was in this intro!


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Space Jam (1996) – Like Party people in the house…feel the bass…work that body….hey DJ turn it up. Hoomp there it is? Do your dance…wave your hands in the air…c’mon c’mon..ready to stop…ladies…fellas? Nah Nah Nah #90s


  • Wait…is this the one with people and the cartoons?
  • Shooting star! catch it
  • Reitman!
  • Oh man…right out of the gate with the feels!
  • Summer 1973….I believe I can flyyyy..
  • Holy crap…It’s after midnight Michael…we can’t sleep!
  • Dad gonna let him shoot another…until he misses…
  • Michael wants to go to College and play in North Carolina! Get an education…and then to the NBA!
  • Baseball! Now that is a sport! Thanks dad!
  • Dad planted the idea of flying! Fly Michael!
  • Finally…the team up we have been waiting for…Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan.
  • Party people in the house…feel the bass…work that body….hey DJ turn it up. Hoomp there it is? Do your dance…wave your hands in the air…c’mon c’mon..ready to stop…ladies…fellas? Nah Nah Nah
  • I am seeing a lot of NBA action…where is that college education jam?
  • 1996 does Jordan retire?
  • Jordan in the outfield
  • Meanwhile on mars….
  • Ahh…some of that sweet 3d cartoon animation of the late 90s
  • Sludge Summit! Don’t bring me here anymore right…
  • We need new attractions! “The customer is always right…always…”
  • We need something nutty…wacky…Looney! Yes…
  • What kind of creatures are these? Bugs? Moron Mountain…
  • Can’t teach “looking good in that uniform.”
  • Like tips from the catcher….
  • poor Michael…that was a good looking strikeout.
  • Newman! Stan Podalack.
  • Meanwhile, at the Piggly Wiggly.
  • These guys are like the green aliens in Toy Story.
  • So Loonies are deep in the crust of the earth?
  • This was during the time Speilberg was having a love affair with Looney Tunes…Tiny Toons?
  • So did Michael mention how they treated him during his baseball stint?
  • Thanks Sherm.
  • Back off Stan…what would he do around the house?
  • Charles the dog…
  • Michael is just an ordinary guy back home with his family…living in suburbia.
  • Mmm…Chicken and Collard Greens!
  • Taking tips from his kid.
  • Was there this much Bugs Bunny and Road Runner in 1996?
  • Breaking the 4th wall!
  • Emergency Cartoon Meeting!
  • Daffy Duck can’t even get himself wet around here.
  • Our theme park in outer space…like Six Flags?
  • Slavery subject matter with Bugs Bunny cartoons.
  • A lot of fan nods.
  • What is up with Sylvester
  • Aliens from Moron Mountain.
  • They picked the Aliens one weakness…shortness…I wish I was a little bit taller…I wish I was a baller.
  • The plan…challenge the invading aliens to a b-ball game since they are short.
  • Hey…it’s Patricia Heaton and Dan Castellaneta
  • Oh these Aliens can inhabit another body? No…they can steal your talent! That is way worse….
  • Not only their talent but also their co-ordination.
  • Hey…that news guy is that guy…
  • “Watch Patrick Ewing…” Odd…so it takes talent to walk?
  • It’s the germs in New York…with masks…oh geez….can’t escape this.
  • That was some wicked talent…now they are all monsters!
  • Hey little pig…boo…and Porky peed himself.
  • They are MonStars.
  • Bill Murray back on the golf course talking to things.
  • Bill Murray is white?!
  • This golf course scene was really longer than it needed to be
  • I love Bill Murray…but he isn’t saying much.
  • “Nothing but the bottom of the cup.”
  • nooo! he lost his Jordans!
  • What kind of camera is that!
  • Why is Looney Tune land deep in the earth.
  • Bugs Bunny is far too willing to lay a smooch on someone.
  • Everybody is playing their part.
  • Michael Jordan has a paperclip in his ear.
  • So they are comparing entertainers and performers to slaves. Interesting.
  • “We’ve got balls!”
  • Spit Shine!! grote Taz…lemony fresh
  • All the Monster numbers are Zeros
  • Every heroes flaw in the 80s and 90s…” Chicken”
  • “My poor little cranium.” – Tweety Bird
  • I got a Basketball Jones on…this is way creepy…Barkley playing with young girl basketball players over top of some sexy music.
  • 5 feet nothing…blocked my shot.
  • Barkley is choosing the natural route while everybody else is using science.
  • Lola Bunny!
  • Men are chumps
  • House in 3d Land.
  • On a quest for Michael’s Shoes and Basketball Gear
  • The toons never get any royalties
  • Why are Jordans all over the trophy room.
  • Michael’s wife named their dog Charles…burn
  • Fortune Tellers…they finally gave up by science…and she is correct
  • Stan is taking this very personally.
  • “What kind of Mickey Mouse operation would name their team the Ducks….” huh huh huh. Funny
  • Jordan in his gear.
  • Granny is a cheerleader.
  • Great…no more basketball this season because of a suspected virus.
  • What kind of a timeline are they on for this Basketball competition.
  • Pump up the jam…pump it up….move your body.
  • The boss of Moron Mountain is attending.
  • Riot! The polite meese.
  • Sexy cartoon ladies…how do we feel about that?
  • Daffy never gets the respect (“Let’s all laugh at the duck”)
  • The Aliens have nothing but ringers….the looney tunes have one ringer.
  • Hit ’em high…hit ’em low…
  • It’s hard to imagine being a seasoned actor and doing this much green screen work…I wonder if it hurt or helped Jordan not being an actor?
  • TuneSquad
  • Don’t ever call em “doll” don’t ever call me “dog” don’t ever call me…
  • Sam has guns.
  • Halftime…the time things look their worst in a sports movie.
  • Humans must stink. Newman!
  • Forget inspirational speeches….you need a placebo…
  • Michael’s secret stuff.
  • What did Bugs Bunny put in that water?
  • Pulp Fiction…these are the Jokes folks.
  • The 2nd half comeback.
  • I did not need a tongue out Elmer Fudd.
  • Jordan flew under the radar because he was playing baseball.
  • Why is Marvin The Martian not a bigger part of Space Jam!
  • So now they are breaking the rules to win…like all good sports movies.
  • haha…why did they put granny in a wheelchair
  • Put me in Coach! Stan!
  • A flat Newman. Scary.
  • Looney Tune Land makes anyone flexy.
  • “I didn’t know Dan Aykroyd was in this movie!
  • “Don’t ever trust an earthling.”
  • So all the aliens lost was that they had to give back what they took.
  • Space Jam is a 1996 American live-action/animated sports comedy film..what a small space.
  • Touch the ball…give me my talents. Ball of talent.
  • Nobody wants to touch Michael’s Ball.
  • 7 minutes of credits!
  • and a very short stinger…that’s all Folks

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