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Oh hi,

It’s the end of the world as we know it…..and I feel brine’d… like this pickle we find ourselves in…which reminds me, would you like a pickle from my pocket? No? It’s still warm! Not a selling point? Ok, I’ll save it for later… and then we’ll just see how you feel about a pickle from my pocket. A pocket pickle. Oh grow up.

Also, the good news is….if there is any good news…. that no matter how sweaty I get down there…. you’ll never know if this pickle is any saltier because of it’s ride in my pocket verses how salty it would have been had it came straight from the jar… That’s the power of the pocket pickle!

Ok ok, enough about the pickle! Let’s get onto the intro. Oh, I’m out of time?! Fine. Shortened intro: Doctor Gor-don bring me my Boobie Slave so she may bring me my Mingo-Phone. Oh… I have goosebumps… nope that’s just pickle juice running down my leg!




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2012 (2009) – Push the button. Don’t push the button. Whatever. Read my new blog. Period Two spaces. #RandyGoNuts2012


  • but it is 2009!
  • Earth. Saturn. Planets. Sun….solar flares!
  • All good disaster movies start abroad!
  • India – Fish Curry
  • How deep do we need to go….apparently…really ? 11 Thousand Feet!
  • Why is it so hot so deep put your Indian but to sleep
  • Highest Neutrino Count
  • Like an old hot man 11 Thousand feet below the surface of India.
  • It was always the Earth’s Core with disaster movies for a while.
  • Meanwhile in Washington.
  • It’s a black tie event…not a 600 dollar jacket party
  • Let me guess…National Geology Crisis…chuckle chuckle snort snort.
  • Meanwhile in British Columbia (2010)
  • 6 months prior. I wasn’t buying it…now I am…
  • Meanwhile in Tibet…we have jobs for you all!
  • Meanwhile in London (2011) I have a large family!
  • Meanwhile in Paris….da Mona Lisa is replicated!
  • 21st of December 2012 is coming.
  • Meanwhile in LA Cusack is a dead man.
  • Yeah Randy…I’m sick of these mini-shakes!
  • Trope…new douche husband…who will probably turn out to be an alright kind of a guy but will soon be out of the picture.
  • Let’s go to Yellowstone kids! Camping and a Limo.
  • We have been following your schedule…your schedule is wrong.
  • The Presidents daughter…she is about to have a bad day
  • “Don’t you see the signs” – The Kid asks
  • Suddenly…a helicopter appears and the US Army
  • Woody Harrelson’s trekking snack of choice is giant pickles.
  • Leaving Atlantis book?
  • A book within a movie about the thing in the book
  • The earth’s crust is destabilizing.
  • The book caused the divorce…
  • Pickled everything.
  • The Market…Boom…The Economy…Boom! These guys…Boom! Boom!
  • The new guy is a boob man…you get it for free
  • Baked Ruffles…it is the end of the world
  • 422 copies of the book?
  • Talk about your Illuminati…all these heads of states have similar setups on the Brady bunch screen
  • Yuri is all like…leave this world behind…
  • How come the mosquitoes just ate up the kids.
  • Gordon touches boobs all day…you can’t compete with that.
  • How is he late for work if he brought the kids home early
  • The twins!
  • “We have tickets to go on a big ship…we will live and you will die.”
  • An Arnold look alike.
  • I can’t believe they wouldn’t save Arnold
  • 2 old bags in a car….thank goodness for the 2 old bags
  • Randy’s Donuts
  • This is an impossible task of disaster navigation.
  • 10.9 quake.
  • The pilot is dead!
  • Gordon…you are the guy…trust me…you are the guy.
  • I love how people falling 1000s of feet are honking their horns. Beeep Beeeep!
  • The earth is like “Get off me”
  • This part makes it human. Give me a double…I am going to sing the blues
  • Guard the ship and I am going to go talk to the pirate.
  • Fly birdies!
  • “I have goosebumps people! and pickle juice in my pant. I wish you could see what I am seeing!”
  • Cusack’s only answer to obstacles is…more gas and hold on!
  • Wow…that’s a big plane…it’s Russian.
  • This is the 3rd bad takeoff.
  • C’mon baby…lift your big arse for Sasha
  • The tiny Eiffle Tower in Vegas
  • This Tibetian Chicken is like…just get it over with lady!
  • A Russian plane full of exotic cars.
  • The subtle forces of nature that turn catastrophic.
  • Prophetic ending after prophetic ending.
  • Have you changed since our divorce? Tunnel Vision!
  • I love him enough…
  • Promise we won’t die…or at least you won’t know I was lying
  • Ladies stay down stairs…us men will go upstairs and do the man thing…you watch the kids.
  • Sasha is the best. Sasha is a sexy beast with his sacrifice and sexy accent. Also, Russian Catholic? Sasha has spectacular death.
  • Wait…you taking them animals and not me! I’m worth a giraffe!
  • He has a red card.
  • An ice cream cone for every book he read.
  • Is it green card or red card…I thought he said red
  • So many convenient meetings
  • The women and children as always napping.
  • Ship 3 is good enough….get on it.
  • Always punching people to get what he wants Yuri
  • They aren’t spaceships…they are arcs! But no one would have come to see…modern day arcs movie
  • Boat 3 must have been capable of holding a lot of people.
  • Caesar the dog…he’s coming…somebody is always going back for the dog.
  • She almost lost that birdie finger
  • Button Boy…worst job on the arc. Push the button…don’t you dare! I’M PUSHING THE BUTTON!
  • The leaders of the ships are letting the people in.
  • Yay! We bought a Zoo on the arc of doom.
  • Cusack has a Robin or Batgirl moment…who do you save…Gordon or the other guy!
  • A bowl full of pedals.
  • We see a lot of people “die” but you know some of those people lived for a bit..
  • He finally lost it. I’ve been patient with you people…but now we are all dead
  • This was not a good plan…all these ships so close together.
  • Suicide mission! Doing it.
  • Now stay here guy.
  • Gordon is dead…but that’s ok…she has a backup plan.
  • So for 2012 they just made all disaster movies into one. But they forgot towering inferno!
  • Cover your ears…
  • Oh geez…really we gonna do the let’s wait and see if he shows up scene?
  • yay! we did it…we lived…
  • Poor booby man. He did all the hard work and did all the dying
  • Day 27, Month 1, 0000
  • We all have relatives in Wisconsin. The South Pole?
  • 4, 6, and 7 made it.
  • Those arcs seem sorta dirty.
  • Cape of Good hope probably never even sunk.
  • So the Europeans and American’s are invading southern Africa?
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