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Poltergeist (1982)


Oh hi,

… grab your bags and sort your goodies while we spin you a Tale from the Sack:

Well Mr. and Mrs. Freeling we have some good news and some bad news…. The good news is we believe your daughter is still alive somewhere in the walls of your home…the bad news is she is being held there by a Poltergeist. What’s that Marty? I thought you said it was a Poltergeist…Well what did you say? A Poltergeese? What the hell is a Poltergeese Marty? It’s like a Poltergeist but instead of a disembodied human spirit it is a collection of goose spirits that can not find peace to move on into the light? A Poltergeese….. gee Marty, you’re fired.

Unless….Mr. Freeling….didn’t you say this spot, where your home is built, used to be the city park? But they moved the park 5 miles up the road right Mr Freeling. Right….

 Oh You son of a bitch! You moved the park, but you left the geese, didn’t youYou son of a bitch, you left the geese and you only moved the park benches and slides!

Carol Anne…if you can hear me…grab some bread from the cupboard and lure the Poltergeese to the light! The light is good Carol Anne! The light is good.

and now for something really evil. Randy.




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Poltergeist (1982) – We don’t go into the room anymore, it has a clown.


  • That thing is in there with my Baby!
  • Please all rise for the national anthem.
  • that concludes today’s programming…zzzztttt
  • Am I suppose to be seeing alien faces?
  • Yeah…don’t fall asleep watching TV or the dog will eat your sammich and go make out with your wife and possibly steal your kids chips. This doggie is food shopping once they are asleep.
  • She is talking to the TV! What do you look like? Talk louder. I can’t hear you.
  • Hi. Yes. I will. I don’t know…I touch your TV face.
  • Just some suburbs at the bottom of some hills.
  • To Bike and Beer. Stupid RC cars. Nailed it
  • Beer spray football.
  • Ah shit Tweety….couldn’t you wait till a school day.
  • My neighbor is on the same remote? Universal remotes. A Remote Control showdown.
  • Is she really going to flush a bird…bad form mother…bad form.
  • Which Rams football team is this?
  • King Edwards Imperial Cigar Box…Tweety don’t like that smell…put a flower in it. Polaroid for when he is lonely…and a blanket for when it’s nighttime…he ded!
  • A Storm is brewing.
  • Ha, the dog is licking his lips…gonna totally dig up and eat Tweety.
  • Ebuzz the dog?
  • “Can I have a goldfish now?” Answer…yes.
  • That tree is all kinds of evil.
  • Tweety 2 and Tweety 3 want seconds…and they are going to grow up to be sharks when you over feed them.
  • Lights out…Closet Light…Closet Light.
  • Geez Star Wars…product placement much?
  • Am I crazy or am I dead? He is dead.
  • Ha! They are smoking doobs.
  • Mom is implying she had powers / sleep walking when she was 10.
  • He is Reading about Reagan and she is smoking pot.
  • We want a pool…3 meter board. 10 feet
  • Who the hell has a kidsized clown in their room…these kids…cover it up!
  • His Daffy Duck pillow talk is some dirty talk.
  • His company built this neighborhood…next to the wise old tree…it knows I live here.
  • Good night Dana…get off the phone Dana
  • Ha! Cut to kids in the bed with the parents.
  • 2:37 AM is sign off
  • Smokey static hand!
  • It is in the house! It’s in the walls.
  • “They’re here.”
  • No not Tweety! He is in the wall!
  • E.Buzz is a junk food junky
  • Chew your food 10 times.
  • Who is here? The TV People.
  • “Ask Dad…Ask Dad…Ask Dad”
  • Now she is just watching Static.
  • The Spoon and Fork are bent up
  • Construction people are sexist trash.
  • Static is no good for you…here…watch some violence.
  • E. Buzz wants to play with the people in the wall…
  • Good lord…Bluto and the gang are trash…eating food in the windows.
  • TV people stack these chairs?
  • Do you see them . No huh…you? uh huh
  • Phase 1 to Phase 4. They look the same.
  • “The grass grows greener on every side.”
  • Reach back when you used to have an open mind…before you became a stiff.
  • Woo wooo! I want pizza
  • Oh great…now she is using the kid! It burns…needs more wax.
  • The tickling pulls you…
  • what a hard cut to the neighbors house.
  • Mosquitoes never suck on the neighbor. Tathill? Ben.
  • They got the Mosquitoes.
  • Count the lightening strikes…it is getting closer!
  • That tree is alive!!! It took the boy!!
  • Meanwhile….The closet wants you.
  • There is a tornado!
  • So does it prey on your fears? Tree for the boy? Closet for the girl? Clown for all of us?
  • Holy shit…I don’t recall the tree eating the boy.
  • That tree Ent got sucked up.
  • The swimming pool! the 2 foot of swimming pool.
  • Mom!!! Mommy….Carol Ann is in the TV!
  • We don’t go into the room anymore.
  • It was a child’s toy. Took 7 hours to cross the room…
  • uh huh…
  • Tie Fighter!
  • Stephen has missed work…but not a beer.
  • Poltergeist vs Haunting. – Usually associated with an individual. Haunting is an area. Poltergeist are short in duration vs long term haunting.
  • We hear better on this channel.
  • Mom has adjusted well. Daddy is a drunk and Daughter is losing her mind.
  • Stay away from the light…the light is dangerous…stay the f away from the light.
  • Mommy, there is somebody here.
  • Jewelry dump.
  • She ran through me…and now I smell her…she went through my soul.
  • I wonder what they smell like after the monster ran through them?
  • Something took a bite out of me in the kids room. It’s them durn goldfish…they got sucked up into the other side and they are sharks now.
  • Outer Space…or Inner Space.
  • This is like 10 minutes of whispering.
  • This kid just came up with the plan…tie a rope on me.
  • Grandpa’s spirit is invisible.
  • But you said to not walk into the light!
  • Some people die…but they don’t know they have moved on.
  • Resist the light! Watch TV. Watch their friends grow up…get jealous.
  • Oh…and some people just get lost on the way to the light…they get angry and throw shit.
  • Geez man…workers ain’t afraid to eat your food.
  • This guy about to eat my chicken and make my steak. f this guy
  • Meat splosion and maggots
  • if your face starts falling apart…how about not pulling on it.
  • This movie really brings horror home. Up until this point horror was in castles and apartments…not in Suburbia
  • Look at all those lonely souls…TAXI!
  • Please not on 60 minutes…or That’s incredible.
  • She drank it all…a whiskey drink…
  • Leaving Ryan…cause Marty is out!
  • Jesus Steve you are looking like shit.
  • What you got screwed in that…300 watt bulb?
  • He claims the Flu.
  • “sounds quiet…yep…no problem…BOOOM!”
  • Oh great! Carol Anne was born in that house…she is haunted!
  • Starting Phase 5! Nooooo!
  • It ain’t ancient tribal burial ground
  • in 76…right down there…we relocated the graves.
  • Nobody has complained until now…except the Poltergeist!!
  • “Y’all mind hanging back? Ya jamming my frequencies.” – Lady
  • She has cleaned many houses…
  • “I am addressing the living.”
  • “This house has many hearts.”
  • “The last incident of Bio Location”
  • Will you do what I ask even if it conflicts
  • There is no death…just transitions to a sphere.
  • Carol Ann’s life force gives off it’s own lumination. Life home and earthly pleasures.
  • Carol Ann is a terrible distraction from the real light.
  • These souls are not aware that they are dead.
  • Inside the spectral light is the next phase.
  • She can only hear her mother’s voice
  • Hold on…shit gonna be bad.
  • A terrible presence is in there with her…it is angry..pissed.
  • It lies to her. Using Carol Ann to restrain the other to her…it is just another child. To us…it is the beast.
  • The beast is so pissed it punched a hole into this world and took Carol Ann
  • Can you say hello to Daddy?
  • Quickly….who is Carol Ann most afraid of…Tell her she is going to get a spanking…be firm.
  • Tell her to go to the light! Run to the light? But you said to not go to the light!
  • You little bastard.
  • Stephen, give me the tennis ball marked number 1
  • Do not sniff the tennis ball…grote.
  • Kiss my Ass…Number 2.
  • Now tell her to not go into the light! 1 2 3 Red Light…
  • throw the rope into the light.
  • Take up the slack….take up the slack! gently
  • You have never done this before…you are right…you go.
  • No time for smooches…
  • Pull only when I say!
  • Cross over children…go into the light…there is peace and tranquility in the light.
  • Dangit Peter!!
  • Get them into the water!! they got to be reborn…
  • She gonna be alright.
  • I feel funky.
  • Who put bubbles in the bath water.
  • This house is clean!
  • Holiday Inn on I74
  • Mom has gray hair now
  • Carol Ann does not remember anything.
  • We are leaving tonight. Take a nap.
  • I would not even take a nap in that house
  • that e.buzz dog is a pervert.
  • If he hates that clown so much…why keep it around.
  • Clown gone. I’m gone.
  • They still got a lot of packing to do.
  • Wiggling on the ceiling!
  • From bad to worse…she mud wrestles he way right into the pool pit.
  • They didn’t move the bodies…they just moved the gravestones! You cheap bastards!
  • The neighbors are not interested in helping but so far.
  • Your closet turned into a throat
  • Robby really is the worst.
  • These explosive caskets!
  • You son of a bitch…you only moved the headstones! Whyyyy!
  • Do not scream at the driver.
  • Daddy…drive away…leave oldest sister.
  • that was the angriest house
  • slurp…
  • TV on a cart…out. Holiday Inn
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