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House on Haunted Hill (1999)


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This week on Filmsack we click yes to that HBO Max Sacktober evite and party like it’s 1999. So watch in horror as we put on our shocked faces and convulse to the sweet dreams of Marylin Manson and the horrors up on the hill…which is actually a cliff…and make our way to the house up on it …. which is actually an 1930s hospital for the criminally insane … and is the thing that is haunted … not the hill-cliff … and where are the bedrooms?! You can’t just put a dinning room table in the entrance of a facility and call it a house … where are we going to sleep? on one of those shock tables…I don’t think so…not even for a million dollars made out to cash! Man, we haven’t even met up with Chris Kattan yet and I already have trust issues with this movie. Wait a minute…is Marylin Manson’s name even really the amalgamation of a blonde bombshell and a cult leader from the 1960s? Just let me look that shit up… Brian…his name is f’ing Brian…everything is a lie!

Anywho, Why did you say that name? I was adopted. Now let me out … you weirdly specific homicidal evil entity shaped like a floating Roar-Shack (Rorschach) Test. Oh is that a vagina? Nooooo, it’s just Chris Kattan.

Randy, Check please.



1999 ‧ Horror/Mystery ‧ 1h 33m


A millionaire with theatrical tendencies, Stephen Price (Geoffrey Rush) invites a number of people to stay in a vast creepy building that used to be an insane asylum. Stephen, accompanied by his bitter wife, Evelyn (Famke Janssen), offers a million dollars to anyone who can stay the whole night without leaving out of fear. When Stephen and Evelyn become trapped with their guests, they quickly realize that the house really is haunted — and the spirits dwelling within are very angry.



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House on Haunted Hill (1999) – A film for the criminally insane and Chris Kattan! You know real Spook House Boogie Man Bullshit #NotAHouse #NotOnAHill


  • Hill House Haunted
  • Whatever happened to Dark Castle?
  • It must be 1999…look at this tool video and dig that organ music!
  • Freaky dolls and Ex-Rays and nails and yarn and chicken wire and wall paper and screaming tool faces. muhaha…SPIDERS…and film projector hop and burlap…
  • Meawhile on the beach somewhere is an Asylum. 100 maniacs raping Freddies mom.
  • Ok..also, this is obviously old…ya got the old record…the old sharpener the old time clock and ledger and old ass camera.
  • We just going to take a peek inside your guts…no need to put you to sleep.
  • The patients have overrun the asylum! STAB THE INTERNS! RAPE THE NURSES! OPEN UP THE DOCTOR.
  • Oct 11 1931, Los Angeles
  • For The Criminally insane!
  • But the secret this inferno burned free … A sanitarium of slaughter… Surgeon gone mad.
  • Business or pleasure…neither…my wife.
  • Poison Ivy reporter.
  • 20 stories worth of top.
  • The Beheaded Beanie Babies.
  • Jump in the Elevator!!
  • Terror Incognito…
  • From here on…it gets really scary.
  • You just hit a 73 on the perversity level
  • Passenger 6… he keeps losing his arm.
  • I got you guest list right here princess….SHREDS.
  • Ghost in the machine!!
  • Terror … Humiliation .. Perhaps even… MURDER! and one million dollars paid to those that survive the night!!
  • Inside the walls?
  • Is there a reason why we are not moving?
  • that is no house…it is a facility.
  • The Facility on Haunted Hill
  • Spook House Boogie Man Bullshit from the middle ages or something.
  • never said that to anything with testicles
  • Sure is a funky old house …. ain’t it.
  • Cigarettes Blockbuster and a Sammich
  • Not the first time she tried to kill him.
  • I can say with complete honesty…I’ve never heard of any of you.
  • The house is alive. We are all going to die.
  • A coffin with more tiny coffins inside…floating in dry ice…with guns.
  • Sarcastic Chris Kattan
  • Oh…these things? Just my house of horror skeletons
  • Nothing a horror house loves more than smart asses.
  • What’s a Saturation Chamber…what would drive a sane man mad would drive a mad man sane.
  • Hey pal that wasn’t code for….well hello there big fella.
  • Sara has got to stop talking as she walks away from people.
  • Checks are made out to Cash.
  • Eddie is fast…like Fast Eddie
  • Spend a Night and win a Million Dollars.
  • Nah…Black guy can’t die first.
  • nope…white girls first! We have 2…ok ok…not yet.
  • Sorry Petunia
  • You been playing around with ghosts…wait till the darkness comes out.
  • Death by corrosion.
  • Let’s all stick together.
  • A Game show hostess.
  • We have all the skeletons…we got a guy on a horse…a kid with a crown …this guy…
  • cameras are magical…they see ghosts that the human eye can not…wait…do they see me?
  • Look in the camera dummy
  • Not air…into the house
  • Out of Scotch…thanks to you ass.
  • Funky Old House…ain’t it.
  • He is missing his whole face and the inside parts as well.
  • The doctor got that robot walk down pat.
  • Time for some Scooby doo monster house music and in and out of doors.
  • When did we ever think that having a bunch of people angry in the same house would lead to empathy?
  • Flip these switches…flip ’em all…
  • She’s not dead we just got to get her heart beating again.
  • Plain and simple good old fashioned homicide.
  • Leaves us with C…one of you motherfuckers.
  • haha…What’s this…starts pulling levers…better? NIGHTMARE!! Great Party…I got to go.
  • We should have taken a right back there…. we should have taken a left back there.
  • In case of freak out…put on these glasses…it will get way worse…until Freddy Mercury appears
  • Like 2 naked ladies in a corner taking a shit? I guess?
  • Neked lady in the water.
  • Red ball is my head…gasp! Dammit Evelyn!
  • There are all ancestors! The 5 that didn’t die… booga booga.
  • The house made the list.
  • “You don’t get it do you…”
  • No Morals because it is a Fookin House.
  • Hey…why ain’t BlackBurns name on here…cause he is a fucking liar!!
  • oh gross…yeah…licking that hanky!
  • Why did she have to pretend that whole time….oooohhh…cause he just knocked her out.
  • He is the re-animator.
  • Puff Eddie…that was wrong.
  • They Still have their doubts…they are confused.
  • oh man…this may sound a little crazy but how about I stab you in the gut.
  • Not even for a million bucks Mr. Price.
  • Stop helping me!! pew pew pew
  • You Poor Clueless Old Geek
  • I’m Stephen GD Price.
  • You’re Already Dead Evelyn. Happy Birthday Baby.
  • The darkness took her…the corruption. That is some Scary Stories Kind of shit.
  • Miss Marr… No disassemble.
  • Rorschach test ghost
  • Open the door….close it…close it up again! See ya Richard.
  • Go! Fly…you fools…RUN!
  • The house is alive…with music!!
  • To the Attic!!
  • Pulleys and Leavers!
  • So much for a PHd in engineering.
  • Price sacrificed himself…he was not so bad…right?
  • Dammit Sara…stops fucking around and go. You done got Eddie killed
  • The monster looks like a Ghost album cover.
  • I was adopted!! haha… was that Kataan?
  • Cool cool…now all we have to do is climb down from here. really…so they got their cash…hilarious.
  • That was one kick ass party.
  • So they lived the nightmare from then on? Stinger?
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