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highlander 2 The Quickening


Oh hi,

This week’s Filmsack movie made me question everything. Like … ‘is there a god?’ and if so ‘why does he allow this movie to exist’ and ‘can snakes really scream?’ and ‘what is going on over there on that street mattress. Dude, that is not how you treat a lady of the night!’ and ‘how fast does a train have to be going before your eyes bug out of your face?’ and ‘Why does Virginia Madsen get turned on by beheadings….I mean like… “do me right here against this wall you sexy beheading beast” kind of turned on’ and ‘could it have been fish? Fish live in the Lake. I’ve seen it. It was fish.”

Anywho, I hope Sean Connery gets better soon and that you find a way to forgive this movie for breaking its only rule. There should have been only one.

Whatever, I guess if the Ozone layer can heal itself so can I. Randy chop my head off and end this misery … as is your way..




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Highlander II: The Quickening – Could be fish. Ok. My time here is over. /me Plays bagpipes


  • There can only be one.
  • Industrial pollution has destroyed the ozone layer, leaving the planet at the mercy of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

    An electromagnetic shield now protects the earth.

    A small group believes that the ozone layer has repaired itself and that the shield is no longer necessary.

    But no one knows for sure. Duh
  • Statues! 25 years under the shield 1999-2024
  • Movie Opera Neon Dramatica opening! Highlander
  • This lady is totally operasyncing.
  • Why are those seats covered up? is that the puke zone?
  • This is an elaborate setup for the opening of a shit movie. Crane around.
  • Hey! I see you…hey old man…hey.
  • Remember Highlander….
  • He done got fat and lazy…
  • Meanwhile…centuries ago… Free men of the planet.
  • Let him show himself…oh…..maybe ‘the one’ is behind me…no…he is talking to me.
  • Lambert has a way of looking confused that is both honest and amusing…but not too amusing. Wait…I think he has a plan.
  • General Catana is attacking!
  • Damn these liver spots of mine!
  • This stage play is really getting me in the mood to REMEMBER! The music hasn’t stopped.
  • I have never heard a snake scream. until now.
  • I hope this whole movie is a waking dream style flashbacks while at the opera.
  • Silence General Catana!
  • Punish for Rebellion is death!
  • Exile…an exile into the future! In the future you will face other immortals and die as is your way by beheading. Your reward…get old in the future….or come back home and be free!
  • …and remember…there can be only one.
  • Here below the shield.
  • What is that guy doing to that naked lady on their street mattress.
  • Shield corporation…that is your company name?
  • Hey Grampa Lambert…would you please gargle.
  • You got change for the oxygen machine.
  • So even the normals know who McCloud is? I thought that was a secret?
  • Meanwhile at Shield control…powered by hydro
  • It could be fish…fish live in the lake…I have seen them…it was a fish.
  • Them some big fish.
  • Fish Team 4
  • There is a lot of music in this movie.
  • Wait! That helmeted action star is a lady! how unexpected!
  • Blue Alert!!
  • Radiation Levels are normal! Impossible!
  • Eco Terrorist!
  • New York City 2024.
  • Time to Time Trope. Time here observed there runs at the same rate.
  • The bird brothers. Mehehe
  • Would you die already old man McCloud!
  • Cobalt propaganda. Hey…it is Scrubs guy.
  • Pretty girl….too bad I am so old.
  • You’re a good boy Jimmy…clink.
  • So we are living in eternal darkness because the shield blocks all of the sun rays??
  • There are people in this world who know when to stop and then those who don’t.
  • Mrs. Nobody was all like…There can be only one nobody.
  • Oh no…so when there are more than one he gets strong? But I would think it would mean immortals…are the bird brothers immortals?
  • The world is dying McCloud! There can be only world.
  • 40 years ago….so 1984? Also, was he like 40 in 1984? cause he is playing at least 80
  • They got hover boots and stupid laughs!
  • My old friend Romerez
  • Thanks the gods.
  • Oh no…the cops! The cop cars of the future…suck!
  • Everybody gets their neon signs from the same place.
  • So in the future
  • and now…a random train down the middle of the street. appears. This future is weird.
  • great happen stance…train chopped off his head.
  • This should be called convenience road…now we have a gas tanker…with a kiss.
  • This guy laughs like the wicked with…or a muppet….not sure which.
  • Of course I have wings…I’m a bird man.
  • The tech of the past is better than the future?
  • somebody gave this movie too much money.
  • You mean to tell me nobody died in the filming of this movie. I find that hard to believe.
  • Romereeeez!
  • Meanwhile, in Hamlet.
  • Shit head. What is a shithead?
  • Farewell, dear shithead.
  • “I’m Colleen MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod and I can not die.” Well damn…now I must kiss you…smoooch and now we are street humping. What the hell? He was an old man 5 minutes ago.
  • So let me get this straight….
  • So he built the shield. How? Why?
  • Every scene is a music video
  • Currency? No…I have pearl earrings.
  • How low is that shield?
  • So basically the ultraviolet shield blocks daylight. That the best they could do?
  • So I guess greenhouse gases as well?
  • The weather is Dank with a chance of Dank.
  • The wackiest show on TV…Psychic Cook! Weekdays at 5… brought to you by Z-non… $55 dollars a gallon. Inflation!
  • They got 1 future thing sort of right. TV for 1 eye.
  • He understands the concept of drive?
  • Runaway Highlander subway train…rock out! 600 mph…
  • This movie doesn’t even know how bad coffee works.
  • Remember…Remember… ‘member
  • Remember when we built the thing that covers the earth? This is it.
  • Love it. They are wearing nuke glasses. Power sources ready to receive.
  • You do know you can’t see ultraviolet light right.
  • Worst privacy screen ever. Hope David Blake can’t read backwards.
  • My name is Jerry Pritchard Man… scumbag scumbag. GD. SHIT. F. Yeah…out of control. You and my sister forget it. I should introduce you to my sister…you can compare tatoos. Shit. I should have stayed in School. Central.
  • Why is Sean the comedic B Story
  • Promise me my love…it is personal. Ultraviolet Radiation killed my wife in the infirmary.
  • The golden rule…we must never fight on Holy Ground. Why?
  • Ashes to Ashes. Dust to Dust. If you don’t take it out and use it…it’s going to rust.
  • So when they originally sent him to the future…it was much earlier in our timeline.
  • There are moments of visual and auditory brilliance. Too bad it is cut with some really dumb shit.
  • Meanwhile at the top of a tower? Ok. Why are they at the top of this tower. I am so lost.
  • Express elevator down
  • Gimmie a second while I pop my everything back into socket.
  • and now I am back home.
  • He arrived in the future around 1540’s? His first wife.
  • I only keep photos of my first wife and last wife.
  • You get used to it. No.
  • Greetings Highlander. Oh hi-lander
  • You have been dead for 500 years.
  • Remember MacLeod, you called me.
  • To magic.
  • It takes energy to take down the shield and we don’t have enough without killing us all.
  • The Shield Police!
  • We have a lot of grinning laughers in this movie. Very jovial.
  • Shot by a man with a tiny ponytail.
  • I’ve seen more realistic wrestling moves in my backyard.
  • Max security is Lax.
  • Poor Connery…all them squibs going off in his pants.
  • That was a terrible plan. She was in the trunk! How did she not get shot.
  • All the extras have over the top accents.
  • You guys…you boys…are de…but… Larry
  • Cripes. They came back to find him and all he does is give him the coordinates again and then dies.
  • No! The only thing that can kill us in a convenient room. The head chopper room.
  • Sorcerer with bagpipes. My time here is over…thank god.
  • Why!? Why!? did he die? I get to move the story forward…but why in the context of the plot.
  • Why does he need to see for himself the ozone layer is healed?
  • Heavy metal fight! Yeah…cocks out! Yeah!
  • I think he keeps forgetting his girlfriend is not immortal.
  • How did he get back so fast to the corporate headquarters.
  • ummm…did you take your new girlfriend over the shield where she may die of radiation? Invisible radiation.
  • There is only one way.
  • They dropped off the grid 24 hours ago.
  • Death by crotching.
  • Watching him chop off someone’s head is her horny button.
  • That was pretty anti-climatic.
  • I thought he said it would take both of you.
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