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Despots Game
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Brian – Playing the crap out of Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales (cartoon-inspired story-driven puzzle role-playing game – match 3) can’t decide if I can buy in.
Discussion: Help Brian pick what game to play this week for The Boop Show. You picked Despot’s Game last week.
Among Trees (Nov 10, 2021)
DEVELOPER: FJRD Interactive / PUBLISHER: FJRD Interactive
Steam $14.99, Epic
Escape to an enchanting, living sandbox surrounded by wildlife and nature. Scavenge materials and craft tools to turn your small cabin into a warm, well-supplied home. Survive by fishing, cooking and growing your own food. Be careful though, the forest is as dangerous as it is wonderful.

This is your little wood cabin. Located in the heart of a lush forest, the cabin is expandable: build new rooms and unlock additional game mechanics, including food cooking, plant growing, and tool crafting.
Explore a colorful, breathing world that is filled to the brim with life. From dense forests to dark caves.
Stay safe as you explore. Do what you need to do: scavenging for food, catching fish, and chopping down trees.
Stay stealthy so that you can avoid the wild, deadly beasts that roam the forest – and who knows what other dangers the night brings.
Ship Graveyard Simulator (Nov 10, 2021)
DEVELOPER: Games Incubator / PUBLISHER: Games Incubator, PlayWay S.A.
Steam (tba)
Visit the largest ship graveyard in the world. A dozen kilometers of beach filled with wrecks. Hundreds of ships wrecked on the coast. Thousands of tons of steel. Choose the most valuable ship for you and start the adventure. Play as one of the workers during the most dangerous work in the world. Cut, hit, weld! Dismantle the whole ship and sell the obtained parts and upgrade your equipment.
My Singing Monsters Playground (Nov 9, 2021)
DEVELOPER: Big Blue Bubble / PUBLISHER: Big Blue Bubble
Steam, Xbox X/S/One, PS4/5, Switch ($39.99)
Journey to the Monster World to take part in a tournament of Monster-Game madness! Watch your favorite Monsters come to life as you swing, fling, and spring your way to victory in a variety of 4-player competitions.

Grab your friends to compete in a series of friendly competitions and games! Take control of your favourite Singing Monster and watch as they come to life as you swing, fling, and spring your way to victory in a variety of 4-player competitions. Grab your friends and hit the Playground to see who has what it takes to win the ultimate Monster bash!

Local Multiplayer Madness — Compete against friends and family in games galore set across the Monster World

Starring the Singing Monsters — Take control of some of your favorite characters from the world of My Singing Monsters

Variety of Game Types — Team up to take on your competition in 2v2 games or battle it out for solo supremacy in free-for-all matches.

Ways to Play — Play the way you want with friends or solo in three different game modes: Party Tournament, Solo Gauntlet, or Free Play!
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BRIAN GAME of the week
Despot’s Game: Dystopian Army Builder
Guide puny humans through Despot’s Game – a rogue-like tactics army battler. Equip your team and sacrifice them through procedural dungeons as you fight enemies, and other players!
DEVELOPER: Konfa Games
PUBLISHER: tinyBuild
Me Playing – Do you think you could play the audio (at low volume) to the game when we play the video for the stream? It is muted enough that I think the podcast listeners would enjoy it as background music and may help set the mood.
^ Game Play Audio
13 Hours
$13.49 on Fanatical ($14.99)
Hello Puny Human Scott, how does a Pixel Art Roguelike AutoBattler that gives you a bit of the ole Smash TV vibe sound? Well equip your pink pixley muscle men with some class assigning gear and delve deep into the levels of the unforgiven and brutal dungeon that the Despot brought you to. Outfit your team with classes like Tank, Shooter, Fighter, Medic, Cultist, Eggheads and about 6 more classes I won’t ruin for you just yet. Autofight your way from room to room to meet and defeat the boss so you can dive deeper into the levels of despair. Along the way you will positon your troops to face off with groups of ever increasing in difficulty minions and sub-bosses that all have their own stats and abilities. Beat a room and get a chance to buy more humans, class defining equipment, upgrades, mutations and food! Don’t forget about the food. These hungry hungry humans eat one unit everytime your move between rooms!
Boop’s Patented 10 Point Rating System
Art/Animation: Pixel art that gives me that old school feeling and animation that reminds me that we are in the now now.
Music/Effects: Not a lot of variation on music…however, what music it does have rocks!! Effects are a little muted…fits.
V/O: None
World Building: The world is large enough. The text adventures mini game has a lot of humor. Love it.
Currency/Loot: Tokens, Puny Humans, Food, Mutations
AI/NPCs: Autogenerated Runs. Your health bots could be smarter…but some smart placement may make the difference.
Controls: Point…click…next
Interface/HUD: Simple interface and Hud. Simple square map.
Replay/Endgame: I made it about halfway through. The experience is pretty intense. Don’t know how often replay.
– addicting gameplay
– Beginner luck feels so goood.
– if you are looking for a solid strategy plan, bad luck is going to ruin your experience.
– you can’t reliably get back to your last position through another run and by the time you do…you have forgotten all you have learned.
8 puny humans out of 10 oh no’s, we ate all the donuts and now my humans won’t fight.
LINKS’s Game: Dystopian Army Builder’s Game: Dystopian Army Builder
Tags: Pixel Graphics, Top Down, Rogue-like, Auto-Fighter
HINT: 1991, NES, Konami
hint: 1997
Next Week (optional)
SCOTT: No idea
BRIAN: Recipe for Disaster!
Hey Scott and Brian,

Do you think we will see Nintendo release a followup to the switch that is basically just better hardware and such, but still a portable/tv hybrid device?


Scott: The switch future will look a lot like now, only better hardware. This is the new standard for them.
Brian: I don’t think there is any heading back for Nintendo on the Portable Console…they have corned the market and they ain’t about to let it go.
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5 Stars!

ninjapod (09/05/2021)
Boop for the win This show is waaaaay better than Core (that’s for you Brian!). But seriously, I never miss an episode and has given me information about great games that I don’t have the time to research on my own. Keep it up guys!
5 Stars!

TriTioN of AtlaS (10/19/2021)
Don’t want to miss it!
Love this show! It continues the personality that can be found in the other shows (CORE and The Instance) but with its own brand of fun!

Also on top of that is gives you a look at some more obscure games. If you have the time check it out you won’t regret it!
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