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Geostorm (2017)


Oh hi,

and In case you missed it, The four of us who form Filmsack: Legendary Defender have spent a little over a decade watching crappy movies and defending the earth from angry acting, bad science and predictable plot points. And with that in mind, I think I am finally ready to reveal my most ingenious plan to date to fight against the Hollywood made menace that is pushing us to the brink of a TropəStorm. (Tro-puh-Storm) That’s right…a Trope’Storm…For years we have been warned of the dangers of TropəWarming. (Tro-puh-warming) Hell, Al Gore tried to warn us about the dangers years ago with a ladder and a power point presentation…but did we listen. Nope. Because he is an idiot who thinks he invented the internet. Ok…maybe he never actually said he invented the internet…but the damage is done! Cred lost. You’re out of here.

Anywho, I have been Twitter’sating (that is conversating on Twitter) with Neil Degrassi (de-grass-e) Tyson on the idea of sending up Satellites into the TropəSphere (Tro-puh-sphere) to form a sort of net over Hollywood that will shoot down any tropes before they can group up with other tropes and tip the scales to a full on Armageddon. (a much better movie )

Oh look, Degrassi responded to my idea. “Hey man, this is a just parody account of the real Neil deGrasse (de graus) Tyson…” well that is disappointing… oh..there is more “also, I am no scientist but I don’t think you can launch satellites into the troposphere (trop-o-sphere)…that is more like where airplanes hang out and stuff. Good luck.”

Well now I feel a little embarrassed. Whatever, I’m just the idea man. Randy, you son of a bitch…Thank the Space Mexican.


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Geostorm (2017) – Now eventually you do plan to have a geostorm in your geostorm movie, right. #zap


  • Geo…Storming!
  • th…th…th…thunder…
  • Everyone was warned but no one listened.
  • 2019! They didn’t know what extreme was.
  • We love to kill NY and Madrid in movies
  • Let’s have the kid narrate….and only when we co-operate!
  • US and China save the world! with Skynet.
  • Heat, Pressure and Water
  • We call it Dutchboy….who knows the technical term
  • A team led by one man…he made the thing that saved the world…my father.
  • Tornado. Zap. … give me that tie!
  • He was 1 hour late since he had to fly in from Space
  • Maverick!
  • That put his little brother in charge of Dutchboy
  • He had to fire his own brother! Evil
  • 3 years later…Afghanistan. It hot…maybe not. Cold spot
  • I like the tie. Home by 7
  • Thermospheric incident.
  • Dr. Quigley is fairly certain.
  • It is an election year. 300 dead in that village
  • Instead of a team of internationals…how about a single man….who we can control…that is your solution?
  • This one guy has no oversight? He just tells the other guys to leave and they do. This shit was doomed.
  • Dude was ejected
  • Oh my god…it even has the Armageddon type music for the family scenes
  • Trope…smarter than normal kid of smart dad/mom.
  • Secret code conversation. Looks like conflict…but it will come into play later…one of them is dying for sure during that scene.
  • Fired by my brother, lost my marriage, my house and bam
  • He had a soccer club?
  • Hong Kong is hot! Gas Mine explosions. firenados!
  • What did I tell you about eavesdropping…
  • This movie has a message… Little brothers suck.
  • What is the practical reality of sending up shuttles that often.
  • A net around the planet of weather modifying satellites.
  • They still haven’t explained what it does. Also, would we have an international operation with Olympic Style/UN branding or would we go for a new logo?
  • I need to talk to the lead scientist on the art of giving a shit. One of my crew died. But I am sorry about your transformer.
  • …something we call a geostorm. The storms will start causing new storms and them will merge into one single storm.
  • International espionage!
  • SR22 Rock and Roller… My favorite. It is the insurance you get when you suck
  • They have the Secret Service relationship
  • Did they intentionally pick a brother who looks likes the Gallagher brothers of Oasis..
  • Does he have problems with authority?
  • Drives in the future are terribly fragile.
  • Trope! I figured it all out…we just have to talk about it in person. geee…will he be killed first…duh.
  • They have like 100 shuttles in space and thousands of people. I think it would be ok if he floated off a little bit.
  • “When we built dutchboy…” if I hear that one more time…boom pow…to the moon Gerald.
  • haha…for just a second she was catching up with the car she was chasing.
  • “We don’t walk out on one another…” that is the unspoken code
  • That is some of the worst code ever…you are not as smart as you think you are.
  • Convenient…his phone number is the cypher. And the whole message was just “Trust No One”
  • Project Zeus. A Brospiracy.
  • Dude…not cool to use your girlfriend like that. You are going to get her killed.
  • It comes in handy that I built the place.
  • So these guys who they are up against are super smart…but didn’t think to check the guys locker after they killed him.
  • I find the idea of a pen being a future device kind of probable.
  • They end in a geostorm…unlike we have ever seen.
  • People always “Turn it into a gun.”
  • Control it with a virus! We can fix it….just needs a reboot.
  • The mere fact that they blocked the call would get them to kill you.
  • We need to steal the kill codes.
  • Holo-frame…we can steal the codes while he is in the shower. Cause that is what happens.
  • Ahhh hail..Tokyo!
  • Hail the size of the Epcot center
  • Launch The Replacements! Of course. Let’s talk out the plan. Of course.
  • yay! Too late GeoStorm Alert.
  • Countdown to GeoStorm 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • The president’s dead wife was all about the global warming.
  • The President is the Kill Codes
  • The daughter is in the path of the thing he is trying to stop.
  • Destroy all the interesting parts of the world.
  • How in the hell can they track this guys device in the worst electrical storm in history?
  • How? Because I am the Goddamn President of the United States
  • Ask Maxx about science. He knows.
  • most of the disaster moments are more moments of levity than actual fear….also, way more people in bikinis around the world than I would have suspected.
  • Warning…core rotation has been halted…floaty sucker
  • Why would the weather satellite need a laser mode…
  • I told you…I live here.
  • If you can cut everything off at the last second the storm will just stop
  • Always a car with an alarm going off that floats by.
  • A boy and his dog during all the hubub. bub.
  • Yeah…no way do they turn that weather net back up. Nobody is going to trust that.
  • Do you believe…do you trust…do you…follow me! I have a crazy idea
  • There is always somebody rubbing their head during the dark out of communication.
  • Hernandez, you son of a bitch…Thank the Mexican.
  • Wait a minute….are you going to tell me…wait one fucking second…you mean to tell me…there is no Geostorm in your Geostorm movie?
  • Fishing is boring.
  • You can’t undo the past. You can only redo the future…One planet…one people…we will survive
  • reached out to Warner Brothers to speak to any consulting scientists, but none were available. 
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