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Dragonheart 1996 Gulp


oh hi,

Come, we have a full day ahead of us my half hearted King. We must make haste! To the horses…But first…let me grab my falcon and buzz Malfoy…Caww Caww.. oh that never stops amusing me. Caww hahaha

and now that the whole motley crew of assholes are here… let us ride down to the Peasant Quarry and harass the blind man and any red heads we come across….isn’t that right Mr. Falcon.. those mean old Red Headed Girls always trying to break our hearts…you would never do that would you Mr. Falcon…no you wouldn’t..

Hey, do you guys know what I haven’t done in a while…had a good old hand wrestling match with a smelly peasant. Say, we should do that tonight….when we get back! In fact…I think I will double down and hand wrestle 2 peasants at once. What’s that Malfoy…uh huh..I can so! Wanna bet? Back me up king.

…and now that is your movie right there. No cgi needed.


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Dragonheart (1996) – Learn the Once-Ways of CGI from the 1990s..It’s not the profit…it’s the pleasure…#Yikes


  • This is not Reign of Fire?!
  • Fight with your head…not your heart.
  • Meanwhile down at the castle ruins…a great battle ensues between a handsome man with good teeth and great hair and a pale kid….ok…maybe not great.
  • Mind if I sit and eat while you fight and I drop some sound bytes.
  • The peasants are revolting!
  • This will stop the horse…a burning pile of sticks.
  • I will take on this knight with this pointy tree branch.
  • Uh oh…I have feeling our hero is grooming the real villain
  • 984 AD
  • Oh…you like fire so much…here…let me burn down your roof.
  • ahhh yeah..Village Justice. Mob rule
  • Father is not here right now…Father is dead…good…Die! It’s mine
  • Oh shit…well that was a lame way for the new king to die….oops…oh…maybe he ain’t dead.
  • Maybe a deal with a witch?
  • Dead. The King is dead…and the prince is a little puss. meow.
  • Witness my fine collection of Dragon Bric-à-brac
  • “Your song is sad”
  • Daughter of the Celts
  • The knight is teaching the old code!
  • The king was the Dragonslayer…
  • Give me your sword knight…
  • Learn the Once-Ways
  • A swear on the deathbed
  • The dragon is just going to give him half of his heart!
  • Hold on a second…just gonna reach in my chest and grab half my heart and…uuuuck….dead
  • I want to rebuild this Roman Ruin. It will take many men…but screw ’em.
  • This kid has a face you can hate just by looking at it.
  • I need me one of them half hearts
  • Burn the insolence out of his eyes!
  • No one is above the code! It’s the code! Damnit! It’s the code…now enjoy the smell of my bosom
  • Fast Forward 12 years later…
  • Holy Stones…I’ll Pray…I’ll Pray…I’ll Pray…now let us talk of the Old Code once again.
  • Just a Jackass on a donkey
  • The best things in this movie are the implied things.
  • The Code of Ancient Camelot…finally…the code is defined
  • The king grew up to be a handsome pale man.
  • I am the keeper of the falcon…behold my skill! oh look out..oh oh
  • 12 years and we still haven’t finished this …I mean we aint’ even close.
  • Kara…I can’t see you…but I can smell you.
  • I almost killed you once…shall we dance again.
  • “I’ve always said death was a release and not a punishment.”
  • Now why did the king all posse up just to ride down to peasant town and harass the blind?
  • Stone dragon!
  • Why is he poking the rock dragon with his quill? Does that help it write?
  • Bola a dragon while riding a horse…
  • haha…a dragon that says Yikes
  • Dragon’s tale with pincers
  • Drat…Yikes…
  • Fire loogie
  • He killed the Scarred one…so if he was the last dragon on earth
  • To the groin
  • Quaid is like a toothpick stuck in the wrong way.
  • What is your job father? It is my job to brush the wheat
  • 2 bags of gold in advance.
  • Most profitable dragon
  • The old Code “his blade defends the helpless” “His might upholds the weak” “His words speak only truth”
  • Dragon Soul
  • Brok is finger wrestling?
  • Brok is a man of many skills.
  • One of your 3 dirty daughters.
  • This dragon don’t like the taste of humans
  • Dragons sing when they are happy.
  • You taught me to fight!
  • Hey king…look at my heart! look at it! take a good long look
  • He is in League with the dragon!
  • Sink Sink! Meat Meat!
  • Do the mud people worship those pigs? Will they not eat the swine?
  • Tell us about Dragon Heaven…did you do something worthy.
  • Donate a half a heart…get into heaven
  • Valor! Valor! A visit from King Arthur
  • A knight…Take your oath knight…take it again.
  • Does he have some kind of dragon magic.
  • You and what army…me and my Dragon!
  • ….like a pudding
  • 5 Dragon slayers…how are they Dragon slayers…only 1 dragon is left and Bowen did most of the killing.
  • Retreat to the forest
  • Peasants always be building walls of fire.
  • The monk will not kill…but maim…yes…sure
  • oh…right in the Dragonheart
  • ” are the stars shining tonight?”
  • “How unmotherly of you.”
  • He took a nasty spill
  • The king is a patient freak. He will wait in his room for hours to launch a surprise attack.
  • Kara has a talent for finding trouble
  • Brok got killed by a girl! a girl…there’s a girl in the castle!
  • Rock to the king’s head.
  • The king thinks he’s immortal. Let’s test that theory.
  • The King and Dragon are twinsy’s
  • The one thing we never get to see is the actual Dragonheart.
  • Dragon into the stars…wink
  • Time of Justice and Brotherhood
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