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Inception 2010



Oh hi,

Hey guys. You will have to excuse my low energy intro today, I haven’t been getting any good sleep this week. So tired. Yawn. I even fell asleep a few times during this week’s movie. Oh man, am I even awake right now or is this all just a dream? Yawn. Excuse me..

hey, hold on a sec..I should check my totem to make sure this isn’t all just a dream. It’s one of those small rubber bouncy balls. So Let’s check the texture, yep course and rubbery for gripping, how about the smell…mmm..yep…that’s how those smell…funky! and finally let’s see how this thing defies gravity when I chuck it at the wall. Oh shit! Arby’s ! Definitely awake!

So what’s for lunch today? Arby’s? How about a little Hot Beef Inception! We got the meats. WAKE UP !


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Inception (2010) – Like a movie in a movie where you have to squeeze logic through the narrowest street in Mumbai. Music intensifies. Is this polyester? #dreamlogic


  • Is this the one with the boat?
  • Washed up
  • building sandcastles
  • old man lights
  • They are in the mind…of Saito…outside is a city bombing.
  • Mal is real? or no real? The kids? Who’s the kids?
  • Oh…we are in Arthurs mind
  • If you die in the dream then you get extracted…but if it was his dream why didn’t it stop when he woke up.
  • Who’s mind are we in?
  • Batman!
  • Get slapped in real life…get tossed about in the dream.
  • if he won’t wake up…dunk him!
  • So he was the last to wake up…must have been his mind.
  • Saiko has a gun.
  • His side chic ratted him out.
  • What was in the safe.
  • No wait…they aren’t even in that dream level. they are on the train.
  • Is it wool or polyester.
  • Dream within a Dream
  • No…They were in the other guys dream
  • Why a train?
  • Spin the top. Am I awake? One way to find out…shoot myself.
  • Top fell…don’t have to shoot myself.
  • Dad is away because he is working…and grandma says you are never coming back and grandma says no…I ain’t talking to you.
  • Mommy is dead.
  • So far we never see the kid’s faces.
  • Mal is creeping into his dreams
  • Cobol Engineering. I can’t speak for them
  • He said the movie!
  • You can’t plant an idea. Yes you can…no huh
  • Old man in poor health need to trick his son into breaking up the company
  • Do you want to be an old man…alone…?
  • He has done it before…he has went deep enough…who did he do it to?
  • Going to need a new architect.
  • Dad taught him how to navigate minds.
  • They don’t come into the dream. Just build the levels.
  • Mal won’t let him do it anymore.
  • “Just one last job!”
  • Dad is willing to sell out his students to his crazy son!
  • You have 2 minutes to make a maze that takes more than a minute to solve…AGAIN! These squares are stupid! A Circle!
  • The fraction of a mind fallacy
  • Create and perceive at the same time.
  • You can’t remember the first part of a dream …how did I get here.
  • Military use to train soldiers because you can feel pain in dreams
  • 5 minutes in real world is an hour in dream.
  • Architect is the playground and the subject fills it with their subconscious
  • The subconscious does not like you doing funky stuff
  • Giant mirror doors in the street.
  • Never recreate real places !
  • You can’t wake up
  • You need a totem.
  • It’s not the debt. It’s the simplicity.
  • Chemist….Architect..Who else do you need
  • One Cafe…stop screaming!
  • Running through the streets of…Mumbai
  • I guess it is alive or dead.
  • Squeezing through tight spaces be hard for Decaprio
  • 3 Levels Deep.
  • The Penrose Steps.
  • Projections don’t like being fooled
  • Mal was nice in real life.
  • 6 peoples in a 3 level deep.
  • The Chemist using it everyday.
  • 12 to share the dream 3 to 4 hours.
  • What’s in the box!? How are they actually connected to each other? Chemically?
  • He never spun the top in the nasty ass bathroom
  • Did she make a bishop for her totem
  • He has Mal’s totem…and now it is his totem
  • We need a 3 level kick
  • Sydney to Los Angeles
  • We need to buy out first class…I bought the airline…it seemed neater. Neat!
  • 10 hours of 1st level sleep.
  • He knew he wanted to marry Mal because he had a dream? Did Mal plant the idea?
  • What’s in the basement Decraprio!?
  • He won’t let them turn their faces.
  • You are waiting on a train…a train to nowhere…but it’s ok…because you will be together.
  • First class roofie
  • In order to be killed in the dream you would have to believe you were shot.
  • His sub-conscience is secured.
  • Raw infinite sub-conscience
  • Trapped in Fischer’s mind.
  • He did it with Mal!
  • A week at level 1
  • He was a fat kid?
  • Old man in Limbo…Filled with regret and alone.
  • “Disappointed.”
  • When were you in Limbo!
  • When we arrived at the shores of our subconscious we were stuck there for like 50 years.
  • Mal locked something away. A truth she knew…but chose to forget…she locked up her totem…
  • Mal was convinced that reality was just a dream.
  • On our anniversary…she was going to kill us both
  • She set him up in so he would have to jump.
  • She is asking him to take a leap of faith…that was what Saito said as well. Is Saito really Mal? Trying to coax him out.
  • Run with Mr. Charles.
  • 2nd level Arthur is the dreamer
  • Room 49 under 528
  • 3rd Level is Fischer’s Subconsciousness
  • The biggest problem is…things that are happening in 2nd level are happening too close in real time in 3rd level.
  • Who is the architect at the 3rd level?
  • Push you off the Paradox
  • Kicks require gravity
  • Music intensify’s
  • Arthur is making some kind of human centipede on level 2
  • Did he make them head to foot…face to face…ass to face…ass to ass?
  • It’s Mal. Of course it’s Mal.
  • Too late.
  • Weird floaty stack of nappers
  • Why did they have a napping kit on level 3…they had no plan for that.
  • on the shores of the subconsciousness….but isn’t that his..
  • Arthur is working the problem on level 2
  • “Your World is not Real.” Simple idea that changes everything
  • He spun the top that expressed the idea…Your world is not real.
  • Falling up!
  • come back so we can be young men together again.
  • does it stop spinning! does it matter!

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