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Spider-Man 3


oh hi,

Meanwhile, Down at the Hall of Manservants; Jarvis, Alfred Pennyworth and Bernard (Bur-nerd) House…Man gather to discuss the events of the day.

If I may, Sirs, I’ve seen things in the house of Osborn I’ve never spoke of… The night Harry Osborn kissed that Mary Jane Girl and made Omletes, I… I cleaned his eggy mess… eggs were on the floor…they were on the ceiling…they were in the carpet…I spent an hour picking little tiny egg balls from his sweater..

But I guess I still love Harry..I loved his father too… but mostly I love that Mary Jane Girl..am I right?! up top Alfred! no. alright.

Anywho, that Parker kid shows up last night…probably pissed that Harry kissed Mary or whatever those Elmo kids are so upset about these days. “Oh look at my rebellious unkempt hair and dark moody clothes and strange dance moves…Ok Elmo… get a job!” am I right!? YOU know what I’m talking about Jarvis. High five…oh no…sorry, Jarvis. I didn’t mean to knock your coffee off the table.

No I’m not cleaning it up…you clean it up. I do that crap all day…I come here to relax and get away from that whole Manservant scene …Well I guess it will just sit there for infinity. No Alfred…sit down…Let’s see how long Jarvis can stand to let that coffee soak into the carpet. For god sake’s man! It’s going to stain! That’s it…I’m out of here.




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Spider-Man 3 (2007) – Like Harry Osborn’s Facebook relationship profile status. It’s complicated. Or like Mrs. Sandman says to Mr. Sandman…You and Proof sitting in prison…k-i-s-s-i-n- Prison Rape…I added that last part



  • Previously on Spiderman
  • Remember this! Oh I rememver this!!
  • Most informative opening credits ever…don’t be late.
  • Spiderman at the top of his game! NY loves Spidey…gotta fall
  • Man…does everybody just hate Peter Parker?
  • Gwen Stacy!
  • Is this her Voice? Sounds like Zoe Daschanel. She should sing more!
  • Harry Osbourne…it’s complicated…Facebook friendship relationship
  • Let me tell you about the acoustics of your performance…NERD!
  • Them durn osbournes always Gobbin out
  • Buff’est nerds in town. Topher Grace, Toby McGuire and
  • I think she just gave you a proposal.
  • So are spideman webs sticky or not? Mary Jane in my web
  • Hop on my Spider Scooter!
  • Penny Marko…Why did he return her letters like the letter fairy
  • C-Pap? Oxygen
  • Convinient…Sandmand Shirt…
  • You and Proof sitting in prison…k-i-s-s-i-n- Prison Rape
  • Here…daddy…here this necklace.
  • Sandman…I’m not a bad person…I’ve just had bad luck
  • What does a spideman sound like…vmmmm…vmmmmmm…scooter
  • Aunt May loved Uncle Ben Fiercly…
  • Uncle Ben asks…Aunt May shuts that shit down.
  • Uncle Ben and Aunt May were good swimmers…swam to the island…under a try looking at the sky…and May close your eyes…and there is your proposal
  • Oh Aunt May…I can’t take this ring…gimmie that shit!
  • This movie uses Jewelry to represent love and loss.
  • Hoverboard!
  • Not Aunt May’s Ring! Son of a beach!
  • This is some great city skyline fighting.
  • Oh my god! You killed Harry!
  • Ben Parker.
  • Oops I fell into a weird nighttime science experiment.
  • Ain’t no particle deconstruction gonna stop The Sandman!
  • Criminal Reconstruction.
  • I really question the Sandman costume design…they could have really done something more modern.
  • Peter Parker you are a terrible listner. me me me…and get back on the horse.
  • Alert…Crane out of control! Alert! Crane has become sentient. Go Go Spiderman
  • What was that new beam made of that was able to tear out the beams of the building.
  • Gwen Stacy loves that copier!
  • Edward Brock Jr. was not that concerned about seeing Gwen Stacey up there…father seemed somewhat concerned.
  • “Dazzle me!” – Jamison. Blood Pressure…you tell my wife!!…thank you.
  • It’s Hip’s It’s Wow.
  • What the hell kind of phone buzzer shakes your desk. Why I believe his secretary is trying to kill her boss.
  • The tale of 2 nerds
  • The Sandman has the weirdest luck. Now he finds a truck full of sand in the city…just when he is being chased.
  • Sand Punch!
  • Everybody loves Spider-man!
  • Spidey 5’s for all!
  • Are you kidding me Peter Parker! Upside down kiss is our move!
  • that is what Bruce Campbell said…”Peker”
  • Forgot about the Bruce Campbell Cameo
  • No one has a stupid smile on their face like Tobey McGuire
  • Everybody has severe luck in this movie…good or bad luck…it flows like destiny.
  • Peter Parker is isolated by bad timing, regret and jealously.
  • Why didn’t his spidey sense go off?
  • Don’t question it…wake up in a black suit…no worries
  • Characteristics of a Symbiote
  • Now what is sand going to do with cash
  • Sandman’s worst enemy…water…now he is sludgeman.
  • Sam Raimi finally got to use his fast Zoom knock thing in a big budget film
  • “You’ll get your rent when you fix this damn door!” – Petty Parker
  • Who are you Parker!?
  • Flint Marco.
  • “I don’t understand…Spider-Man doesn’t kill people” – Poor Aunt May
  • Specific set of skills Waitress/Singer…job filled
  • Bur-Nerd…Burnurd…Bernard?
  • The Twist? 2007…Couple of rich nerdy white folks with butlers.
  • “Check this out…
  • No! Do not kiss! too late.
  • Avenge me my son!
  • Man Parker…can’t you see Ursula is your real love.
  • Dang ole Mary Jane will sell you out. Cold hearted.
  • “How’s the pie?” “So Good”
  • So was he even there? He’s gone! Pie Gone…Goblin Gone
  • Meanwhile inside Parker Head.
  • “That taste…strawberries.”
  • Is Spider Sense dulled when it comes to his friend or blind rage and jealousy…or is it the suit.
  • and now…Spider Bug Eyes!
  • Little Goblin Jr.
  • Damnit Eddie Brock
  • Amplifies characteristics of it’s host.
  • Parker negotiates a staff job.
  • 2007 was a weird year for music in Superhero movies.
  • The Tobey Macguire dance scene of infamy.
  • Why did he shoot Uncle Ben…that doesn’t make much sense if he was just in it for the money or was that just Peter’s mind?
  • “Find us some shade…thanks hot legs.” always works for me…
  • Jazz bar…waitress and sing…
  • Peter Parker just hops on a piano and does a musical number….now dig on this
  • Backhand of Spiderman! Take that Mary Jane! unfortunate.
  • Fate…Peter Parker is in the bell tower separating from the symbiote suit where Brock is praying for his death.
  • Aunt May and her spider sense
  • Jennifer Duggan…what do you see on the street?
  • Disfigured Harry…no help Peter Parker
  • “If I may sir… I have seen some shit.” – Bur-nurd HouseMan

If I may, Sir, I’ve seen things in this house I’ve never spoke of… The night your father died, I… I cleaned his wound… the blade that pierced his body came from HIS Glider. I… I know you’re trying to defend your father’s honor, but there is no question that he died by his own hand. I loved your father, as I’ve loved you, Harry… as your friends love you…“―Bernard Houseman

  • Spider senses are not a thing to pervert up.
  • Spiderman is getting sandblasted
  • New’s Channel 8 and debbie downer
  • camera’s with film in 2007!
  • Damsel in distress.
  • Sandman is getting kind of gumby like.
  • Harry died just like his father with the blades on his board….but this time for the sacrifice
  • maybe Spiderman should not wield explosives..someone always dies or get maimed.
  • “I’m not asking you to forgive me…I’m asking you to understand.”
  • How much money does his daughter need! what kind of operation!
  • Meanwhile. Harry is dying. Shut up Sandman…
  • I wonder if Peter Parker ever found a new lab partner?

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