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Westworld 1973


Oh hi, Brian Dunaway for Filmsack here again. Filmsack; The movie podcast of the future, TODAY! Here at Filmsack you get no choice of the movie podcast you want. You can visit “Crappy Movie” World or “Not as good as I remember” World and of course, everybody’s favorite “What the hell did I just watch?” World. So comb your mustache, throw away your luggage and hop into one of our early 1970s shiny future past Delta Airlines hovercrafts where every section IS the smoking section and the wallpaper will burn your eyes like acid in the face of a Yul Brynner RoButt. Good thing I brought my Mirror shades…now excuse me…I got to go pilot this metallic bird like a guy who just snorted a line. Don’t do drugs.

Anywho, I’m pooped. I was up late last night at my other job where I work as a robot programmer guy “I hate this hacker crap and also a smoker” at a western themed amusement park “It’s a Unix System and we are all going to die if you shut it down.” But that’s not my job. Nope, I’m in charge of the old west mosey. Yup. But I’m having trouble with the hands. Hands are hard! How did you do it God? I mean do I let them hang down by the side.. nah not dramatic enough. How about Over the head like a crab… boy that scared a lot of guests…and finally I just went with “thumbs in your belt loops while holding your pants up mosey.” Take that God!

Randy, are you programmed to Love? How about Stop Drop and Roll? Help meeee.



1973 ‧ Sci-fi/Action ‧ 1h 28m


Westworld is a futuristic theme park where paying guests can pretend to be gunslingers in an artificial Wild West populated by androids. After paying a sizable entrance fee, Blane (James Brolin) and Martin (Richard Benjamin) are determined to unwind by hitting the saloons and shooting off their guns. But when the system goes haywire and Blane is killed in a duel with a robotic gunslinger (Yul Brynner), Martin’s escapist fantasy suddenly takes on a grim reality.

IMDB https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0070909/

WIKI https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Westworld_(film)

Rotten Tomatoes https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/westworld


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Westworld (1973) – No time for Jurassic Park? maybe this movie is for you! #YulLoveIt #MurderBot


  • West of the world.
  • Meanwhile in the 70s
  • Hi, Ed Remfru for Delos again. If there is anyone who doesn’t know what Delos is. Well, as we’ve always said. Delos is the vacation of the future, today. At Delos you get your choice of the vacation you want. There’s Medieval World, Roman World and of course, Westworld. Let’s talk to some of the people who have been there…Pardon me…what is your name…how did you like it?
  • Point your finger and go bang bang. They may have been robots…I know they were robots. I didn’t kill nobody!!
  • Love the men in Roman World…THE MEN! thank you very much.
  • I married a beautiful princess…all my life!
  • Take one of our hovercrafts…$1000 dollars a day. Delos!
  • look at my mirrored glasses…you can’t do it…eeeek
  • This is the hugest plane hovercraft ever?
  • I am curious…how much do they weigh? A colt 45?
  • What about this…when you do this over the gun? fanning?
  • That the kind I want…the one with the strings. I bet Randy had the one without the strings. but matter that doesn’t matter after all.
  • Real guns! But them robots…that is going to be costly.
  • The wheel of choice… relive 1880 a society of guns and action. 13th century Europe medieval. Roman world…for the lusty during the imperial Roman empire…the ladies love it.
  • Wallpaper of the future is as ugly as wallpaper from the past.
  • I think my wife is horny for Roman World.
  • ….was she a…that’s amazing. can’t tell ..except my looking at the hands…they haven’t perfected the hand yet.
  • This lady is stiff and cold just like a real woman.
  • That dude looks like 8 is enough dad.
  • This locker room is full of a picking and a grinning. Oh Howdy.
  • I don’t know what to do if the stagecoach is late.
  • You have gotten your western in my scifi movie.
  • Grand Hotel…more like…Ok Hotel.
  • 2 bits for hot water. Eat lunch on your own.
  • Don’t look at my hands!!
  • We are paying 1000 dollars a day for this. This is like a hotel from the 1800s
  • I need one of them blanket sized bandanas for my neck.
  • Quick Draw McGraw just shot his mirror.
  • These robots looked bored…did you forget to program in some joy?
  • What will it be… Whiskey… it is going to be Whiskey…we only got Whiskey.
  • How many of these people are guests and how many are robots. It don’t matter…the hell it don’t…no way to get hurt her…unless you drink the whiskey.
  • Yul Looking at me? Sloppy with your drink. Get this boy a bib. Old west Smack Talk. He needs his momma. Who programed this?
  • Gun… Gun… hide!
  • Welp…take me back to tech support…I done got shot again.
  • The Brimstone Kid.
  • The gun has a sensing device…won’t fire at anything with a temperature.
  • You go to Westworld to satisfy your blood thirst…then Medieval for food and then Rome for the booty.
  • Look at my hands bitch…I’m a robutt
  • The only thing that can hurt you in Westworld is the Whisky and Second hand smoke.
  • hey…are those 2 girls machines?
  • Do you want to fight bank robbers or diddle the robutts
  • I am the saddest robot of them all.
  • Stray bullets are not a problem.
  • I haven’t ever had an uh…well…a …uh…robutt lady. I feel funny…in my crotch area…
  • Maybe love by the sounds of the gun shots and bullet zings…zing.
  • Uhh…can I get a robot pregnant? I think I got a robot pregnant. I ain’t paying robot support.
  • Machines are the servant of man…
  • Randy…this place is really fun.
  • Who us? We are just the creepy guys who come at night and pick up all the robots you f’ed and destroyed…and this horse. Beep Beep.
  • I work on the robot reassembly line down at Westworld.
  • We can rebuild them. Stronger…better.
  • Hey this robot was shot then raped. I think it is the gyro unit.
  • Balance servo…yep..she fell over again.
  • Central Malfunction… another one?
  • cats…dogs…horses…humans
  • 6 weeks ago … Roman world is where it started. Dangit Roman world…you gave us all the Robot Flu.
  • We made them…but we don’t know exactly how they work.
  • It’s a unix system!
  • ….and activate water fountain.
  • umm…I think this robot was returned to the wrong room.
  • 2 bit bath.
  • Stick ’em up half shaven man…I’m here for revenge. Yul is part of the new nemesis upgrade.
  • Kicking down a door in a towel…is that a good idea.
  • Is this how I am spending my vacation? Sitting in a jail cell all day…1000 dollars a day for this.
  • Hello Sheriff…Pocahontas Grub Hub.
  • The workers at Westworld are thinking…shit…he blew a hole in the side of the prison? shit.
  • I would like to meet the king.
  • Left eye on the Black Knight is weak. See you tomorrow dummy.
  • I wanna be sheriff !!! No.. ok
  • Ok…take the 3 wheeler and go pick up the durn snake…it bit a guest..that ain’t supposed to happen…well he missed..that is on him. That is one full looking snake.
  • Ok ok…enough poking it with tiny little screws…lets call it. Central Mechanism Flu
  • We can ensure their safety…everything is fine…everything…is…fine…see…I said it twice..it is true now.
  • What is this B Story at the Castle
  • …Alright..let’s start the fight…yeee haaa.
  • I guess cards are over.
  • I would say getting punched by a robot would probably hurt.
  • Poor Yul can hardly get a word out before getting shot.
  • My Lord…Daffany…Me Lord…slap… she is resist his come’ons…must have to do with her crotch sensing processor.
  • well that is going to be a lawsuit.
  • Then cut the robot power.
  • Shut it all down.
  • Hey…that hurt…I’m shot. John…you kissing the dirt for a reason?
  • Yul doesn’t do much of a mosey and that makes it even scarier.
  • He got them shiny pixelated eyes. and a horse in an alley.
  • Some will run down in an hour…some can go a full 12.
  • Uh oh…we turned off our main power and we can’t get it back on.
  • Crichton loves his themes parks gone rogue don’t he.
  • Man. Jurassic Park is just this movie.
  • Don’t move…his vision is based on pixels.
  • Is this the first time we saw “bad guy vision” pixels?
  • We are stuck in the control room because we can’t reactive the power…somebody has to go out there.
  • My 3 wheeler is 2 wheeling.
  • Don’t shoot me…Let me see your hands.
  • Look everything is broken down … the machines have gone crazy ..
  • model 404 406…he has all the sensory equipment.
  • Acid for his eyes…Noise for his hearing… you haven’t got a chance. He will always be one step ahead of you…like in chess.
  • Leaving Westworld and right into Roman World…which we haven’t seen a lot of.
  • Dead lady…dead lady… dead lady…oh…dead dude…and flower pot!
  • This music is thwacking.
  • They expired…too damn hot…well that is dumb…why would you have doors that could only open when powered for existing…apparently there are no fire marshal in the future…maybe they need a fire sheriff.
  • oh..look free robots!
  • hey…I found the acid! I needed acid and I found the acid. Sweet…the guy he said.
  • Nemesis system activated. oh great…now he is running.
  • What is his vision… like 120p tops.
  • I’m a robot…wait…robots don’t sweat!!
  • no no…let’s give this acid a minute to see if it works… I’m free…EYE WASH STATION SUCKA
  • scratchy fiddle…scratchy fiddle… plucky fiddle…plucky fiddle.
  • The queen is dead? Long live the King!!
  • Still walking with my thumbs in my belt loops…
  • Heat seeking vision…FIRE!! PRETTY Is this guy fire shaped….
  • Get this guy a bib.
  • I am not programmed to love…or stop drop and roll. Look at my hands!
  • Help me…you better be checking them hands.
  • No Water…I am robot…no water…thanks for helping moron.
  • I am burnt bot…love me!! I have no face! I am a monster! and now I smolder.
  • Best…vacation ever!
  • See your travel agent…a vacation for you…you…you…you….
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