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The Transporter 2002


oh hi,

This week on Filmsack we get tied up to one of them rolly office chairs and make our escape in the back seat of a well placed Mercedes Benz ads and are transported back to 2002 where we get treated to a Sexy Shirtless Statham. Not once. Not twice…but thrice as nice…oh hold one second…someone is at the door. Just going to use my peephole to sus out the situation…OMG it’s a Sexy Shirtless Statham’s special delivery karate kick to the face! Well come on in you oily beast!

Anywho, This time time around we got some rules. 1 – the deal is the deal. 2 – no names and 3 – never look in the package … unless you do … in which case you should give the package a sip of refreshing Le Orange Drink, a chance to pee and run and finally you should sleep with the package. or perhaps the package sleeps with you…whatever… the point is you slept with the package and now these rules are complicated!

Hold on…There are 4 of you….the deal was for 3. So who invited Asian Elon Musk. Randy?


PG-13 | 10/02/2002 (US) Action, Crime, Thriller | 1h 32m

Former Special Forces officer, Frank Martin will deliver anything to anyone for the right price, and his no-questions-asked policy puts him in high demand. But when he realizes his latest cargo is alive, it sets in motion a dangerous chain of events. The bound and gagged Lai is being smuggled to France by a shady American businessman, and Frank works to save her as his own illegal activities are uncovered by a French detective.




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The Transporter (2002) – I ask the questions. You answer the questions. Nothing more nothing less. Shirt or no shirt. But never top button shirt.


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  • I wonder if there will be Transporting in this movie?
  • Creepy Security Cam Footage Intro! Listen to those burn ins…and we hit the bass guitar…that is some slap bass on some really loose strings…
  • Classy music and a flip panel for all your BMW Transporter needs.
  • Meanwhile…early morning down at the parking garage near the beach.
  • Nice leather glove sfx
  • Policia!
  • Luc Besson up in this joint. Writing and Producing
  • Did someone call for a bank uber.
  • There are 4 of you
  • Rule 1 never change the deal. We will stop and get more gas!
  • 3 men 254 Kilos… Seat belts.
  • That increase the odds of us getting pinched. I installed special stuff on my car specific for this job. Eliminate risk. See what I mean about the shocks.
  • Groovy driving music.
  • Down the narrow alleys of beech side France..
  • If you don’t mind. I just conditioned the leather back there. Puke
  • The Cops!
  • Your gun please…shoots handle.
  • Wickity Wickitty Wack yall
  • I bet I can ball these tires and land this BMW on that empty spot on the back of that car transport truck. Wait…is that a transporter transporting a transporter…hey is that a train up ahead! Look at me…I’m trainspotting on a car transporter transporting Jason transporter…now if only he were trans.
  • You gave me too much. The Deal is the Deal. Rule number 1.
  • flips license plate at the push of a button. A number 3
  • Bread and Milk delivery.
  • Alliance Corporation… arrested . 20 Million Bonds
  • I always say the way a man treats his car.
  • French Cop has 88 stops to make… 1999 Black BMW …come up from Italy… very Mafia.
  • I like to keep it simple.
  • He is ex military.
  • Be brief. 1 bag… dimensions… be specific.
  • Rule 2 …. no names.
  • 1 stop for refreshments. Once we make a deal … no changes.
  • Transportation is a precise business.
  • I hear a flapping noise. A flat! Noooo!
  • This bag is moving!! Not my problem.
  • I can’t stop thinking about what is in my trunk!!
  • Does the package contain any organic material? Let me cut you a straw hole in you mouth hole tape. 1 stop for refreshments.
  • I got to pee…you want me to do it in your car?
  • You don’t need your mouth to pee. You have 1 minute…run pee!
  • Breaking the rules Frank…not good to break the rules.
  • Neck Rope was not a good plan.
  • Rule 3 … Never look in the package. Is that a new rule?
  • See what comes of breaking the rules. I have to kick people.
  • Run up steps…act cool…
  • Ran into a problem. Nothing serious…
  • I like that…Rules.
  • That concludes the deal.
  • Maybe a Kilo… a Mr… oh yeah I forgot… Rule 2.
  • That is a lot of refreshments. Uh oh… better grab a Orangina for the trunk folk.
  • That mofo blew up my dang car. ohhh…this ain’t going to end well for you punks.
  • I am kind of good with a gun.
  • She is pretty pro-active when it comes to escaping it.
  • I love this fight music.
  • Let me Axe you a question. I have a lot of skills…driving is just one of them.
  • I traded in my blown up Black BMW with 2 very thirsty and now very blown up motorcycle cops for a Mercedes with a lady tied to a cheap office chair. Black of course. The car that is.
  • Those poor bastards in the trunk never got their orange drink.
  • How did she get in the car with that chair?
  • Knock the wheels off my office chair.
  • You going back in the trunk!
  • C’mon Frank. you making some bad calls…don’t bring the package back to your house!
  • oh…I’m Asian so you are going to feed me noodles!?
  • I ask the questions. You answer the questions. Nothing more nothing less.
  • What kind of shit am I in? Deep shit…very deep shit.
  • I got tape face.
  • I am kind of seeing why she was in trouble. She is a nosy one.
  • I didn’t know if you like coffee or tea…so I made both.
  • I like it quiet in the morning.
  • I am the new cook.
  • This cop is all about the cars…and the Germans!
  • You were supposed to think last night.
  • Awww…he didn’t deflect the rocket with the coffee tray like in the trailer! Lies!
  • Happy face rocket
  • Geez man…how far down the road had the cop gotten. Surely he must have heard all of that.
  • welcome to my watery escape hole.
  • Frank…is this your house…Simple Little Rule…simple little rule. Don’t open the package nothing but trouble if I open the package.
  • I don’t like it when things get complicated.
  • Lets make the sexy time.
  • That is the point of a romantic swim.
  • Who would want you this dead.
  • You are always complaining. Except when we make love and you say nothing.
  • She is nothing but trouble.
  • The top button. Never go top button.
  • He thinks you are dead. You have a free pass to start over.
  • There are 400 people dying in a container…my father…my sister.
  • She is quite the manipulator.
  • Mr. Transporter
  • Oh poor Frank
  • Lias is her name.
  • The Chinese Elon Musk Lai daddy.
  • Send in Leo. I need him to wrap something up.
  • Only 395 people made it out alive.
  • I’ll expect you down in my office to take your statements.
  • I need fresh Frank. For once I need the truth.
  • in french we have a saying “Never believe the cook.”
  • 1 shirtless Statham…2 shirtless Statham… mu haha
  • He is a transporter…of small neat packages. His foe…a transporter of large sloppy packages.
  • I googled “how many people can you fit in a shipping container.” I’ll see you guys on the other side.
  • Jason Statham is very Spiderman.
  • 3 shirtless Statham
  • Always leave at least 1 alive to tell the story.
  • Oily Statham is slick. Bicycle cleats!
  • Apparently those guys did not get the memo about not killing the Transporter.
  • Suck the oxygen right out of that dead guy. GROSS
  • There is only 1 way to watch this movie…loud.
  • I’m not a tourist.
  • Even the Transport trucks are Mercedes?
  • There are 2 containers.
  • How did Asian Elon Musk get there so fast.
  • I found your daughter in a bag.
  • I guess she won’t be coming around after all.
  • She finally did it…she finally killed her daddy…just Kylo. He was a bastard…but he was still my father.
  • All those people in the back of that container get tossed about while The Transporter is driving like a nut!
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