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The Towering Inferno (1974)


Oh hi,

Oh man, you guys won’t believe all the vintage crap I found at an estate sale over the weekend after the little old lady down the street passed away. Let’s see. I got pack of Virginia Slims, $140 dollars worth of vulgar underwear, One of them old school corded phones with 9 foot of curly cord and my best find; a case of Newman’s Own salad dressing from 1989. Oh man that was good year for Salad Dressing…. and vulgar underwear!

Anywho, I’m exhausted after all that shopping so I’m still in bed this morning. Right now I’m in my vulgar underwear smoking Virginia Slims and guzzling down Newman’s Own salad dressing. Sacrifices were made on the old grocery shopping this week. Corners were cut! Also, good thing this is an audio only podcast or you guys might see some Dunaway Thigh. hahaha

ahh, crap…spilt my Newman’s Own…no worries… I will just clean up with these old rags I have lying around and toss them into that pile of oily rags on the floor. Better get rid of this cigarette too. Toss.

Alright, so…This week on Filmsack we take the scenic elevator all the way up to the Promenade Room to sack the classic….(sniff sniff) hey do you guys smell something? It smells like smoke. Probably nothing. Where was I…oh yeah…we take the scenic elevator all the way…(sniff sniff) that is definitely smoke. OH NO! My rag pile!

Randy, Randy, fetch me my 9 foot “cor-ded phone so I can call Paul New-mon! Save meeeee! or call Steve McQueen to save me! Oh no the 89! Randy


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The Towering Inferno (1974) – Like 140 dollars of vulgar underwear. I only needed 15 minutes but we got over 165. Oh good the Navy is here.


  • 2 hours and 44 minutes! Did Zach Snyder cut this!?
  • This music is epic. What is this helicopter up to?! That had to be a pretty new Helicopter in 1974.
  • Duncan has their own helicopter? “We got to get these donuts to the people!”
  • -Note To those who give their lives so that others might live–
    to the Fire Fighters of the World —
    this picture is gratefully dedicated.
  • Skyscraper of fire!
  • He seems pleased as punch to be approaching the city in his Helio-chopper.
  • Yeah Jurassic Park totally stole this movie’s vibe.
  • You know there is an old saying that, uh, “No matter how hot it gets up there during the day, there’s not….(Chorus) A damn thing to do at night.”
  • Urban Renewal program. 1974
  • Floor 79!
  • Doug is a busy man! But not too busy for Looooooove
  • Doug has 140 dollars of vulgar underwear!
  • This movie is 2 hours and 44 minutes because they have to count out the change. 25…30…50…OMG!
  • Dude! I want some of those headphones with the telescoping antennas.
  • Mommy is deaf and daddy is dead…mom don’t party no more.
  • Would someone get those G12’s already!
  • Uh oh. They let the smoke out.
  • 81st and above is residential…unless you have an office with a suite!
  • That is some angry electronics
  • The Juice is loose!
  • naked Dunaway Thigh.
  • “Give me a pair of dikes.”
  • It is Number 2 with a giant pair of scissors.
  • Uh oh…Son-In-Law of Mr. Duncan did the wiring contract!
  • “Fire…in this building!!”
  • Delay that party for a month!
  • Oil soaked rags on a table under faulty wiring box with faulting wiring under a high volume air vent. Woooosh.
  • Everybody is mixing business with pleasure.
  • The house band suuucks!
  • Burnt Gibbins..Stop Drop and Roll! Did they not know that in 74? Use the ugly drapes!
  • I ain’t worried about no fire in a utility closet on 81! Now get on your smoking jacket and get up here.
  • The Glass Tower!
  • Sprinklers are not working on 81. Why not?
  • Keep the plans on 79….
  • 7th floor is high as firefighters can fight fires.
  • Uh oh. He promised dinner would not be delayed.
  • Is Fred Astaire legit trader or is he a grifter?
  • uh oh…that fire done blew up
  • They saved millions on the budget but at what cost! what cost!
  • We are going down down the scenic elevators
  • Too late…we already got goobers going down the service elevators!
  • Pull down that ceiling before it falls down. Right Cappy!
  • If this movie has taught me anything…it is that humans in 1974 are very flammable
  • Wagner doing it with his secretary and ignoring the phone.
  • You make love to a girl and there is no visible marks?
  • Only 12 at a time in the scenic elevator
  • Duuude. Don’t open the door.
  • Good thing Robert Wagner is wearing his smoking jacket.
  • Who switches off the phone going out! Phones used to suck!
  • She always wanted to die in bed. You know you don’t have to sit in bed. and burn.
  • He used to run 100 in 10 flat.
  • Dan is on fire!!! That is a pretty damn cool scene with him running and burning
  • Oh…I don’t think he is going to make it.
  • There is a lot of naked lady thigh in this movie
  • Oh man…never want to make that decision. Burn or jump.
  • That is one sweaty juice.
  • My sister! Where’s Angela?!
  • Phew. He saved the kitty!
  • Oh wow…Paul Newman with that upper body strength! I bet that is how he makes his dressing!
  • Uh…did they not turn off the gas lines? morons
  • 81st floor. Shopping, Vulgar underwear, Secretary Gifts and FIRE TO THE FACE! Don’t worry we will hose you down and put you out with some of these vulgar drapes. You dead.
  • This building is made out of fire and explosions
  • I don’t want anymore boomers telling me I stay on my phone too much after seeing this movie. Always on the phone!
  • Navy is always here to help.
  • We will just trot right upstairs…79 floors of trotting.
  • 135 (promenade!) Fire Door is blocked by a mixing wheelbarrow of concrete! Stupid subcontractors!
  • Billy…these ladies are your problem now…Out! Ceiling man!
  • “I’m gonna fall…I know I’ll fall.” Then you go first…so you don’t take none of us with you…”me and my stupid mouth.”
  • The rookie made it! Just like in training! He dead
  • Freight Elevator on 60
  • Shadow puppets with the kids
  • Roger is a dick. Stupid Alan Quartermain
  • The bartender is from Sanford and Son? Julio
  • Roger is a lush!
  • She’s on to you. There is no Anaheim Power. He is a con man with a heart of gold. That is his real value
  • That helicopter was a big ole fail….Here…let me throw some helicopter gas on this fire.
  • I won the “get the hell out of this inferno” lottery. Copter go bad. Fine…I will take the freefall elevator.
  • Ain’t that old couple from the Poseidon Adventure?
  • We need another woman! No…not you Quartermain.
  • Uh…they could have done better with communicating about that main line being shot into the room.
  • This fire for sure does not want that particular group of people to escape. Scenic Elevator
  • I would say about 11. He says 12 people in that elevator
  • Flaker! Flaker!
  • I love the “I can’t” I’m doing it lady.
  • Paul Newman’s son did not inherit his daddy’s upper body strength
  • As if lowering an elevator by copter wasn’t stressful enough…let’s hang the rookie off the side.
  • do I get back down? Ohhh shit.
  • What number are you?
  • Water Tanks 2 floors above
  • Get off! This is my chair!!
  • uh oh…the Senator didn’t make it. and there goes Alan Quartermain.
  • Carlos wants to tie himself up to the 29
  • I love how they didn’t even cut to the Dad when the son-in-law took his death dive.
  • They need more of those Asbestos suits.
  • 5 minutes to go.
  • Paul Newman and Steve McQueen have similar eyes.
  • oh shit…they really made the fire angry…
  • Some of them lost faith in the plan and untied themselves….guess they abouts to go out the window.
  • Oh no! Not Carlos! and the 29!!
  • Bobbing for Bob
  • The fire is like…RETREAT! IT IS THE WATER!
  • Hahaha! It is not lost on me that Fred Astaire is grasping a lamp post on the ground while in the “rain down” of the water tower.
  • Why didn’t they do that to begin with. They should have woken up the structural engineer a lot sooner.
  • She ded…but her cat is now yours. Sucka! You got the long con.
  • Now Mr. Duncan will be a powerful force for good against poor subcontracting.
  • Kind of a shrine to all the bullshit in the world.
  • Body count less than 200.
  • Predicts over 10,000 in one of these fire traps.
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