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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)


oh hi,

We did it Dorian. You said we couldn’t do it. Even after I stole your magic portrait and blackmailed you….You still were a Doubting Dorian weren’t you..But not anymore…We did just as I said…We fooled the League, stole Nemo’s tiny exploration pod and checked off all the evil things on our freaky little supernatural 19th century checklist. Damn It feels good to be the M. That’s short for Moriarty you know.

Say, It’s kind of cramp in this small pod Dorian. How long do we have to be in here before we reach our destination? Wow…days eh….you know what…I’m kinda of regretting that all Mongolian Beef diet we adopted. Can we pop a window? No? Alright, I can hold it.

Hey, do you hear that tapping sound? What is that? It almost sounds like Morris code. What? Morse Code? Are you sure? I’m pretty sure it is Morris code and I’m a genius…sooo…yeah I get that you are old and with age comes wisdom…I get it…but apparently not wise enough to hide your portrait of doom..

Oh my god…why does it smell like a Sweaty Scotsman Ass in here. Are you sure there are no windows…a porthole…a vent…and why is your knee touching my knee…give me some space man. What do you mean it is not your knee…of course it is your knee…who else’s knee could it be…and there goes the tapping sound again.

This is going to be one long Extra Ordinary trip of Gentlemen. Randy.


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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003) – “May this new Century Be yours son, as the old one was mine.” Meanwhile in Kenya. A witch doctor. Don’t you die on me! olo lo lo


  • Extra Ordinary
  • I think it is important to mention that : “…also promoted as LXG, is a 2003 dieselpunk superhero film” – wikipedia
  • Like 1899…it has been all single shot rifles up until now…C’mon London!
  • Steam Punk Tank Time….
  • Tank Halt…dead…blimey
  • Tank: Show me the money. Bank: Folds
  • Germans! Leave one behind to tell the rest.
  • “Not Us” says Germany…ok…it was us.
  • A whole hanger full of Hindenburg. Oh the Humanity
  • Meanwhile in Kenya
  • Oh yeah! Allan Quatermain…This place has a bunch of Quetermain…
  • Yes, of course, Nigel. You should toddle off. Toddling
  • Pack for an English Summer
  • Quartermain lost his love in Africa?
  • Meanwhile in London
  • There have been other times…
  • Found Nemo
  • New Weapons / Machines have changed the game. Race for arms.
  • 4 Days to get to Venice and Team of 6 members.
  • Abducting scientist.
  • Invisible Man is a thief…
  • one of these gentlemen is a lady
  • Pre-automobile era automobile.
  • Blessed by a witch doctor. A Hunter A Scientist. A Stealth. Experience.
  • “First meetings usually warrant introductions.”
  • Nemo: I walk a different path
  • Is Dorian immortal?
  • She is a vampire
  • The Sword of the Ocean
  • Meanwhile in Paris
  • Where did Mr. Hyde get such a large hat.
  • Her Connery is pretty good
  • Scratched by Dorian Gray?
  • Demorphing of chained Dr Jekyll is the best.
  • He stole plans from the bank Venice plans
  • 3 steering wheels
  • Sabotage!
  • Nemo worships death
  • Nina is a vampire chemist.
  • The original Suicide Squad
  • All this advance tech and still. ticking clock time bombs. Guess it fits with steampunk
  • I’m an immortal, sir, not a gazelle
  • “The Vampire Lady has us covered.” – 58:00
  • The Brave John Bull
  • His son died (son-in-law)
  • Poor training and doubt. Fear.
  • Did Dorian Gray have the gold gun from the man with the golden gun
  • Mission Impossible Umasking to reveal…the guy who set them all up.
  • She’s falling for the kid.
  • That is one dangerous looking exploration pod.
  • Surely they must know they are being directed like how they drew away Hyde
  • Did he give the Hyde potion to the vampire
  • Captain the noise came from this – Recording disc!
  • Mr. M has the painting!!
  • Misdirection fools
  • There is no League…it was a rogue…foool!
  • Growl…
  • Nemos Science. Skinner Skin Sample. Jekylls Potion. and ninas blood
  • Bomb Voyage
  • Everybody pitch in…we got a repair montage to do!
  • Meanwhile in Mongolia…beef..
  • Geez…This feels very much like The Watchmen.
  • Betrayal and into the Tundra.
  • The White Tiger indicates it is the end and time to be the most fierce.
  • Naked and invisible in the snow.
  • Nautili …. there are 8
  • buckets of hot iron into more buckets of hot iron.
  • Got to love a bad guy who enjoys shooting his automatic gun.
  • James Moriarty! Mr M
  • Dorian’s Balls were broken…but then they healed.
  • Oh no! Skinner is burnt naked…now he has to always stay invisible
  • No. Not the whole thing.
  • Don’t look at the painting…oh too late.
  • Super Hyde…Hyde 2.0 … Me on a bad day.
  • Nemo went Crazy Blade.
  • “There will be others like me….you can’t kill the future.”
  • Super Hyde go smash pop
  • Back stabbing M just gonna fly away then.
  • Can you run faster than a bullet?
  • May this new Century Be yours son, as the old one was mine.
  • Should have stayed in Africa
  • Africa will never let him die. Uh oh…either Part 2 or a Zombie Quartermain ZomieMain
  • Just gonna leave this loaded gun on your grave fo some kid to come get the gun then?
  • That witch doctor was like….Don’t die on me! Don’t you die on my Quartermain!
  • What happened in that Pod. I can’t imagine M, Dorian and a Naked Skinner could have been all that comfy. You may be invisible to the eyes…but pretty sure you are not invisible to the nose.
  • Oh hi, I’m glad you could attend the funeral of Allan Quartermain. I am Mr. Invisible and I have to tell you the story of how I almost died from holding in my farts in a tiny escape pod with another man.
  • We are going to party like it is 1899
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