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Oh hi,

Dear Blackout Diary,

Today, I saw a baby checking the mail with his chubby little baby hands. Oh Baby, what could you possibly be expecting in the mail? Baby Food samples? Gerber life insurance for your questionable high risk baby lifestyle? Meh….maybe baby was just trying to intercept a letter intended for his mom about his adult like behavior at daycare? Well…that’s too much for my brain..BLACKOUT

Oh hey Blackout Diary one more thing. Why do all dads suck? I mean I feel like I am living in a Lifetime movie of the week where all the men are either crazy, sex offenders or just plain absent. It’s messed me up bad. This morning  I tried making cereal with a knife. BLACKOUT

Alrighty, Well, I gotta go…my crazy dad is choking me out. Ohh…this is the closest to a hug I have gotten from him in years. I’ll take it! I love you too daddy. gurgle BLACKOUT!



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The Butterfly Effect (2004) – Like leaving a note on your girlfriend’s coffin that says “I’ll come back for you.”  Hey, you sure you want to leave that note for the grave diggers to find that night with no context? Blackout.


The button fly effect.

It’s a butterfly chaos theory!

I can’t write things unless…I …say …them…out…loud

13 years earlier.

Mom has her mechanic suit on…and she fixed the car…but she needs to fix those brakes!

Too dangerous for dad to come out.

Hey…your kid drew a thing…..and it disturbs us.

Evan is an awesome artist! The subject is questionable…but the execution…amazing.

“Let’s look at your brain!” – Dr. Brain

What did his dad have?

When he was a kid he read his letters in his head when he wrote them.

See what a real father is like.

Evan…I got a knife….how did I get here?

“What are you doing with that knife?”….”I was just making some cereal”

Hey…let’s take some video with Eric Stoltz. This does not look like the usual Stoltz…

What kind of stress can a 7 year old have.

If your dad seems sleepy…it’s just the drugs!

…and I’m getting choked out.

Six years later.

Dads in this movie…suuuuck….I knew dad had a blockbuster down here.

Don’t blame it on the blackouts.

What is in the box! Popcorn at the movies.

Don’t you ever bring up the mailbox again.

I am beating up this guy…but I’m thinking of you.

That kid is one bad apple.

“I’ll come back for you.” WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN? You gonna kill me?

I write notes…I write a lot of notes.

Seven Years Later….so that is 14 years later…that is in the future. We are all in the same TimeZone. So this is after. No…it was 6 years and then 7 years…so I guess that is solid.

Bad Date Evan…Bad Date

Lenny has problems…..Lenny’s room.. Evan wants to remember and Lenny wants to forget.

Holy hell…Lenny can be scary.

Blackout Journals…

FUUU…Who let’s their baby check the mail!

Evan’s roommate is a freak.

ooohh…his dad was your exact age when he tried memory regression.

I bet she stanks. Working at the diner all night…smoking.

She emancipated…and mom had a new family and not enough room

His sister killed herself?

Duuuude….do not put a note on an uncovered coffin that says “I will come back for you”…are you trying to freak out the grave guys.

I have an idea….let’s go down to the basement…yeah…never a good idea.

Evan doing the walk of shame.

Nosebleeds are for suckers.

Dude…you screwed up your life…you are all sorority and crap now.

Oh no…you killed Tommy!

They would for sure not put you in a max prison for killing someone who was trying to kill you.

When they come for you…go somewhere else in your head.

Mom…you didn’t bring my journals!! MOM…I’m in prison…

What prison is this…every single person is tougher than you.

He’s not very good at beating up anything…except his pillow.

“Hey Kids…Imagine what you want to be.” How about a murderer…also…Stigmata paper punch!

Duh…you ain’t smart if you pull your pants down

Never give Lenny a weapon with vague instructions.

Hey Lenny…can I get you anything? Like a shard?

This final form with no hands is really the best for everyone except Evan. Suck it up Evan. Here…hold this Granola bar.

So I am assuming all of his journals are gone.

Oh man…he is way too happy to find out his mom has lung cancer. Thats right…now I can fix my hands and blame it on mom’s cancer.

His dad used photo albums. Does Butterfly Effect 2 and 3 go back to the dad’s stories.

Eight Years later. In the city. So we go back 13. Forward 6. Then Forward 7. Then forward 8.

Poor Lenny….he loses a lot.

This movie should have been called “Bad Dads” Where was Lenny’s dad? Evan Dad tried to strangle his. Kayleigh and Tommy were sexual abused.

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