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Oh hi,

Hey you guys…hey have you looked outside today? The suns are almost in conjunction! and you know what that means! It’s time to sing the song of our people! Late 70s and early 80s kids join in..

Conjunction Junction what’s your Function? Hey! I can’t do it this alone ..Alright…Alone then.

Hold up…did anyone happen to catch Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler’s appearance in this week’s film? Yep he played all the Gelfling parts. Jen. that was him. Kira…also him. Whaaat. Boys don’t have wings silly! What are you?!

also, I enjoyed Bob Ross’s head as FizzGig… rolling…rolling…rolling around like a happy little tree ….that wants to bite your ankles.

Well the suns are all lined up. Time for the next intro. Alright, together then.


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The Dark Crystal (1982) – Like a Landstrider’s tongue striking at the lobster back of my childhood memories. Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare. alright, alone then.


Lord Grade

This is more Lord of the Rings than Lord of the Rings

That fat Skeksis. Never noticed him before…

1000 years ago.

The Skeksis story

Now the Mystics Story. There are only 10.

3 or 4 arms?

There is a balance in the force.

Gelfling – Jen. The Journey of Jen!

Before the 3 suns merge?

Augra! Give us the shard! Follow the greatest sun.

The Skeksis live on a power sub station

Stop making that mmmm…noise ya freak,,,mmmmm…mmm…Lord Chamberlain. M

Mine!….Mine!!! Emperor no die…..he died.

Mystics just sparkle out. Skeksis decay to dust. Heck…they even send the mystics his shit in the afterlife. The greedy Skeksis gets nothing.

“I can’t do it alone…Alright…Alone then.” – Jen

Trial by stone!!

Well…the general did it….but I got to say…that stone looked it it had already seen some good whacks.

Shame…Shame…Shame Chamberlain.

The Crystal Calls. Ahhh…they Skeksis thought they had killed all of the Gelflings. Not so.

Steven Tyler grew up to be a Geflfling.

Augra is missing an eye….Do you suppose she lost it by holding it in her hand to peek around corners?

I want a Fizzgig

Gelflings can share memories with a touch.

In the shapes of kindness.

Sent the crabs…check…send the bats

Oh you hurt your arm…let me rub some moss on it

oh master…nothing is simple anymore.

wait..please make peace

I want a landstrider

“alright, together then.” – Jen

Kira can talk to all the creature of Thra

Come on Podling…look into the great shaft of the castle….feel the power of the dark crystal.

You are very lucky…only the emperor can drink your essence.

Liar…Slave Squeezer.

They locked Aughra up!

Kira lives with Podlngs.

Those land-striders have some kind of acid tongues.

Wings! I don’t have wings!

yes…this face shaped hole must be an entrance into the castle.

It’s almost time for the Conjunction Function .. Conjunction Function

Durn Garthims

This castle is built on a lava tube!

So you can look at the crystal….just don’t look up the crystal’s skirt.

Rolling rats…a lot of rolling furries in this movie

Kira didn’t even get to watch the Crystal Show!

Heal the crystal Jen!

cool cool…the podlings got their essence back. Does that mean so does Kira? Cuase she was looking rough.

Got to save the FIzzGig

They turned into the thing.

The Two made one.

We give you the Crystal Of Truth? Make it’s world your light?

You weren’t even of Thra!

Dude…do you even Thra.

I really enjoyed the head of Bob Ross as FizzGig



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