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Oh hi,

and welcome to the Skyline Help Line Hot Line where you have questions and we have…..hey is that dog wearing a sweater vest?!

How may I help you today?

Why are the aliens here? Oh the answer to that is easy…Say, what exactly does Terry T-Money Scrubs do for a living? I mean sure…he’s rich and famous…but what does he do…besides his assistants.

You still have questions. Ok. I’m here for you.

Why are the aliens stealing our brains? Excellent question. Hey, what’s the deal with that  Concierge. How come he is the only one who seems to have his crap together? Except when it comes to lighting fancy rich people cigarette lighters. He should have brought his Zippo!

Nailed it. Next!

Why is the movie called Skyline? Listen kid. Go away. You’re bothering me. After this crap job I have to head over to the brain processing plant and put brains in alien mechs for 12 hours. Hey look…pretty lights…..oooooooh….



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Skyline (2010) – Hey…let me Axe you a question: “is this movie like aliens impregnating your city skyline with brain abducting aliens for lord knows what.” too many questions!


We are impregnating your city like you did to your girlfriend Jared…wake up

Meanwhile on Delta.

J-Rock & T-Money

No Business on my birthday

What does he do in showbizness that makes you sweaty?

Jared is a painter….Terry is….

It’s LA…it’s an earthquake

How long between 4am and sunrise! A quick walk up to the roof.

Dude…you didn’t hold the door?

Don’t look at the skyline

It’s a people sucker! Hoover’d

Are they pushing on the pull door. No Elaine! Don’t look

Just our luck…the world is in danger and all we have to save us is this group.

Don’t look at the light…it will control you.

He’s infected! He has the skyline!

Old man Walt and his dog

Walt saw the people in the sky.

Dang Walt Dog and his little Walt dog jacket.

Uh oh…she found your pics with Terry.

Would 100% take the steps down in a situation over an elevator

Terry…stop shooting that little shit…also…Problem solved for Terry’s girlfriend

You can kill them!

Or maybe not…Brain eater!

haha….she is like…we are back where we started…I told you so.

Hey Jared…T-Bone is gone…I’m your new friend. Suck it Boss.

Ahh…the old Aliens can’t stay here but so long trope?

Foreshadowing…looking into the light…

Looking into the light makes you feel powerful.

uh oh…things just got real tragic…no water!

His Skyline marks look like chest hair.

That was pretty bad ass dogfight right in the middle of all this crap. Woooooo…we took down one of their ships…wooooo

It worked…we are all irradiated…but it worked… one down.

awww…c’mon…it’s putting itself back together.

Stupid self repairing alien ship.

Concierge of doubt….never takes chances…that’s why he is alive and T-Money is dead.

He’s all aliening out.

haha…their brain’s are pretty easy to axe. Let me axe your alien brain a question. many brains does this alien have!

Time to fight like a monkey man!

Love is a battlefield.

Why won’t this lighter light!?

Jared has red brain matter.

Oh Jared…you took over that alien body.

So why are the aliens here to get brains to put in the alien bodies?

Theory: This whole movie is an allegory about conception and the first trimester of pregnancy. It’s beauty, pains and unknowns.


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