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The Bourne Supremacy (2004)


Oh hi,

Come in. Sit down. What’s that? HOW did I get into your your little Russian shithole of a student apartment and WHAT am I going to do with this rolled up copy of Russian Life magazine in one hand and a toaster in the other? Well, keep on NOT sitting down and find out how I “MacGyver of Death” my way out of this situation. Spoiler, you ain’t gonna like it. Now sit down. I’m dizzy after all the running for 2 hours while being chased by a guy with whatever the opposite of a steady cam is.

Now before I drop this life altering knowledge bomb and weak ass apology on ya…can I offer you the future of currency on the streets of India. It’s Lays potato chips! and I swear by them…cause…you know…as the saying goes..Fortune favors the Lays…

Anywho, your mom didn’t kill your dad and herself. I did…there I said it..phew…Also, I made Julie Styles cry so bad in a subway closet that she never came back to the movie…oh and I killed like 50 innocent drivers on the way over here…also, when I was looking through your fridge for any fridge guns I ate all of your Beef Stroganoff and used your Vodka for something other than drinking…aaaand I’m sooorrry…man…it feels good to get that off my chest…alright…I’m out! See ya…have a good life.

Hey Randy! Play some of that Slide Straw in a McDonald’s Cup music to intensify the drama of this scene! Thanks man!



2004 ‧ Action/Thriller ‧ 1h 48m

Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is living in India when he is framed by Russian agent Kirill (Karl Urban) for the theft of millions from the CIA. Kirill begins to pursue Bourne, intending to assassinate him — but while Bourne and his girlfriend, Marie (Franka Potente), are on the run, a shot meant for him kills her instead. Vowing revenge, Bourne sets out to prove his innocence and bring the culprits to justice, but he has to evade CIA head Pamela Landry (Joan Allen), who is convinced he is guilty.




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The Bourne Supremacy (2004) – Like making Julia Styles cry in a subway closet, you just know you are going to end on an apology. #ProfileStyles


  • I thought we watched this already…no…i forget..that is the one with the French fishes
  • Music…dum dum… dum dum…
  • Sounds International? India music?
  • Flash Back in funk motion..
  • Meanwhile in India…a hot sweaty dream.
  • It is just a headache…cause that is what those reprogrammed agents do.
  • Hey…it’s that lady from the first movie! What kind of movie is this!! They keep the lady person!
  • Indian Beach.
  • Acting is reacting.
  • Conklin voice and that photograph.
  • Write it down. 2 Years of scribbling in that notebook…it has been 2 years…real time!
  • I do remember something good…all the time.
  • Meanwhile in Berlin.
  • he has a unix system…4 pane mux panes…this is way more realistic.
  • Hub…this is Hub….Director Marshall please. You are on speaker… We spent a lot of money on this guy.
  • CARL URBAN!! I don’t remember that at all. Is he good Boi or Bad Boi?
  • Mobile 1 and seller have entered the office.
  • RUSSIAN!! Prove who stole the money!!
  • He used the finger prints! He blaming others!
  • A shot in the dark. Gimmie da monies!
  • I forgot about these digitally processed night shots we used to do. Obviously it is day…but they process it to look like night.
  • He took the files…and the money!
  • Meanwhile in India…a little veggie shopping.
  • Bourne runs like he is running from something instead of running to his health.
  • She appears to be happy…he appears to have…issues. But I appreciate the continuation of the relationship.
  • Uh oh…he is taking crazy man notes.
  • Who was I?
  • Hello Lays…would you like a promo…Drinks the bottled water in India.
  • He is my friend…there has been a death in the family…you seen him?
  • Geez man…way to go incognito with the fancy German car.
  • We’re blown…how…we pushed it…we got lazy.
  • Don’t run over the poor Indian people.
  • The guy…his clothes…his car… Silver Honda.
  • Ok…so how is he able to not live in India but able to out maneuver people who have been living there for years.
  • He is a bit bossy…worst passenger seat driving ever.
  • Surprise bus!!
  • It is them…it is Treadstone!
  • Son of a bitch…they killed her? Son of a bitch…I hate you….
  • Has a car door ever not been damaged when diving into the water.
  • Underwater crying! oh man…you are in trouble Karl Urban. Big trouble.
  • Hooked into Langley now. We got a match!
  • Meanwhile…in Russia.
  • Bourne. The Files. The Fingerprints. Here is your stack of money…that’s right…fan it.
  • and now I burn you! No more you. Just me now. That was a good 2 years…out!
  • We have a fingerprint of the assassin.
  • Give me Level 5 SEX Access! You got your clearance…but a very short leash.
  • Meanwhile, Naples Italy. Straw music in a cup lid music.
  • Aborted Mission…Possible Diagnosis…Amnesia!
  • hey Ward…hey Pam.
  • Let’s cut the crap. Bourne was number 1
  • I mean if we are cutting crap.
  • Meanwhile at the CIA Substation in London…our next love interest. Congrats Styles…you have been promoted!
  • 7 years ago…money lost to Russia.
  • Negski murder file.
  • Bourne and Conklin were in league! How does that scan?
  • John Nevens…you are dead…and I can almost count on that tie being the way he kills you. I was wrong…huh. Field counselor from the Consulate
  • I don’t answer questions…I just stare at this spot on the desk.
  • He waited on the them to call…then jacked the phone…that did not go well Nevens…and he stole his car!!
  • I just woke up from a nap..who dis?
  • Nooo…I don’t want to be on the plane with Pam.
  • So dangerous…mapping and driving. Now…you gonna have one of them headaches.
  • This is not a drill soldier. This is a screwdriver.
  • meanwhile in Amsterdam…Styles! Oh shit…this guy…no thanks.
  • Depression Anger…you know…headaches…that thing.
  • Pam is dragging everybody along for the ride.
  • He kept the one picture…meh…why not…she dead…what they gonna do about it?
  • Why Naples…why now.
  • It is not a mistake…they don’t make mistakes.
  • Scary version…he is.
  • Meanwhile in Munich… some Saab
  • I emptied your fridge gun.
  • Don’t make me beat you up with a rolled up magazine…I can do it…and I will.
  • He is the only other agent left….and now there can be only 1.
  • So was he lying about calling it in? Nope…he did. Was he lying about the car in the back yard? maybe…
  • Magazine Toast go boom.
  • Got to wash the blood of my enemy off!!
  • Purple Pay phone! Time to switch lockbox bag
  • Uh oh Pamela…he knows where you live!
  • I need 90 seconds to triangulate his position.
  • You killed 2 people Bourne…in Berlin… did I?
  • Alexandra… it is easy…she is standing right next you.
  • He knows something about Neski case.
  • You are talking about this stuff like you read it in a book… A Bourne Book!
  • He set up a Protest march? nooo…he saw those flyers earlier and he can read German…I can not. Smart.
  • She’s getting into the tram. I don’t think he is on the tram. he’s on the tram.
  • Loose lips Styles. man…she spills all the beans.
  • This ends now…
  • Your first job was Genevia! No…Berlin.
  • You are in a big puddle of shit and you don’t have the shoes for it.
  • Bourne is like…so I have to run from your guys and solve your mysteries as well?
  • Neski and wife…dead…
  • Brekner!
  • oh kid…you are so dead…damnit…so is he involved or does he just want Bourne dead?
  • Hotel Breckner
  • This is an off the books project..
  • 644…I said 645…oh..sorry…wasn’t listening again…just dreaming away in my wonky dream world.
  • ha! That faxed photo of Bourne…how the hell could they tell anything from that?
  • Bourne doesn’t make mistakes…except when he does.
  • What was the needle for? Uh oh…they had a daughter.
  • That was his final training exercise.
  • Good thing he is in 645 and not 644
  • more straw and cup top music.
  • Good luck catching me! I run on the beach everyday like I stole a ham!
  • I travel by trash barge!
  • I am the troll under your bridge. with the gimpy leg…and back to my train ride…which is where I was going to begin with.
  • What is the opposite of Steady Cam? oh…this movie.
  • meanwhile at the Hotel Brecker.
  • This guy is at least partially pulling the strings.
  • He is working with Urie? They both got rich. Files linking me to Neskie murder.
  • You killed Marie…I told you people to leave me alone.
  • It is how every story ends…
  • He recorded you saying the thing. Now you screwed.
  • I am a patriot…I’m not sorry…kilt himself.
  • ok…no reason to continue to pursue Bourne now right.
  • meanwhile on the train to Moscow. An international incident.
  • In Russian Club…Dancer pays you to dance.
  • You told me I had a month off….and you told me Jason Bourne was dead…soooo…get out of your mid morning strip club and put up the Vodka.
  • He is still limping.
  • Rubles or dollars….the streets have ears man.
  • Stupid rat finks ratting on Bourne
  • Here are dollars…wait here.
  • The Neski Girl…she moved to the city.
  • I think your Taxi guy is a runner.
  • He isn’t there to seek revenge? He is there to seek forgiveness?
  • Karl Urban is a lucky mofo. Always at the right place. Secret Service!
  • now he has a bum leg and a shot arm.
  • Walk normal…walk normal.
  • He does a lot with magazine technology.
  • Vodka spit….I am the chameleon!
  • Karl Urban is the slow moving monster of this movie that always catches up.
  • Here…drink this bullet hole…it is Russian Vodka. mmmm…yummy.
  • Wounded Bourne may be the most dangerous Bourne.
  • We have already established that Karl Urban is the better and luckier driver.
  • If I have learned anything…it is that Russian Taxi is toughest taxi.
  • Smash Urban! That is how Princess Diana died!
  • oh good…she speaks English!
  • She has a picture as are the same!!
  • I had to change my plan…that never works out.
  • I’m sorry I killed your parents. Oh yeah…by the way…I ain’t going to kill you…also, I got a lot more places to visit. I killed a lot of people…including a bunch of people on the highway…I’M SOOOORRY.
  • Meanwhile…New York.
  • I hear you are still looking for me…what do you want?
  • is this an official apology? the record.
  • David Webb…dat your real name.
  • Knowledge…it changes everything.
  • Get some rest Pam…you look tired.
  • You better bet I am watching you if I am talking to you on the phone.
  • World Traveler Jason “David Webb” Bourne.
The Bourne Supremacy (2004)
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