The Bourne Identity (2002) – Filmsack Show Notes

PG-13 | Action/Thriller | 1h 59m

The story of a man (Matt Damon), salvaged, near death, from the ocean by an Italian fishing boat. When he recuperates, the man suffers from total amnesia, without identity or background… except for a range of extraordinary talents in fighting, linguistic skills and self-defense that speak of a dangerous past. He sets out on a desperate search-assisted by the initially rebellious Marie (Franka Potente) – to discover who he really is, and why he’s being lethally pursued by assassins.


Oh hi,

This week on Filmsack we (shh .. dramatic pause) Meanwhile, in the Mediterranean Sea on a boat full of Italian Fishermen; a game of poker and ME! passed out topless on a table that is probably used for gutting fish (gross) … it is seal team “who is me?”

Wait…who am I? and why does everything smell like fish!? and can I get a ratty sea sweater to cover my shame and my 2 bullet hole riddled back (tis but a flesh wound) and can I have a job doing pull ups on the boat deck and spending hours looking into a mirror asking the questions “who am I … and … why am I so damn ruggedly handsome and why do I have this burning desire to climb walls like some Spider Damon. Spider Matt…damnit…” Spider Matt…Spider Matt…does whatever a ….

Oh no! I’m having a total recall! Now I ‘member…there was a guy on a Yatch with a bunch of Lil yachty’es and I couldn’t shoot him because that would make me bad.. ok … and now, as I run away, he is throwing bullets at me .. because that is the only way I can explain these skin deep bullets wounds. Oh no…I’m feeling faint.

Randy! Stop poking around on my hip skin looking for my capsule sized 2 factor authentication swiss bank account device that I have in case I get amnesia! oh…good. I’m glad I planned for that.




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The Bourne Identity (2002) – Like 20 thousand dollars for a ride to Paris. I want my money back. #NotInFrontOfTheLilYachty’es


  • Who’s Jason you say and you smile in that special way.
  • Man overboard!
  • Meanwhile in the Mediterranean Sea on a fishing boat full of Italian Fishermen… Poker!
  • Seal Team One
  • ouch…them bullets were flesh wounds.
  • Hey…don’t take my secret back of head capsule sized projector! I put that there for a reason.
  • Who are you…what’s your name?
  • Oh god…passed out.
  • Meanwhile, Langley.
  • It has been confirmed sir…mission failed.
  • I don’t know who I am …am I a fisherman? Do I do pull-ups for a living?
  • Bullet-hole Back!
  • I just found the rope and I did it.
  • 2 weeks on a boat with smelly Italian fishers and I don’t even have a name.
  • It is not much…but it should get you to Switzerland…you earned it…well…sorta.
  • I can’t get dry…this movie is so wet.
  • Put me back in power or I will tell everyone!
  • Are you asking me a direct question? I didn’t think you were ever going to do that?
  • Meanwhile at the Swiss Bank…it is still wet cold and dank and he has to smell like fish and regret.
  • This is like that bank in Harry Potter…oh Harry…you’ve ruined everything.
  • Bio-metrics scanner…can you please wash that off first…I don’t want to hold the hand of the previous guy.
  • Sweet…I got stuff in a thing behind a curtain.
  • My name is Jason Bourne…I live in Paris and I am an Officer…oh…and I wear contacts and apparently have a gun, passports and money!
  • Wait…maybe my name is not Jason Bourne…maybe it is one of these… Michael Kane!
  • Money Money Money… no more sleeping on the street!
  • The safe troll is watching…always watching.
  • yes please…please connect me to my home phone…thanks.
  • This movie makes me nervous. Good job.
  • Meanwhile at the American Embassy…Base! Sanctuary!!
  • You…the red bag…right there…red bag…put your hands up…time to kick some ass.
  • Oh hi…just talking on the phone here…NUT PUNCH!
  • Going up…nooo the red bag…going down.
  • Spider Man…Spider Man…Jason Bourne like a spider can.
  • We have a source at the bank.
  • Wait…how does she not recognize him as the guy in the Embassy..
  • I want Bourne in a body bag by sun down. Activate them all! Do it…
  • Beepers…beepers…flip phones and mopeds.
  • I need a bag with passports…large sums of banded money I can fan and passports. yeah!
  • Give me back my money.
  • He has a headache…keep nervous talking.
  • Who pays 20 thousand dollars for a ride to Paris.
  • Amnesia…you have the Soap Opera disease?
  • Is it a game. A warning. A Threat
  • Adjust. Enhance.
  • That is some 2002 image load times on that PC
  • It was in his hip…not his head…bank account in his hip.
  • How could I forget about you. You are the only person I know.
  • The director don’t like her.
  • He is 3 weeks in that outfit.
  • This boring ass white place is your? I believe it Smurfette.
  • Everything is white…cept my black phone. REDIAL!
  • When she said “Use your bathroom” She meant… USE THE BATHROOM
  • Accident on the motorway. Mr. Kane… John Michael Kane.”
  • His brother came.
  • Jason…no hot water.
  • I’ll see if I can get it hot.
  • There is a guy outside your window…
  • Fool…you brought a knuckle knife to a pen fight. Dead fool.
  • uh oh…you broke Marie. Nooo…they killed the house lady.
  • Should I stay or should I go?!
  • Ahh…the worthless bag of money…he hasn’t purchased anything except Marie’s affection and a ride to Paris.
  • I told you to stay in the car.
  • They are going to believe you…the cops are going to believe you…with the alcohol on your breath.
  • I’m just trying to do the right thing … nobody does the right thing.
  • Paris has a lot of cops….like a lot a lot.
  • The tires felt a little splashy on the way over here…you take care of this car? It pulls to the left.
  • best tiny french car chase since The French Connection?
  • We sure have seen a lot of mini racing this past month.
  • sooo…we got a bump coming up…down the stairs we go.
  • Sidewalk driving!
  • Everything is wet…this whole movie has been wet on wet.
  • How you gonna stop a car on a motorcycle? I mean it is great for keeping up..
  • No motorcycle cops were harmed in the making of this movie.
  • You can never come back to this car. You got a hat and a scarf?
  • Meanwhile at the Morgue.
  • I wear jackets…but I only with the sleeves on the outside.
  • Wait…what was he feeling for? This is not him.
  • Where is Wombosi!!
  • I am not staffed for this.
  • Wow! What a difference a little hair color makes! Oh…wait…there is more…a kitchen scissor cut by Matt Damon…you are going to look fabulous! Not too late to give back that 10k dollars…
  • Sexy time…sorry…I’m not into short haired ladies…oh wait…maybe I am. Are you into manly pit hair dudes? or do you want to take the kitchen scissors to that as well?
  • He is the cleaner…he likes to wipe the whole place down. They better wipe down that bed! Sexy time!
  • Da Want War…Da Better Kill Me In My Sleep. We! No. You!
  • Well that is the end of that story line. NOOOOOO. I could hear his yell across the street.
  • All the CIA body language clues.
  • Number of steps to the center of room. Head count. Staff. Security.
  • I just got records…you just asked for it. All that planning…she is like…but I’m pretty. He smiled at me.
  • He is programmed..he will need to be reprogrammed.
  • Operation Treadstone, a CIA black ops program
  • Morticians are easy to bribe….a little more grease for the wheel.
  • John Michael Kane. Where is the body. Everyone signs in and out. Fine fine…I’m going to sign in.
  • Oh big man…pushing around the Morticians.
  • So many cops. I never seen so many cops. How many cops do they have.
  • He chased the man off the boat and shot him in the back. That doesn’t sound like Jason Bourne. This smells fishy…like an Italian fishing boat.
  • Wombosi
  • Clive is onto them.
  • I will take you there…and leave you.
  • What is the French word for Stakeout…huh?
  • Nikki…give me an update.
  • Why is he squeezing all those bundle of wires?
  • We will both of us burn.
  • Daryl Ray…I want to work on this girl.
  • I done told you not to call nobody! oh wait…I did tell you to call… how many times did you let it ring?
  • No thanks…I’m just going to stand at the gate and creep.
  • and that is when he came crashing into my house.
  • Marie…we got to go….Marie…we got to go. Eamon…surprise!
  • He no longer wants to know who he was.
  • Uh oh…the mutt is gone…get in the basement…right now.
  • Get out of sight and into the basement as quick as you can. Go go go kids.
  • This phone is dead
  • Clive Owen. You have been made..
  • Duck Hunting. Them tattle birds are tattling.
  • Tread stone. You get the headaches.
  • Sorry about blowing up your grill.
  • I kept 30 grand. you keep the rest of the bag.
  • Clive Owen’s bag is sad. Not like his bag.
  • Code in please.
  • Keep going until we are satisfied.
  • Paris . Pontoof . Be There. Bridge. I told you to come alone. So try this. I’m gone.
  • Get Nikki on the phone… 2 to 3 hours to clean wipe it all.
  • Spider Damon. Spider Damon…does whatever a Spider Damon can.
  • Where is your field box!
  • You move you die.
  • Are you Treadstone. A 30 million dollar weapon.
  • Stop asking me questions…I’m asking the questions.
  • You picked the boat. You picked the date. You told us when.
  • You were there 5 days.
  • Now I member…that way I’m killing this guy with the 30 kids on a Yatch. A bunch of little Yatchies.
  • It’s all starting to come back to me now.
  • I don’t want to do this anymore.
  • Jason Bourne is dead. I’m on my own side now.
  • I shoot my gun upside down if I have to.
  • Holy shit…riding that guy down…that was some crazy shit. Just going to ride this guy down to the ground floor shooting as I go. Nailed it.
  • I guess that guy was the backup plan.
  • Shut it down. Time. Done.
  • Operation Bourne…done. Treadstone…nope…done. All Theoretical.
  • Next! Blackbriar is the next place to put your money that is a covert operation.
  • Meanwhile, this amount of hair growth later.
  • This your store? Think I can rent a scooter?
  • You got I.D.? Not really.
  • Love this credits music!
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