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The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai 1984


Oh hi,

This week I sold my first screenplay to Troma Films. Yep! I’m rich! Well, I have pizza money. Now according to the Troma Film Script Naming App, that was recently banned by the US Govt, they are going to title the film “The Many Exploits of Cowboy Chop-Suey Through The Multiverse: There And Back Again 9 Times.” Bravo Troma App. Bravo

Anywho, here is the pitch I gave them:

Cowboy Chop-Suey, born to a Chinese American mother and a bowl of Pinto Beans, thus began life as she was destined to suffer it….going in no direction all at once. A mediocre neurosurgeon, this lawsuit waiting to happen, was tossed to the curb after less than stellar performance at her job.

On the streets, she loitered around China Town learning useful skills such as: finding food by digging through the garbage behind various eateries. Where she discovers a discarded notebook filled with Multiverse theories which she shows to a gathering group of curious raccoons, those disease-ridden back-alley mammals The China Town Trash Pandas.

And now, with her stolen rickshaw covered in bottle rockets lifted from a fireworks stand and ready for an escape to another reality, Cowboy Chop-Suey faces the greatest improbability of her downward spiraling life…

…while below the streets, in the sewer, a group of clowns, mounted on discarded pet alligators, peers from storm drains keeping a gleeful eye on Team Suey’s every move…

There…I made your movie worse. You are welcome!


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The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984) – You have exceeded the character limit. Oh…the deuce you say.


  • Which dimension is this?
  • B backwards B
  • 8 dimensions!!
  • Hand me my Casio…time to make some text scroll music
  • Buckaroo Banzai, born to an American mother and a Japanese father, thus began life as he was destined to live it…going in several directions at once. A brilliant neurosurgeon, this restless young man grew quickly dissatisfied with a life devoted solely to medicine. He roamed the planet studying martial arts and particle physics, collecting around him a most eccentric group of friends, those hard-rocking scientists The Hong Kong Cavaliers.
  • And now, with his astounding Jet Car ready for a bold assault on the dimension barrier, Buckaroo Banzai faces the greatest challenge of his turbulent life…
  • …while high above Earth, an alien spacecraft keeps a nervous watch on Team Banzai’s every move…
  • Interesting launch area dialogue. Sounds somewhat authentic without sounding like jabber
  • Part stuntman..part explorer.
  • It’s it hot in this bunker.
  • Brain surgery
  • Can you sing? A little. I can dance. Says Goldblum
  • 500 miles an hour Jalopy…you are gullible General…or is he
  • Ha! His “Remember Them” photo on his dashboard is of himself.
  • Rokit 88
  • Abort Phase 2! No can do!
  • Uhh…Buckaroo…I think you hit a naked inter-dimensional being with your heavily modified Chevy.
  • Oscillation over-thruster
  • Time to brush those teeth!
  • Sound Barrier and then the Dimensional Barrier…just like B backwards B said it would be.
  • We got a crazy person.
  • Hikita saw in 1938.
  • Some shock therapy to remember 1938
  • Lithgow is always entertaining to stare at.
  • His remember them is a woman and child.
  • Lithgow was not going fast enough….Now his head is full of crazy panting and anger.
  • When asked Where he went…. “Vast chasms of hissing swamp, spurts of flame, huge thunderclaps and gurgling rock formations.” – BB
  • Lithium no longer available on credit
  • Surgeon, Test Pilot, Dimensional Traveler, Rock Star
  • Excuse me…is someone out there not having a good time…somebody out there crying in the darkness…can we point it out.
  • Who cares…my name is Penny Pretty.
  • Hey don’t mean…cause remember….no matter where you go…there you are.
  • I’m going to sing this song for you Peggy….Penny.
  • Everybody got a gun.
  • Moon…no Planet 10
  • Mr. John Bigboote…Operator
  • Hot off the World Watch Wire.
  • Criminally Insane Asylums. Prison for womens.
  • Queen of the Netherlands.
  • 30 years ago…his parents died.
  • Pure evil from the 8th Dimesion! Lectroids! Alien bestowed Sight
  • Christopher Lloyd? The next year…Back to the Future
  • Oh…the deuce you say.
  • Yo Yo Dyne
  • BigBooTai
  • Its your hand!
  • Unraveling the world/dimension building in this movie is difficut.
  • Mrs. Johnson. Gear up!
  • Destroy yourself Gaunt! John Valuk is dead…he fell on his head.
  • What’s in the big pink box.
  • Blue Blazer Irregular.
  • 46 Jersey SS requests. Yo You
  • John Smallberries…all Johns
  • War of the World Connection
  • Killer Loogie!
  • Bubble Mask Viewer
  • 8th Dimension is a formless void
  • Stop John Wharfin by sunset or Nuclear War.
  • Why is there a watermelon there?
  • nooo…not Rawhide!
  • The president is in traction.
  • Truncheon Bomber…You You.
  • This situation is explosive over Jersey.
  • Black Letroid.
  • Talking to Brain Cells.
  • User more honey!
  • Nothing personal John Parker.
  • I am scared…I am barely holding my fudge here.
  • Bigbootie…activate your probes
  • Did this movie inspire They Live, Alien Nation? X-Files, Back to the Future…and more.
  • There are MonkeyBoys in the facility
  • John Emdall must die…Lord Whorfin must live…work work work
  • Bukaroo Zaps everyone.
  • Cowboy
  • The Greatest Joy
  • Slow slug of death
  • John Parker take this wheel.
  • It flys like a truck…god…what is a truck?
  • Some ugly Dune Planet looking ships.
  • Thermopod!
  • John Wharfin…destroyed.
  • Scooter saved the day! Ride in the Jet Car.
  • She ded. She charged.
  • So What. Big Deal.
  • Buckaroo Banzai against the World Crime League
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