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Oh hi,

If you are listening to this then you ARE the resistance

And as the resistance I’m going to have to ask you to be an organ donor ….because you never know when John Connor the great and angry…. may need a heart transplant in the field. Totally doable.. So be sure to check that little donor box on the form down at the DMV. If you can find it. I mean obviously, Kyle Reese couldn’t. Also, here is a tip…handbrakes… not for passengers….nope…never….one more thing…if you do find the DMV….don’t fall for the old “a kiss for your organs” trick. It’s Skynet and Skynet is a horrible kisser. Instant regret.

Speaking of Skynet. Skynet is a machine…and like all machines…. it has an off switch. Unlike Christian Bale when you walk into his sight line during a scene. Hmmm….So that is what Death Tastes like.

Bale Out!




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Terminator Salvation (2009) – and I quote “We bury our dead…but no one is coming to bury you.” Bale out.


This movie starts in 2003

My Brother and 2 cops are dead because of me.

Sell it for a kiss. Totally worth it. A kiss for a liver?

So that is what Death Tastes like….cold!

How are they going to kill him that it won’t ruin his organs?

So is the prison corporate owned by Cyndyne?

Cool cool…a death bed that goes vertical and looks like a cross.


2018!! This happened last year?

The war….we are winning.

Christian Bale on a rope.

Hey…it’s 15 years later…how is that guy still around not decayed.


damnit Connor…can’t you crash no better than that

Survivor 1

Terminator 101…appear naked…get clothes.

Resistance command…submarine!

Skynet is a machine…like all machines it has an off switch and a tickle button and belly button lint.

Your little Frogman Stunt.

You are number 1. Kyle Reese is number 2

LA Branch of the Resistance.

“If you are listening to this…you are the resistance.”

Did McG direct Rooster Video? Nope CHAINS!

We bury our dead…but no one is coming to bury you.

haha…he’s never driven before…

Probably not the best idea to pull the handbrake on a student driver.

Tire Iron Boomerang

We don’t share food and fuel

Oh man…that is a big mech

Nothing wrong with dental care after Judgement day.

You ain’t human!

My plan stopped at the Jeep

Skynet hates rock music and certain sounds.

He used all of his arm bombs

haha…ok…that is the worst CPR I have ever seen.

Marcus keeps trying to die…and they keep bringing him back.

Marcus is always giving up his organs.

also, do they even have a heart surgeon…transplants are hard…can’t just do that in the field.


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