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Reign of Fire (2002)


Oh hi,

I’m all the horrible tropes of a toxic male wrapped into a dragon. Check out my ratty appearance…how did I get holes in my wings? Who knows. but these are my comfy wings and I’m not going shopping for new ones….ever. Speaking of never leaving the house area…can you blame me…I worked through the entire last ice age and had just barely closed my eyes around 12 thousand years ago when suddenly some kid and his mom comes busting into my bedroom like they own the place. Let’s build a train Billy! You Like Trains right Billy. No Mommy! I want a Lincoln like the cool America Kids. Oh man, that really put me into a foul mood…a dragon’s lair is his castle!

Anywho, I’m up now…so I sent the wives out for some food. I’m famished. I told you about the 12 thousand year nap right? Oh look…hear comes Margaret now. What the hell is this Margaret? How am I supposed to eat Ash? I specifically said I wanted meats Margaret…and I wanted them meats rare. thought I said Rawr not rare…well what would a rawr look like…this?. You never listen Margaret? Get out here out..shoo… in fact…all of you egg Laying Leaches get out here! Rawr…oh..ok…I hear it.

Oh no…it is that time of the day when the light transitions from less dark to more dark. The magic hour…or as I call it…sucks to be a dragon hour. Dragon, I sure hope the meats don’t form an uprising and turn the tables on me. Oh look…I think that meats has an axe. Oh sure…you meats go ahead…Have your little Soiree…Personally, you disgust me. Oh hi Quinn. Have you seen my wives? You killed them all…Oh Thank You Quinn…Thank you…

Look I really wanted to hate the man dragon…but he won me over…sorry world…humans suck. Randy


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Reign of Fire (2002) – What do we do when we are awake? Keep both eyes on the screen. What do we do when we sleep? I don’t know…we are asleep. What do we do when we watch a movie? Put away our iPads and devices you wanker. ohhh good for you.


  • Foul Language! Oh so foul!
  • or was it Fowl Language!
  • Birds know shit…
  • Is he trying to avoid that guy or the Elevator?
  • Got bad news about school.
  • I ain’t been smoking…I been drinking.
  • His mom works in the hole!
  • 3 thousand pounds a year…lost his durn scholarship….ask dad…right!
  • They hit some kind of a void.
  • What brings you to the Arsehole of the world. “Just passing through”
  • Mom must be in charge of excavation.
  • Who lets a kid go in first!? to explore a void!! wicked.
  • Dripping fire and spitting! Grote…
  • Who lights a cigarette next to an underground unexplored void…well…how about some fire then.
  • This elevator needs to go faster.
  • Way to go…you woke the dragon.
  • Mum is dead.
  • I don’t want you to be afraid I want you to understand. Knowledge is the only weapon we have left…it was ignorance that destroyed us.
  • He saw the first…but soon they spawned millions…ooopsie!
  • Scientist discovered it was a species that burned the dinosaurs to dust. Who’s ash brought on ice ages.
  • Scorched the earth till they starved and went into hibernation.
  • They are starving now
  • Only one species is getting out of this alive.
  • Irony…he thought he was just passing through the arsehole…he is in it for life..that is what you get for losing your scholarship.
  • England 2020…hey that was last year!
  • He was about 20 here…the character.
  • Eddie…crazy Eddie.
  • Dig in…work together.
  • For 8 years.
  • The black knight says…join me…you killed my father…I am your father…gasp!!! Kids theater. In this reality…the sequels never happened?
  • Quinn Abercromby : What do we do when we are awake?
  • The Children : Keep both eyes on the sky.
  • Quinn Abercromby : What do we do when we sleep?
  • The Children : Keep one eye on the sky.
  • Quinn Abercromby : What do we do when we see them?
  • The Children : Dig hard, dig deep, go for shelter, and never look back.
  • Should have kept one eye on the keys.
  • They are stealing the truck and the food…those bastards!
  • How did they get so many kids…
  • Asbestos suited heroes
  • That feeling when Quinn has to put on his fire suit and save you
  • Devon!! Devon Dead.
  • So they eat ash off the vegetation? That is better than the people food?
  • Easier without kids.
  • The End asks the magazine…yes…
  • Magazine Flipping Montage!
  • 12 year old boy in 2002…makes him 32 in 2020
  • Forget the bird and use a scope you wanker.
  • Do they have different alarms for different things?
  • Loooters!
  • Extra shells…who is in charge?
  • Marauders…
  • Is he driving a Lincoln.
  • Only 1 thing worse than a dragon…Americans.
  • “If anything happens…you know what to do?” No…no I do not.
  • Van Zan!
  • We can do this easy..or we can do it real easy.
  • You seen one of these…
  • Failing light they can’t focus…the magic hour…
  • Want to touch my dragoons tooth? It’s a Lincoln!
  • Are you the Dalton boys? Coffeyville
  • He’s a Dragon Slayer…oh he’s a dragon slayer…king arthur.
  • They got a helicopter! Why didn’t you start with that.
  • Rogue Marines!!
  • Van Zan…he likes to stretch.
  • Here kid…have an apple.
  • Denton Van Zan.
  • Archangels…17 seconds is their life expectancy.
  • Jump from helicopters and nab dragons.
  • His adopted son…was 3 when he picked him up..
  • Who gets to be the bait during the jump..
  • Piscatella is toast..
  • Helicopter radar says…eeeeek dragon!
  • Alvarez met the ground…hard.
  • Quinn prefers it on a horsey
  • Van Zan…you broke the dragon.
  • Jimmy Hendrix FIRE!
  • Talk about that hooch
  • Envy the country that has heroes! I say pity the country that needs them. One dragon dead…3 men down…what you celebrating?
  • Go ahead…Have your little Soiree…Personally, you disgust me.
  • Geez debbie downer…let’s bury the dead.
  • I lead…you follow.
  • Alex is the keeper of the dead.
  • All the dragons are female.
  • 2 glands in the mouth
  • One male…for lots of females…just got to kill the one male.
  • A Railway Tunnel my mom was building.
  • A mind, a heart…a liver.
  • Eddie is always
  • “I’ll Kill Ya” “I’ll Kill Ya”
  • Volunteering time is over, time for the draft.
  • Take this bottle of iodine.
  • Dude…don’t waste the iodine!!
  • Goodbye Jared…look after yourself.
  • Oh bye helicopter.
  • He took the bird!?
  • Stubby Cigar is stubby and not so tasty.
  • Dragons hate the smell of their dead…don’t we all
  • Patchwork Bale
  • The kid didn’t go after all…wooo. Guilt trips do work.
  • mmm…Dragons make good eatings
  • Found myself an egg! Gonna make myself an omlet!
  • Is this Pembury…this looks like pembury
  • It was him. He flew over just once…ash…
  • Sneaky Dragon is sneaky…to the castle!
  • Jared is still alive! Do you have all of the children…beats me.
  • oh Creedy…you is Crusty Creedy.
  • Tell them kids to stop screaming!!
  • Time to pray! What do we do…when Creedy burns…scream and wail…what do we do when we are soaked to the bone…scream some more!
  • Quinn get the “You were right” eyes a lot.
  • Kids emerge from the rumble.
  • Taking the Thames. To the magic hour. It’s time to turn this into a revenge movie.
  • The boy dragon is a good bit bigger.
  • Quinn knows this city
  • You Lead. We follow.
  • Typical Male…never left his house even for the end of the world.
  • Quinn…Use it!!
  • It was her idea to come to London.
  • Started out with 200 men. Now it is just us 3
  • That man dragon is sporting he rattiest wings.
  • Macahnaheyheyhey. snack!
  • Quinn is a bad fighter.
  • Ok…but what about the lady dragons!
  • That can’t be the only man dragon…there has to be a man child dragon.
  • The French are calling…
  • Man dragon is dead…and the here comes the color.
  • 3 months after the last one they saw.
  • Hey, he picked up the axe…and now the Alex is in charge.
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