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Army of the Dead (2021)


oh hi,

Uh oh guys. It’s not good. I just saw the boss carrying the undead queen’s body down the Vegas Strip…^minus her head and I’m pretty sure he noticed the head thing! Ok, so here is what we are gonna do. We shamble our undead decaying bodies over to the ill kept Casino Hotel pool, taking care to not make any eye contact with the boss…especially you Bill…nobody wants to be stared at with those dried up dangly balls of yours flopping around outside the eye sockets…gross…plus…who are you even looking at…is it me? Is it Bub? Oh hi Bub..

Shh…shh…here he comes. Look natural…uhhh…uhhh….ok ok he’s gone….dude…Bub…did I hear you growling brains? Are you just trying to get us more undead….not to mention….the 80s called and they want their zombie tropes back….

anywho…man…you know you hear about decapitations but you rarely see them…and like…her whole head was gone and that is a shocking thing to see…but I got to say…I think the boss can make it work…no no…hear me out….no head…no backtalk…am I right? ohhh…so that’s the line is it…and now I’m the bad guy. Look, I’m just saying…some guys are into mermaids and that is all bottom half fish stuff and nobody judges those guys. Why can’t the boss be into headless undead ladies. Alright alright…I’m hearing it. I take it back ya bunch of dried out prudes…

Ok, it looks like the boss man is having another pool side meeting. Let’s get over there and find out….holy crap… was she pregnant?! What? Don’t look at me Bill. You know I would never touch the bosses wife….we were just friends…not to mention… my junk fell off months ago…I cried for a week…oh…you weren’t looking at me. Seriously…either get those balls clipped or shove them back into their sockets. Oh wait…he’s holding up his undead fetus like Simba in that movie Lion King….Naaaaah-sea-gain-ya Ba-Ba-Key-TBa-Ba…what it’s the circle of life? Ok..ok…now he’s headed over this way…Randy, stall him with a story about that one time you had a job cleaning pools in Vegas. I think I can climb those freight boxes with the proper motivation.


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Army of the Dead (2021) – A feel good movie about a 4th of July weekend family outing in Vegas where a father and his estranged daughter are able to reconnect during a Zombie Outbreak. Oh and there is a one eyed Zombie Tiger Named Valentine. It’s mostly the latter. #family


  • Dave Bautiiisssttta
  • Gatekeeper. This is the mothership. The 4 horsemen are on the gallop. You are a go to open the stable door. I repeat, open the stable door.
  • Vegas Baby!!
  • The horsemen have a theory on what they are hauling…
  • Newlyweds
  • Coming from Area 51
  • I sure hope that guys junk is ok…I mean…you get a driving BJ and are involved in an car accident.
  • What’s in the box!? Don’t go near the box!
  • Zombie boobs and crotch.
  • Zombie Fighters Montage and Character Photoshoot
  • Bright Intro covering all the Zombie story tropes and a beautiful celebration of gore brightly lit.
  • Door closed Bautista’s family.
  • These Zombies can’t climb over freight boxes.
  • Zombie Wars…Walled City of Las Vegas
  • On the 4th of July Holiday.
  • 200 Million with 96 hours for a heist. 50 million is yours.
  • McCarron Quarantine Zone
  • What to do with the tent town that popped up with the homeless
  • 1st sign of infection is Belligerence and temperature check. Dropping temp.
  • Creepy Rent a cop volunteer.
  • Medal of honor carries with it Survivors guilt.
  • Gather your team. A helicopter pilot and a safe cracker.
  • Zack Snyder on filmed during “The Magic Hour”
  • My job…to float old ladies in a pool. (physical therapy)
  • All oh his team has jobs. He is a cook, she is a mechanic, he is a physical therapist, a youtube star and a locksmith (safe cracker.)
  • What’s that honey? You want to go out and eat the brains…well you know I can’t let you do that…but I can stick this knife into your skull and relieve the pain…shh…there there…shhh.
  • The juxtaposition of bright colors over the backdrop of a morbid outbreak and gentle music.
  • Slow clap Mr. Naka…
  • Don’t trust this kid!
  • 32 hour window.
  • Kill them…all about the brain.
  • 2 hours to the buidling.
  • South Tower…
  • Heist Outline of how it is supposed to go.
  • Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy
  • Did you 3d print this building yourself?
  • Flipping Patties at the Lucky Boy
  • He is going to give her the entire 15 million.
  • One thing for $15 million. What 1 thing?
  • Take me with you…or I will sneak in later…and probably die
  • Shamblers can’t survive in the light…but when it rains…up we comes.
  • Got my gas pack on.
  • Zombie Tiger… One Eyed Valentine.
  • Why you want to touch my gun?
  • Make a trade! No Trade!
  • The Others…smarter…faster..organized.
  • I have a mother
  • Zombie Queen
  • Volunteers
  • Don’t go to the Olympus
  • Watcher / Sentinel Zombie
  • I got my head on a stick…
  • The Unborn Undead…that is some end of days shit right there.
  • Hibernating Zombie Limbo
  • Hey Lady…we was all just trying to take a standing up like on the subway nap.
  • Burt plays a good bad guy
  • It wasn’t the killing…it was the not caring for me.
  • His dreams are college for her and for him… a food truck with Artisan Grilled Sandwiches
  • Dieter is a screamer
  • Why would a safe have a booby trap like some Indiana Jones stuff?
  • I see you called us out…but I don’t see the offering…
  • He wanted a head of the smarty zombie
  • Hand trucking in the Zombies…
  • It’s not the meat…it’s the heat.
  • Zombie Smoosh.
  • Dropping it on the 4th would be really cool.
  • Decided to go a day early
  • 30 minutes of silence…
  • TImeline moved up a lot.
  • You done murdered his baby!
  • Tofu Truck. Tofu stuff.
  • Why is she sabotaging
  • Zombie Horse man of the Apocolypse!
  • Maestro Safe Guy
  • Hey dude…your wife ain’t got no head.
  • Uh…is that a Lion King raise up of your Zombie Baby
  • It really is them. Same shirt. Same necklace.
  • Break Dancing Zombie got skills.
  • They pulled a “Death Becomes her” on his girlfriend.
  • If Indy can survive in a fridge…then this guy can survive in a vault, probably.
  • Cash money and bullets flying…
  • End Game…pull pins
  • Dropped that zombie queen’s head like melon.
  • Is she going to be the new queen?
  • Zombie Headgear with a cape…
  • Army of the Dudes
  • Batista Taffy….mmmm
  • Don’t you leave me…ya turd.
  • Oh man…that is a good way to die Helicopter lady
  • She is calling him Dad again.
  • There has got to be lobster rolls…Everybody loves a lobster roll
  • Batista Zombie!
  • Them bullets are selective in how explody they are.
  • ha! You put the Zombie song in your Zombie movie.
  • Iroq z?
  • Oh shit…Utah.
  • Zombies on a plane!!
  • Mexico City is on our destination.

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