Point Break (1991) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh hi,

Hey! Young, Dumb and Full of Gum, who told you that you could park on my shooting range…where’s my whistle!

Oh…well hello there…you must be Kathryn Bigelow’s wet dream….I mean…I’m just saying it’s raining out here and you are fulfilling her artist dreams..

Anywho, it’s your turn to take aim at hilariously illustrated bad guys & gals here at the “Sunday Funnies Shooting Range” where it’s funny to shoot  stuff in  the head… or foot. Because everybody knows… foot trauma is the best form of humorous karma.

Ok, Sammy Idaho or Billy Arkansas or whatever your deal is…If at any point you are “looking California and feeling Minnesota” then just stop. Because at that point “break”…I have probably foreshadowed too far into the future.

C’mon…these are the 90s jokes Brah! Smile already, oh wow…4 out of 5 Dentists agree…that’s creepy…Ok…smiling…it ain’t your thing.

Now where’s my whistle! 100% sure you are going to take your shirt off in about 5 minutes if I don’t get out of here.

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Point Break (1981) – Like getting moist from all the wetness and hotness and stuff. POLITENESS COUNTS ASSHOLE.


I think I am getting moist from all the wetness and hotness.

Somebody give me my cool color palette

Humans are weird. Let me take this waxed up piece of wood and see if I can skim across the surface of the ocean. DOING IT!

I blow a whistle every time I see Gary Busey’s name as well.

“Are you whistling at me?”

Why the hell are we target practicing in the rain…it’s clean sunshine down at the beach.

If you are training to kill cartoon villains…you are ready to go.

“100% Utah! Good Job!” – Guy who looks like wet Channing Tatum

Let’s walk and talk.

I’m so healthy I take the skin off the chicken. WHILE THEY ARE ALIVE!

Crunching Data is how we solve crime.

We got us an asshole shortage.

Blue Flamer….what does that mean?

“He’s right in front of me isn’t he.”

“Two Bricks coming up!” Busey

Way too much dialogue

Why does Regan have an accent.

How many presidential jokes can you perform in 90 seconds

27 banks in 3 years…in and out in 90 seconds. No one gets shot. Solid professionals. Stick to the cash drawers. Never get greedy. Regan usually drives. The Ex Presidents. Only rob during the summer.

Who jerks off while watching MTV?

Busey has done 22 years

Let’s yell at each other for a while…You still alive in there!

We don’t drink…ok…I drink and eat donuts.

He’s 25.

“Surfing is the source” -Little dude at the surf shop

Great plan. You almost drowned.

Hey, my name is Johnny Utah….who cares!

Don’t be a creep! Watching surfer girls change on the beach.

“That is your surfing contact!!”

Indecent exposure in moving vehicle is hot?

Johnny Utah from Ohio

Why you people laughing at a dude trying to learn how to surf. jerks.

Her parents died in 84. It’s 91 in this movie.

Surfers have their own language and sign language.

this movie is really early 90s

“you are surfing!”

They call him the Bodhisattva

That surfboard looks like a 57 Chevy? Is that what you drove in Dirty Dancing?

Surfing and Football go together like…Point Break

How many people are on this beach team? and where is the end zone.

Knee folded back 90 degrees.

So many pecks and abs.

and yes…YOU BOTHER ME!

Surfing the toxic wave.

Narco Entrapment.

a huge sucker…saved your life bro

Nice Point Break

Parked by the beach sign with binoculars…seems normal.

Stay off my wave!! You dinged my board! I surf punch you…POLITENESS COUNTS ASSHOLE.

Gary Busey has breathing problems.

Nothing worse than getting beat up by some peppers.

Back off Warchild

Bohdi is like some kind of kickboxer or something.

Nazi Surfers. They only live to get radical.

Bohdi is more spiritual

State of mind. Lose yourself. Find yourself.

Surf Nazis get their asses kicked and still can’t stop being asses

There be drugs and liquor at this party!

Was that a subtle joke. “Make yourself at home. What is mine is yours.” Cause he has already slept with her. Here is your permission..subtly

Hood ornament on a freight train

The 50 year storm is coming next year. It’s a legend. Twice a century. Bell’s beach is Point Break.

You want the ultimate…you have to pay the ultimate. Foreshadowing?

Short skirt is short.

Adreline Junkies

Kamikaze look. You got it.

Time for a stealth mission. Taking down the black board for some night surfing.

That is one way to start a fire. punch a hole in the lighter fluid. Kick the fire…and spit alcohol on it.

Is Utah ready? I dun’t know.

Are you crazy enough?

Surfing is like a drug. The undercover agent who has to immerse himself in the culture. and just like drugs…after surfing you get the munchies.

Now he is happy. Time to make out! and fall asleep on the beach.

Oh man. He was late for a raid. Hot Shot.

Busey does not like for you to Tear His Skin

“You seen a little dog?” “No Dog?” His name is Scooby…which seems like something Busey would name his dog.

Utah wanted to be a dentist. Just like Hermie. Gonna use my telescoping teeth mirror to watch some freak beat his chest while listening to music in the next room over from some convenient chick in a shower by silhouette washing her hair with an arch in her back and boobies pointing north. Typical Surf Nazi house.

Buseys dog is a cockapoo..with it’s nose like this. Hey, is that the lady from the shower or do they just have a bunch of half naked ladies…cause apparently Surf Nazi’s get all the ladies who look like they star in Rock Star videos on MTV that people apparently pleasure themselves to.

Did Busey just use that Music Video Harlot as a body shield?

Nope…different lady. She was just trying to wash the toxins out of her hair…and probably surf Nazi off of her boy. gross.

Surf Nazis eat cheerios & beer and hates the cops.

Well good…Johnny might not have to worry about blowing his cover if they blast all them Surf Nazis.

Utah got beat up by a wet naked lady. again

oh…that shoe shot was vicious.  grote Red Hot Chili Toe

Hard to really blame the shower lady for anything that she does. All she knows is she is taking a shower and some home invaders are going ballistic. Oh…nevermind. She stabbed that one guy right in the FBI on the back of his jacket. In her defenses…there were a lot of spoofs of that logo during the 90s. Federal Booby Inspector.

Will Utah take Six Blades to the face? will he!

“Speak into the microphone squid brain?” Did Busey get into their stash?

Also, pretty sure you just shoot the guy and not take the chance at shooting a lawn mower and hope that it stops.

Johnny has never shot anyone.

Real Cowboys. Batman and Robin.


Agent Deets with the DEA

Who’s fault is it if the DEA does not alert the FBI to their activity.

Johnny has a lot to think about…maybe laying in the arms of someone naked will help. Can’t tell where she starts and he ends.

Time to get up…time to surf Johnny.

It’s the morning Moon! yes I like to surf and moon.  Did someone order the Surf and Moon?

What triggered Utah’s memory…he saw a guy’s white butt and thought…that looks like a ghost…or did he think…. No way would 2 people moon like that.

So let me get this straight…the big break in the investigation was recognizing that guys ass.

“he goes here…he goes there…he goes to tower records…buys some cds…he has lunch at Patrick’s Roadhouse…..’ Second reference

Busey likes Calvin and Hobbes.

Angelo likes the meatball sandwich and Calvin and Hobbes…Utah…get me 2…I wasn’t kidding about that.

Utah has Tuna on wheat

Meanwhile. Robbery

Eat the ass end of a rhino.

Lincoln? What Lincoln? Worst stake-out ever.

Uh oh…I think you just blew your cover.

We gotcha…nope

Trope: car break down during chase? I can catch them on foot.

Shouldn’t Carter be burning the gas? hmmm…I guess Reagan can use the gas pump flame thrower…attention to details…got to torch the burner car.

Regan at a Gas Station in 91 wielding a gas pump flame throwing…that is going to garner some attention…dude.

That is commitment to character running away in Reagan mask and keeping it on…the guy can’t wear a shirt for more than 5 minutes.

The suburban backyard foot chase.

haha…Pitbull to the face may be my favorite….nope Utah drop kicking the dog may be my favorite

no…not my old football injury!

Time to unload this weapon…pew pew pew.

“Go home…you look like hammered shit…go home…I’ll beep ya.” – Busey

Relax Nathaniel

It’s not about money…it’s about the human spirit!

A scorned woman. You better say yes about your parents. NOOO

You got to earn trust.

Card shuffle for parachutes.

Pretty sure you can’t just jump from an airplane and be a jumper expert.

Phew…it opened

Man. Brody is a jerk..he is gonna tie up Tyler.  BRAH

Rosie is a mechanism…he will not stop. He has a gift of blankness. Gonna gut her like a pig.

You project strength to avoid conflict. – Brody

Oh no. They are deviating from the plan. Got a headless robber and doing the vault.

This Stallone look a-like cop is going to get us all killed!

Brody doesn’t hesitate. Shooting or punching.

You can’t arrest Utah!

Busey gonna punch out the chief. Did it…respect your elders

I’m not armed…well at least not around my middle section

“There is a new thing called radar…maybe you have heard of it.” – Utah

Brody won’t back down.

Dammit kid…you got your partner killed. that is gonna be some internal conflict with a flashback in Point Break 2…nooooo

I’m cold. You are cold…cause all the blood is leaving your body…TRUTH FROM UTAH

Johnny has some anger issues…as well as compulsion issues.

Bhody and Utah got some serious issues about pulling chords.

You are one radical son of a bitch.

Utah and his bad knee.

No! Roach didn’t make it! But Roaches always survive at my house!

Time passes….hair grows….jeans get bleached

You been carrying that mask around this whole time?

Every city in Mexico. Unclaimed piece of meat…Rosie…missed you about a week in Fiji

Still surfing? Everyday? How you doing all that traveling and detective working.

Bhody got a hair cut.

Perhaps a little less surfing Utah and a little more time at the gym

C’mon…just one last surf.

Via Con Dios?

“We’ll get him when he comes back in!”

Awww…he didn’t even stand up. He dead.



and I am done…I quit!


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