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Oh hi,

ummm hi, yes…My name is Brian but my friends call me the Reluctant Rhyme Slayer. Well, they never called me that before tonight…but  on the drive over I heard it a lot. I guess I should have probably known something was up. Hey, thanks for signing me up for this guys and oh…by the way…nothing like Karaoke.

alright…so..I guess…umm…can I get a beat? Thanks. Ah yeah…that’s dope. Yo….MTV Raps

Oh before I start I would just like to thank my opponent here for going first and  for his many honest words. While they were very hurtful…. I feel like I have a great opportunity to take those observations and make some real changes in my life. First thing Monday I’m going on a diet and getting some clothes that fit.

Also, can I just say you really took that “spitting rhymes” thing to  heart. I mean I’ve never been that close to an actual rap and I was not aware how much saliva was involved. Look at me…I’m dripping over here.

Alright, so let’s get this over with…what’s that? Times up? Oh Thank God.

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8 Mile (2002) – Like kneeling before Zod even though he won’t return the favor. Eww.


I gotta mock rap in a filthy public restroom

That is a lot of graffiti in that bathroom.

Oh! do not drink the water in that bathroom!!

Duh…you threw it back up.

One man out…two guys in.

I got a stamp on my hand!!

Bouncers…am I right?

Threw up on your shoe!

So far the shooting locations are public restrooms, halls in a club and behind the dumpster in the alley.

This is a total boxer vibe.

He is spitting rhymes…and spit…a lot of spit.

Winner by cheers

Who wants to go first in a rap battle?

Oh no…they went right with the white jokes.

Bunny Rabbit is my name

Faker than a psychic with caller id   -Lil’ Tic (Proof),

You get 45 seconds to tear the other guy an asshole in rhyme.

Well the MC seems to have a relationship with Rabbit. That ain’t cool.

Hey Yo, …..

c’mon rabbit.

Choke Choke Choke… Choke the rabbit.

see ya rabbit

Variation on musical theme

meanwhile down at the trailer part

Da Fuq

Mommy was diddlin a dude

phone disconnected…I know that rabbit

Janeane broke up

Do you knock on a trailer door?

Little Caesars down in Warren

He got fired from a pizza place.

Ex-Cons and Welfare moms…he could be a  rhymer

Bob Zurowsky

That time General Zod was F’ing Batmans girlfriend. Vicki Vale

Look. You done riled up the neighbor’s dogs

Aww.. Poor Lily in the Trailer Park.

Jimmy sings as well. Triple threat!

If you are going to live here. You have to get-along with Greg.

No Milk! What the hell kind of fridge is this!!

Happy Birthday…2 weeks early…here is a piece of shit car that won’t start!

What you gonna see under that hood?  A dead battery?

Jimmy…always looking for a ride.

Winx has got you…you don’t need no shelter!


Big O…B-Rabbit. Who are these people!

Jimmy hates the bus! But it’s where he gets his rhymes…riding around town. He can’t even afford blank paper.

musical variation theme.

What you do all day? Press a giant tandem button and move metal mold to a table.

Smith…you late again today…it ain’t my fault.

Duck is like..what? that’s his thing. Duck says what.

oh man..look at them leg quarters. calves. He’s into it.

Greg and my mom met at Bingo.

Redneck rap.

Greg is only a few years older than Jimmy

Future I’m not you.

Trailer folk are always waiting on a settlement.

Pretty sure they have looped Sweet Home Alabama.

Everybody wants Jimmy’s mom

313 vs 810

Detroit vs Michighan.

We just some guys riding around and shooting people with paint guns. that ain’t a problem is it?

Shooting a cop car with a paint-ball gun. Nope. Time to dump the weed!

The city is too busy to get rid of the abandoned buildings..they building casinos.

Jimmy don’t want you talking about his car or his mom.

Where we rapping about?

Caught your choke at the shelter?

Jimmy has a thing for calves. He grabbed him by the calves.

Cheddar got a big mouth.

Chin Tiki…where the girls get freaky…apparently by the 10s

Jimmy Smith Jr. Who is his father.

I won a modeling contest! In Monopoly!

Jimmy almost died Cheddar…and now he wants to live in a burning house

Hey…it’s those guys! we should fight

why does Cheddar have a gun!

MC Bob or Cheddar Bob? which do you prefer?

Kneel before Zod. Zod will not kneel. He will not go down on Vicky Vale.

Rabbit couldn’t take the calves anymore. He had to hit that.

Cheddar Bob didn’t is asleep!! Don’t make fun of me!

Finally! The Theme song! Lose yourself!

is there anything worse to waking up to Zod sipping coffee and being a shit

You got 2 homeless kids says Greg…

Poor Lily. I can’t wait for 8 Mile part 2…8 Miler where Lily deals with all the issues she accrues in this movie.

Jimmy is fighting everyone!

Mom is Drunk in the Trailer park. Again.

Poor Lily

haha..Greg’s settlement check came in…great timing! Thursday is Bingo night…maybe Greg will be there.

Man. She likes to have the sex on desks and stuff and Jimmy likes to punch people.

3-1-3 baby

Don’t do it…don’t go to seen Janeanne

Lil sis….I need you to go inside while I get my trash handed to me.

Time to take a beating.

Free world has an odd sense of justice

haha…his mom shows the same leg ratio that his girl shows. He has mommy issues

How convenient…She won 3200 dollars at Bingo. Everybody luck is changing. Except lucky rabbit.

Who brings that kind of cash to a trailer park?


oh his going to screw it up

Why you cutting Cheddar down

B-rabbit thinks the restroom is his room

a diss rap that ends with a moon…got to be good

That Beaver shit almost killed me

Papa-doc v B-Rabbit

It’s a  minute and a half. Choke Choke!

HalfWay Crooks

So that’s it. Time to go get the bitches…nope…work

He has to leave 313…the group and the area code

Wait, is general Zod doing my mom and could Batman be my dad because she was Vicky Vale in another life and what would Superman think about all of this? Good thing he is dead. Wait don’t tell me I haven’t seen the Justice League movie yet! Spoilers!


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