Catwoman (2004) – Filmsack Show Notes


Oh, hi meow.

Midnight talent agency how may I claw your eyes out today? Purr Purr.

Oh my yes, Mrs. Berry would love to be in your movie. Meow Meow

What’s that? What are her qualifications? Meow Meow.

Well she has 10’s of minutes of experience with cats. Meow. I would even go so far as to say she is a sort of cat-spert. Meow. Why I saw her just this morning looking at cat pics on the internet. Meow. It’s Caturday after all…Meow Meow.

Excellent I’ll let her know. and yes we do accept payment in the form of cans of tuna. Purr Purr.

What’s that? Sharon Stone is also casted. Hiss. Well  then we are going to need some extra cans of tuna and a scratching post in Mrs. Berry’s dressing room. but no need for a shower in her trailer. She is going to mouth bathe herself after eating 8 cans of tuna on her bed. So sexy. Meow Meow

Alright, I got to go lick my butt for 2 hours. Talk to you later meow.

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Catwoman (2004) – Like a whole bag of sorry and a box full of cupcakes it just ain’t enough to get this tuna flavored film out of my head.


A while history of Cat People!

I knew Russia would be involved!

“It all started on the day that I died..”

Woman problems…am I right…the evil face cream corporation

George wears Prada

Who sets a work deadline at midnight. If it aint’ done by 5…it ain’t getting done.

Mousy character turns into cat. Whenever Hooman is being persecuted cat will save you Hooman.

Sure Patience.

Yay! He rescued her! My hero.

This movie keeps trying to be charming…but it ain’t

The bad guys are Cruella de Vil level

…You have been replaced.

Man Sandwich? 12 o’clock…

These actors are all too old to be acting meek

All of these fast cuts are making me sick.

You forgot to lock the top secret meeting door

Don’t ever touch my gun arm.

What a convenient door seal location.

They flushed her away…and just like any fecal problem. You just flush it away.

That is one scary cat call.

All the CG shots in this movie are so 2004

Did the cats drain the lake?

KPR…Did the cat give her one of his 9 lives? because it looks like it smells like tuna.

Alright…from here on out Mrs Berry…we are going to need you to act catlike. Can you act Catlike? BOY CAN I!

Does she need to shower anymore? or does she clean herself?

Cats land on their feet Kitty Berry

Is the Cat telling her that Men are not worth it? I’m pretty sure that is how you become the cat lady.

This cat has an address

Crazy cat lady lives in crazy cat lady house

Is she going to try to pull a Costanza and go back to work like nothing happened? I’m pretty sure you were fired

All of these girls are office horny

If cats had jobs…they would quit them.

So she tracked him down at a school function? she is detective cat lady.

Why did this turn into a Paula Abdul video?

Cats are great at b-ball

Wait…I thought George was her brother…nope…husband.

eating 8 cans of tuna on the bed not going to get you lucky.

Cats are great at confrontation.

Sorry about your door…not.

“Do you hear that? It’s silence.”

Only catwoman would have sexy as a power.

Why did she turn into Edward Scissorhands.

“Time to accessories…’

cats love to ride motorcycles…ok…the analogy is starting to fall apart.

A catseye for a cat burglar.

Catwoman is more of a WWE thing than a super hero thing…I guess she is more of a super villian

Cats have no memory.

I got a whole bag of sorry for ya…and cupcakes.

I must learn all the cat things!

Midnight is the cats name…it’s the deadline for her art…it’s the time she died?

20 years for tenure?

Embrace your duality!

This guy only works and partys in the dankest of places.

I think they are getting their cat and bsdm mixed up

What is this music doing?

You just got busted.

Handwriting analysis

She must be a black cat…everyone who crosses her path is in trouble.

Cats love to save kids!

That police officer knows how to fix ferris wheels.

How to investigate an office…sit at their desk chair and spin.

Sharon Stone is tough as she looks

The phone exchange made me laugh out loud.

What a weird exchange between catwoman and her alter ego love interest

She is tough as stone.

Lip forensics…only in a movie about makeup

Uh oh. Stone is a maniacal genius.

Dem cops must have already been on the way.

He got his woman

Gee…she so skinny she can shimmy through the bars meow.

Nice flip…then rear end.

The ultimate in vanity…standing in front of a projection of a close up of your face.

Can’t figure out if they intended to make this movie pro-women or anti-man or vice versa

Not feeling a thing is not a superpower

My cat have never told me “it’s overtime.”

oh…her face…it’s broken…and now we fall!

Sometimes I’m good. Sometimes I’m bad.





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