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DeepStar Six (1989)


Oh hi,

One sec, I just need to query the computer something real quick before we decompress this week’s movie.

Alright, let’s see… Request Procedure … Sorry guys I’m a bit of a hunt and pecker so this may take a more than a sec.. (hehe pecker) …

Request Procedure To Secure Abandoned Late 1980s era science fiction horror film set in the dark inky depths of the sea. of which there are more than 3… and enter..

…ok the computer needs more input..

Define “Abandoned”…oh good…it’s multiple choice…

A. Abandoned for Repair or Rewind.

B. Abandoned to Natural Forces and the closure of all Block Buster Videos…


C. Abandoned to Aggressive Nipple Shirting.

Yeah, listen…here is a totally random question guys…this movie that we watched this week , would you say it was a natural force? or more like an aggressive-nipple-shirt-type thing? We have to be specific. The computer wants to know! Look, I’m just checking okay. Geez. Excuse my asshole all the way to hell. Also, Nia Nipples Peeples

Hey Ibbott, I left you something in your video machine… Are we talking 1970s TV series BJ and the Bear? yes…in a word “beefy” Is it hot? Oh it is not hot. Is it wet? yeah don’t get it wet. Hey Randy, Be Kind, Rewind.


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DeepStar Six (1989) – Like an expired cO2 cartridge to the back. Once is enough. You ruined my Nipple Shirt


  • So deep it put me to sleep?
  • In DeepStar no one can hear your bra snap. Nipple Nipple slip
  • Hold that shaky cam still!! eeeeek…and now we are in the water.
  • Oh hey…did someone call for some establishing shots? Coool cool. Hey…can we get some of that tinkly music and strings over that…oh…and since we are diving…maybe we could … woooo shark…. maybe we could drop the credits like they are …. wooooo another shark… could we drop the credits like they are fish food? wooo…what is that? that ain’t no shark! Underwater Tech o’clock
  • Hey…is that one of my 2 dads and BJ?
  • Missile Platforms!!?
  • The 2nd Mate? The Captain has it made…wife…kids..
  • They have been down there for the past couple of months.
  • Oh shit…damn… he just called her….like one of the guys.
  • They are wearing each others shorts.
  • She had a stomach problem…but she slept with that guy.
  • Pile into my underwater vehicle and let’s detach and go…but what about the check list?!
  • 6 months at the bottom of the ocean…national security.
  • Underwater Bull Dozer!
  • US Navy operation.
  • The sleepy guy trope…always a guy in the party who is sleeping
  • I left you something in your video machine… Are we talking Miss September? yes…in a word “nasty” Is it hot? Oh it is hot. Is it wet? yes. Is it smooth? yes. Is it ripe? You dog
  • Living that magazine life DeepStar Six deep
  • The foreign guys are all the engineers/docs.
  • Who are the Taxi drivers then…Do they have other jobs?
  • The captain has had enough of these horny kids
  • Ahh…the warning…and then the I don’t care…do it.
  • My eggs are cold. Wait is this oatmeal?
  • Do not let that guy borrow your pen. How do you fix a garbage disposal with a pen?
  • More nipples. Nia Nipples Peeples
  • Leave me alone…I am flipping my bubble table. flip…please…flip…
  • 1963 saw odd marine life and they are dead.
  • What does he have on his back that he has to keep dry? Shoulder Rash?
  • They are overdue by 2 months.
  • Hence the pressure…get me topside!
  • The captain’s son is an artist…and a psychopath…all kid pictures in movies look like they are made by psychopaths
  • By the end of the week…the Navy is going to shut us down.
  • Fine…if you won’t listen to me…then I will just go pull on the flywheel cord until I sweat so much that I will need to take a shower.
  • Rationed shower water…I’m too much of a wuss..I would never survive.
  • Why is Tim Conway’s look-a-like eating an apple in my ear.
  • Who let the Big Mack Amish Beard and Tim Conway drive the underwater bull dozer.
  • That miniature cat almost went in that miniature hole
  • As soon as I scrape out my drawers.
  • Assholes…do you know how expensive remotes are…I am about to shit kittens.
  • ha…they could have just floated away on that transformer bulldozer flying underwater shit.
  • Big Mack is really concerned about underwear and orifices.
  • Lava Bubble…by a Lava Bubble.
  • Thousands….maybe Millions.
  • Did you lose the remote again?
  • Tim Conway don’t like caves
  • Geez…what a whiney baby…smashed his finger…fell.
  • Oh I see… when we have the captain onboard we do the checklist.
  • Henway…what..
  • ohhh…my legs…losing blood into the water. Shark bait.
  • Everybody in this movie looks like the poor man version of everybody
  • Starched Collar…shiny shoes. And my best friend Bear.
  • This movie is 100 times better with The Captain and BJ McKay and not these other shitty characters.
  • He ded. He screamed like a kid and now he ded.
  • What kind of shitty sub is this…that safety latch on the wheel crank is shit
  • F*ck….I did not care for how the captain died.
  • Why did he flood it? So they would go? WTF?
  • We got brain scanners
  • Aggressive Animal Behavior because of light.
  • She is pregnant….and that is not how that works.
  • He wasn’t sorry for pissing on their picnic at all.
  • Pardon my asshole all the way to hell.
  • not aggression asshole…it is going to blow it up.
  • with cheese…good call..with cheese.
  • Is this guy a dumbass? Secure the missiles…you mean…blow them up? noooo
  • There’s 4 warning lights.
  • I got a structural deficiency.
  • Nothing has this many button, pulleys and shit. Controlled Mayhem. I feel like they are playing a very risky game of Bop-it
  • “Welcome to ground Zero.” Shut the fuck up
  • Why are critical cooling systems so fragile?
  • Did I fix it? No…I just put goop on it…this should totally work.
  • I drive subs and take dives in bubbly dive suits.
  • Let her rip. She’s ripping in.
  • ha! Bit into Richardson like like an undersea apple. Chomp. Oh no…that monster bit off Peebles favorite part of Richardson.
  • Hey Fuck’n A
  • The cartridges expired six month ago..when they started this adventure.
  • Navy, it’s not just a job…it’s an adventure…
  • Photomigration. this thing has a hard on for lights. light means lunch.
  • OMG…how fucked up is that chest bursting CO2 shit. Snyder is a fucked up loser.
  • Submarine madness! PTSD. All that shit….Don’t let him near the Emergency exit.
  • oh man…he done made the classic blunder…we dying…marry me…shit we survived…now I have to get married.
  • Who can swim in shoes? nobody.
  • Underwater Phone…who dis?
  • I’m about the pray the prayer of the desperate.
  • Pizza Man. nope…ancient sea beast…no pizza! Don’t open that door!
  • 30 seconds to compressurize the decompressurizer
  • You big ugly sack of fish shit. Clear!
  • The Air Chamber just has a sign that says “Chamber”
  • What a big ugly sack of fish shit.
  • You dead maybe?
  • Well that was cutting it close…..from nap to running in less than a minute
  • Oh no! You almost made it…
  • So much for the light theory…seems this thing is doing shit on a revenge basis. Very intentional.
  • She wants to be the Bride of McBride and live in a McMansion and own a McDonalds Franchise.
  • Is he dead? the music says no.
  • Terrible green screening.
  • I sure hope now that they are engaged that she will stop calling him by his last name.
  • Nipple Peeples
  • Know who looks good driving a vehicle. BJ and the Bear’s own BJ McKay in a sub. and his best friend bear…who is actually a chimp..which makes me feel like a chump. Did you know Greg Evigan performed the theme song. yeah…true story.
  • Checklist?!
  • As soon as I scrape out my drawers
  • I am about to shit kittens.
  • Well Pardon my asshole all the way to hell.
  • I’m B.J. McKay and this is my best friend Bear. Who is not a bear at all but a chimp!

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