Boop Show 201 Show Notes – Greak: Memories of Azur

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Brian – It may be a bit early. But it is fall time in my head. Time to clean out all the clutter. Use it or lose it? Do I keep these retro consoles, store ’em, display ’em, or just sell ’em.
___OUT NOW___
Golf Club Wasteland (Sep 3, 2021)
DEVELOPER: Demagog Studio / PUBLISHER: Untold Tales
Steam (-25%$9.99 – $7.49) | Switch | Xbox | PS4
The rich fled to Mars but venture back to a desolate Earth for a round of golf. Each hole in the wasteland offers its own little story and possible puzzle to sink the perfect shot. Play through destroyed brutalist monuments, crumbling shopping malls, and abandoned museums as neon signs and poignant graffiti take swings at current events, Silicon Valley culture and humanity.

Piece together the full story of how humanity fell through three distinct sources. Details from the lone golfer’s story, who’s come back to Earth for one last game. The Radio Nostalgia From Mars broadcast that gives a glimpse into the lives of those who escaped. And the narration of a “secret spectator” watching from a distance…

Be accompanied by a purposefully composed soundtrack as well as personal stories broadcasted on Radio Nostalgia From Mars. The station caters to citizens of Mars, nostalgic for Earth as they listen to music from the 2020s, and dial in to share their memories of the planet. A smooth-voiced radio DJ keeps the show flowing with updates and announcements hinting at a not-so-glamorous life on Mars.

Three distinct modes mean every golfer can find something for their tastes. Casual players can focus just on the story and a relaxing scenic round of golf in Story Mode. Those looking for an extra challenge can beat each hole under par using skill and puzzle solving through Challenge Mode. While the total pros can try Iron Mode, where there’s almost zero room for error. Easy-to grasp controls and a minimalist UI underpin the whole game so anyone can easily pick up and play at their own pace.

Included with every copy of the game is the digital Golf Club: Wasteland Official Soundtrack plus a Graphic Novel Art Book that further expands the back story of the lone golfer Charley in a stunning visual format.
F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch (September 7, 2021)(ps4/5)
DEVELOPER: TiGames / PUBLISHER: bilibili
PS4/PS5 ($29.99) | PC (TBA)
F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch is a Metroidvania action game featuring exploration, intense combat and challenging platforming.

About the game
Six years ago, the Machine Legion invaded and colonized the Torch City, which was originally inhabited by animals. Rayton, the former soldier in the resistance war, has been living in seclusion since then. After his friend is forcibly arrested, Rayton reclaims his mechanical fist and steps to his journey fighting back. And he never expects that he has been involved in a bigger scheme between the mafia, the rebellion, and the legion.

Sophisticated and Interconnected Game Map with Countless Secrets
Exploring the Metroidvania game world with a dozen of areas with distinguishing vision themes and level designs. Earning the rewards by conquering the challenges of combats, puzzles and platformers in countless chambers, tunnels and shortcuts. Interconnected and automatically loading game map makes the detailed Torch City more convincing and beautiful.

Arcade-styled Combat System with Three Unique Weapons
Mastering the Fist, the Drill and the Whip, depending on the situation of the battlefield, switch your advantages between the long hits, the high damage and the wide range, taking every enemy standing in front of you down.
Dozens of enemies wielding their unique weapons challenge you with exquisite cooperation tactics, and various bosses with totally different combat patterns provides you never repeated experience.

Unique Dieselpunk Aesthetic Powered by Unreal Engine 4
The combining of the dieselpunk aesthetics and the oriental-style architecture constructs the core visual style of Torch City, exposing the world with the intense conflict between the furry animals and the mechanical army from their appearance to the nature.
The Artful Escape (Sep 9, 2021)
DEVELOPER: Beethoven and Dinosaur / PUBLISHER: Annapurna Interactive
Steam, PC/Xbox (Day 1 GamePass) and iOS
A teenage guitar prodigy sets out on a psychedelic journey to inspire his stage persona and confront the legacy of a dead folk legend. Starring voice performances by Michael Johnston, Caroline Kinley, Lena Headey, Jason Schwartzman, Mark Strong, and Carl Weathers.

On the eve of his first performance, Francis Vendetti struggles with the legacy of a dead folk legend and the cosmic wanderings of his own imagination.

In an attempt to escape the musical legacy of his uncle, a teenage guitar prodigy embarks on a psychedelic journey to inspire his new stage persona, searching for who he isn’t in an adventure spanning stolen opera houses, melodic alien landscapes, and the impossible depths of the Cosmic Extraordinary.

Starring voice performances by Michael Johnston, Caroline Kinley, Lena Headey, Jason Schwartzman, Mark Strong, and Carl Weathers.


* A story about great expectations, towering legacies, aliens, folk music, guitar solos, making stuff up, and living your dreams like memories.
* Musical jams. They’re visceral. They traverse dimensions.
* Craft your own stage persona from the sci-fi beginnings of your backstory to the trim on your moonboots.
* Converse, consult and chill with all manner of beings: disenchanted publicans, nostalgic villagers, lumbering alien wildlife, and reality-defying behemoths.
* Shred, soar and dance across the multiverse. Traverse landscapes made of sound — composed by your movement — as if the world itself were an instrument.
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SCOTT GAME of the week
Song of Iron
PC. Steam
DEVELOPER: Resting Relic
PUBLISHER: Resting Relic
Behind you lies a trail of broken helms, shattered shields. You hold the axe of a fallen foe. Worn and dented, it will suit it’s purpose. What lies ahead is still a mystery.
Basically a brutal norse myth version of Limbo. Like, literally it’s like a skin on Limbo but this is not a bad thing. I really enjoyed the chunky combat and tone of it all. Nice graphicsm, Unreal Engine, single dev did it all, always a plus.

– Great tone and look for the setting
– Fun, like Limbo, puzzles included.

– Could use some dialoge here and there but has none.
– Not enough music either.

Score: 7 out of 10 broken sheilds
LINKS: of Iron
BRIAN GAME of the week
Greak: Memories of Azur
Greak: Memories of Azur is a side scrolling single-player game with hand-drawn animations. You will take the role of three siblings: Greak, Adara and Raydel to guide them through the lands of Azur. Alternate control between them and use their unique abilities to escape from the Urlag invasion.

Greak is the name of the main character, and the smallest brother of three. He belongs to a magical race called the Courines, which are currently under the attack of an enemy invasion from a faction called the Urlags.

This battle has been going on for a long time, and the Courines are starting to flee their own lands. Greak’s goal is to reunite with his brother (Raydel) and his sister (Adara) and then escape the lands of Azur by Building an Airship piece by piece.

Throughout the game, you will find each sibling in different scenarios, and once you do, they will join the adventure and help you progress through the game.

Key Features:

Hand-Drawn Art and Animation: Enjoy a captivating story line about family, home and union in difficult times while you discover colorful and expressive scenarios.

Specially Crafted Puzzles: Solve specially crafted puzzles to find and collect the missing pieces of an Airship through an Interconnected World.

Unique Gameplay: Alternate between the three characters and use their different abilities to explore the Magical lands of Azur.

Fast-Paced Combat: Discover new areas and fight against a wide variety of enemies to rescue the Courines from the Urlag invasion.

Cinematic Clips: Throughout the game, you will encounter beautiful hand-drawn cinematic clips that will accompany key story moments to immerse you into the world of Azur.

Live Orchestra Soundtrack: Enjoy the expressive and atmospheric music themes specially created to experience a unique adventure.
Switch, Steam, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 5
DEVELOPER: Navegante Entertainment
Me Playing – Do you think you could play the audio (at low volume) to the game when we play the video for the stream? It is muted enough that I think the podcast listeners would enjoy it as background music and may help set the mood.
^ Launch Trailer Audio
^ Game Play Audio
6 to 16 hours
$17.99 on Fanatical ($19.99)
What has great hand drawn animations, a sweeping score and makes me cry? This game. Sure it might remind you of games like Hollow Knight or Ori Will o’ Da Wisps…and sure it might have some tricky Platforming hack’ing and slashing set in a land of adventure and sure the gimmick of swapping between characters (you and your siblings) with different abilities to complete environmental puzzles sounds like a gas…but damnit…give me a map, more save points and a reason not to scream everytime one of my sibling is on auto pilot and wipes the whole party out…did you guys remember to save! Shit! Me either…
Boop’s Patented 10 Point Rating System
Art/Animation: This is where this game shines! Sidescrolling beauty it is. Nice little animations and lots of sparklies!
Music/Effects: Another homerun is the Music! Get the soundtrack! Effects are effective.
V/O: Mostly just mumbly sounds but it does help set the mood of the characters you interact with.
World Building: Hero. Journey. Fantasy. Find your sister. Something is corrupting the natural world. so..yeah..
Currency/Loot: Supplies. Life currency. Gems for the market place!
AI/NPCs: The characters are on their walk cycles. You just try to attack them without messing up your timing.
Controls: I used a controller. It was fine. Works as advertised.
Interface/HUD: Simple interface. Not a lot of room for carrying stuff and it is never convient to access your inventory.
Replay/Endgame: Having a really good time. But I don’t see too much replay. Best to play this in one sitting.
– This is an excellent visual and auditory experience with a pretty fun game loop. Platformer Hack n Slash.
– The idea of playing multiple characters with different abilites
– Damn you save points that are so rare and so punishing if you forget
– The realilty of playing multiple characters with different abilites in a party that you don’t control.
6.66 hell bats out of 10 I’m pretty sure those are just birds
LINKS Memories of Azur Memories of Azur
Tags: puzzle, platformer, adventure
HINT: 1997, PC
hint: 1986
Next Week (optional)
SCOTT: Lemon Cake I think
Hey Scott and Brian. What are you guys playing on mobile these days? Give me one game I should be playing right now.

Thanks! Charles
Scott: “It’s Literally Just Mowing”
Brian: Same! It is all I play on mobile right now. Weird.
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