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Batman Begins


Oh hi,

Ahhh… I see you have brought us the rare blue flower that we requested to purchase entry into our Icy Mountain Top Ninja Hotel Club. Welcome, and I hope you have brought your sense of irony…and your wallet. mostly your wallet…oh you threw it into a bum’s barrel fire. unfortunate.

Anywho, I am your host the devil…errr…mephistofele…uhh..who was it again…oh yeah…anybody but who I say I am… and you must be the classic Faustian fellow with the bat fetish. What’s that? You say you aren’t familiar with the classics of opera. Oh don’t worry, by the time we get through with this 2 and a half hour teachable moment you will wish you had jumped into that bum’s barrel of fire and swam around in it like a decorative pool in a hotel with a couple of supermodel hanger-ons. I know things!

Alright! You have been here long enough! Now it is time for your final test! A game of synchronized Ninja Chess. Your move moody rich boy. Oh good one. Check and Mate. Perhaps I have underestimated you. And now my house is on fire. Oh, why did I think it was a good idea to run a mountain top hotel for ninjas slash fireworks warehouse! Randy! Why do we fall? No! So that we can learn to pick ourselves up and change the channel when this movie comes on…ok Brian…why don’t you tell us how you really feel! What, didn’t you get the memo?


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Batman Begins (2005) – If you start pretending to have fun…you might accidentally start having some. Nope, I just wanted you to know how hard it was.


  • Bats! Flash Bats!
  • My Garden my thing! Wait..what is the thing Rachel?
  • Finder’s Keepers…enjoy your well full of bats!
  • Did she say Mom? Mr. Alfred?
  • A dream? Nightmare? Worse than this place?
  • Communist Asian place.
  • Can’t they kill me before Breakfast?
  • You are in Hell…and I am the devil.
  • What path does Ra’s al Ghul have
  • A rare blue flower on the Eastern Slopes…carry it to the top of the mountain.
  • Bruce was looking for something…so he locked himself up.
  • Means to fight injustice…turn to fear towards those that pray on the fearful.
  • This flower is not blue…I said blue.
  • Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.
  • Those bats were afraid of you.
  • Wayne Daddy built this cheap train ride…and our main office is in the center of the town.
  • I do not care for the bats father.
  • How many times do I have to watch Batman’s parents die.
  • Don’t be afraid Bruce…be very afraid!!
  • “It’s ok.” People keep saying that…but shit keeps happening.
  • Your parent’s death was not your fault…it was your father’s! HOW DARE YOU!
  • Let me teach you the ways of the cold mountain ninja
  • The will to act.
  • 6 generation of Waynes.
  • 14 years for the murder of Wayne Parents!!
  • The sole member of the Wayne Family.
  • Hey joe Chill?. Falconey says hi. Hi!
  • Gotham has an underground…easily accessible
  • You get the slap…wait…you get a second slap. Your father would be ashamed of you.
  • Batman don’t need a gun…well unless it is a bat gun.
  • You always fear what you don’t understand.
  • Highly impressionable Wayne
  • Blue flower to get you high as a bat.
  • You have to become an idea!!! EEEEK
  • In a room full of Synchronized Ninjas
  • Hey! This guy cut me!!
  • A member of the league of shadows
  • Some cold mountain ninjas are pissed about the crime in Gotham…Coooome on!
  • We keep the explosives on the second floor of our Frozen Ninja Mountain Club.
  • See you on the way down
  • As a symbol.
  • Falconey scared of someone.
  • We keep Morgan Freeman in the basement.
  • The Waynes are always rich and always good. We even did the underground railroad
  • Gotham has levels. Everything in this movie has levels.
  • Your just one man…now are two… we!
  • Rachel needs to be the DA
  • I am splat man…eeeek
  • Spelunking…now base jumping.
  • ohh…the tumbler…you wouldn’t be interested in that..
  • They have to order the masks 10k at a time.
  • I’m Batman
  • Nice coat. Good timing.
  • Turned Falconey into a bat signal
  • This bat character gave me everything.
  • If you start pretending to have fun…you might accidentally start having some.
  • The pool is for decoration
  • Dr. Crane has some very angular glasses.
  • The walls are closing in. blah blah blah
  • Would you like to look at my mask…eeeek
  • Commissioner Gor-don has a family.
  • Storms a coming
  • Talking to back alley Batman.
  • Gordon’s partner is a croook!
  • Swear to me!
  • Something else in the drugs…something hidden.
  • Dead DA
  • Gotham is made of many levels..
  • Is that what’s his face from Game of Thrones?
  • I like to operate in the dank.
  • Bat on fire!!
  • Alfred…come pick me up.
  • Bruce…why do we fall…
  • I just wanted you to know how hard it was.
  • Weaponized Hallucinogens’.
  • It’s in the narrows.
  • Tell them that joke you know.
  • The secret bat entrance is bad notes on a piano.
  • A panic inducing toxin.
  • He has a bat call in his boot heel.
  • The Narrow side.
  • Gordon really needs to stay focused.
  • Trust me…as I transform into my engine.
  • Don’t freak out…but we are about to drive some crazy shit. eeek
  • Racheallllll!!!! Don’t scream at the panic stricken passenger.
  • A compound that has to be absorbed in the lungs…that is why the thing
  • Don’t worry…the bat is just going to give you a bat nap.
  • You burned my house and left me for dead. Consider us even.
  • Release the Asylum.
  • They had attacked before but on an economic level
  • What is the point of all those pushups if you can’t even lift a bloody log.
  • Right under the narrows. Levels…
  • She didn’t tell Gordon to not use the second dose
  • This movie has a lot of convenient meetups
  • Scarecrow took a shock to the face.
  • Bale loses his bat chin when he tries to lower his voice and looking down…he gets batman double chin
  • Gordon Mobile
  • Wait…did that Ninja have a gun…
  • The Monorail of doooom
  • How many of those bat grapple guns does he have?
  • Trains play a big part in super hero movies
  • Didn’t you get the memo?
  • The day that Chill died. Chilll.
  • What…they can’t kiss now…!
  • More Rachel Dawes nipples than Batman forever.
  • In the southeast corner.
  • The Narrows Are Lost.
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