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This week in Adventures in Filmsacking we leave the comforts of Netflix & Chill and head down to the mean streets of YouTube comments where Randy has gotten into a spot of trouble after an Internet troll who has stolen Randy’s identity (and his fancy rose colored Snachat specs (FANCY!)) and starts posting racially insensitive rhymes in the form of the blues. Bud da da da dum. No one leaves YouTube without lip-syncing the blues!

Anywho, time to hop in Ibbott’s rusted out 1997 Mazda Miata and see if we can save Randy before he has to fight a hobo for a wiener in the Apple store. Man I sure hope we don’t run into any trouble along the way!

Hey, has anyone seen my cleaning gloves? I think I saw Elisabeth Shue wearing them earlier.

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Adventures In Babysitting (1987) – Like urine my house. “Ya think?” #YaThink


The happy spray…spritz spritz

White girl dancing…look out.

How did he kiss you? Some Frenching?

She’s kissing that dude’s black and white photo

Her name is Chris…and this movie is directed by Chris.

Hey…it’s that guy from West Wing.

He’s really cool. He’s going to stay at home with his little sister while his parents go out.

They were going to go to that French restaurant.


Brenda knows!

It’s like a dairy queen. You only get one flavor…your Dairy Queen sucks.

Spike her Tab with Drano…step I right.

Mrs Anderson wants you to babysit.

Too old to babysit…when is that?

Those are some muppet looking gloves.

Look at that font.

I just can’t stop.

All these white people’s houses are full of Motown…and watching The Price Is Right.

Why is she wearing a Doctor Who scarf.


Sara kind of likes Thor.

THOR IS A HOMO…You can’t say that Brad.

Take back what you said about Thor!

your hair and eyes are well placed.

Taking your coat like a molester.

The Anderson’s house was so modern for the 80s

I’ll guard her with my life…is that foreshadowing? I was promised some Adventures…in babysitting.

Face blow on the glass door. It’s what you do.

The struggles of a teenage boy who has a crush on an older girl. Sisters, Moms, Dads and best friends…always trying to sitter block.

“You’re in my house!”

$40 bucks from the bus station downtown to the Anderson’s house.

Collect call from Brenda on the Anderson’s house phone!

Maybe she aint’ too old to babysit. She ain’t even got 40 bucks to help a friend.

3 guys shoot up. Bald Chinese Lady with no pants on. and a homeless guy who wants his slippers and spam.

White kids. No honor among thieves.

Hagen Daz…they said ice cream. Is it downtown?

Daryl go home. Daryl. Get out of our bushes.

I think she would kill them….she laughed at the idea

License Plate. “So Cool”

Thor lives in the city! Spiderman. Daredevil and Capn America

Daryl…why you got a playboy?

WHAT! You can’t throw a playboy out the window!

The kids don’t have any faces!

man…those gloves…look like cleaning gloves.

Flat tire in the city….

Why is a flat tire so damn funny?

“Ya think?” is that Daryl’s catch phrase?

So…Chris has a checkbook…she could have just went and got money…and paid the taxi…cheaper than a tire or as cheap as.


What is he whistling?

Flat tires are funny.

A truck driver with a hook for a hand! NOOOO.. Scrape our faces off.

Handsome John Pruitt keeps his severed hand in the glovebox.

Can’t decide if Pruitt is a good guy or a bad guy.

Holy Hell Pruitt is a madman.

Is buying you kids a tire one minute and shooting you the next.

First Adventure….Mr. Pruitt. Second Adventure…Car Thief.

Brad has a chocolate thing.

Chris is in control.

Drop us off at the mall.

Hey…Nice ta meet ya! Nice ta meet ya!

Why you punch Gipp!

Hey don’t hold it in Graydon.

Graydon calls the kids the Brady Bunch and now Brenda is watching the Brady Bunch.

She needs them glasses to see. The only thing that was holding that lady at the bus stop back was vision. Sunglasses don’t cut it when you got bad vision.

Cleveland is dead…..

Chop shops always have a foreman’s box.

Adventure 3. Escape from the chop shop.

Rust in your coffee…I guess that is rust. Maybe rat poo?

Ask for a buck more an hour.

So what party in the city are all the parents at?

Sara is probably hanging from the rafters by now! True

Gee I wonder if that porno mag will cause a problem?

Which is more dangerous? Facing a group of mobsters or navigating rafters in a warehouse?

I love music that uses horns to great effect

Nothing breaks up a Blues Party faster than some white kids from the suburbs

Bum Dun Buh Dum… The blues formula

Nobody leaves this place without singing the blues. That is going to be hard. There are a lot of people there…it’s like Forced Karaoke Blues

Met a 17 year old prostitute on the street

That’s not a kitten Brenda!!

A Jungle Sized Sewer Rat.

What would she do for 20 bucks? Brad wouldn’t believe him

Adventure 4…hopped a train?

“Ya think?” – Daryl

Yep. Adventure 4…hopped The train in the Warriors.

Why do I always find a knife to the shoe funny?

“Don’t F* with the babysitter.”

Indian Doctor…is he an Indian?

Comedy of errors. He ain’t dead.

Mr. Pruitt is back to save the day. He is a classic character archetype. What is he…

$50 bucks for a tire…should have just paid for the cab.

“Ya think?” – good one Sara.

I got to make…Sara don’t have to pee…she has to poo.

Adventure 4…College party?

It’s Miss March. So this takes place during March. Shaylene is the Playboy Centerfold.

Kappa Party!

Every place has a live band in this movie.

Does anybody else see a talking penis?

That college girl who took Daryl is a drunk pedo. Funny?

Anthony Rapp never had a chance.

Great time to invite a girl to dance…when the song ends and before the next song starts.

Kappa guys got money….well he has 20…maybe more.

Louanne is looking for trouble.

Dawson’s Garage is in some psychedelic green lit tunnel with psychedelic music.

Remember Chris. You have an awesome…however contagious boyfriend.

Dude…you just gonna leave them there without handing them off to someone responsible? He’s going to come back right?

Adventure 6 Dawson’s garage?

It’s Thor!!

You owe Mr. Thor Dawson 50 bucks….but you only gave him 45.

Don’t help Sara! Sara does a pretty good job with crying on cue.

You don’t help anybody in the city…you got to look out for yourself. Now give me $5 bucks

White Suburban kids and their checks.

Good work Joe Gipp.

People in the city sure laugh a lot.

Sesame Plexer

Mike got a kick to the back by Daryl.

Side mission: Catch Mike cheating

Side mission: Visit the toy store

Final Mission? Save Sara?

They will see you Chris….no they won’t…not if I put on ANOTHER COAT!

How late is it? got to be around 12:30….building is close to Downtown bus station….told Chris they would be home by 1.

At what point do you stop worrying about getting caught and scream YOUR CHILD IS ON THE WINDOW AND WE ARE BEING CHASED BY MOBSTERS!

Gipp is smooth

Shutup Brenda. No one cares about your Bus stories.

Anthony Rapp…get your hands off.

Free the Capn’

Yeah…cleaning up the house is the thing that you need to do.

0 Sum.

Dangit…Brad never cleaned up his pasta mess….dried pasta would be hard as crap to clean at that point.

She’s a senior. He’s a freshman.

Awww…he returned the skate.

Kiss him! The movie starts like it ends. Chris looking for a kiss…but now it is Brad who is longing for a kiss.

He’s still out there! is this the first Post Roll we have had on Filmsack?


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