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Oh hi,

Well Alice, this is our life now. Yep, Void as far as the eye can see. except for that giant Pyramid…wait. is that The Void? I mean I was thinking of The Void as more of a location or state of mind than an actual object.  Hey…do you hear that?

Hmm…I wonder what they do with our mail? I mean do they pick it up here or do we have to go someplace triangle shaped to drop it off. We still need to do Christmas cards right? I mean this doesn’t get us out of that does it? Do you hear that?

Hey Alice, Sorry about chopping you up earlier.

Seriously, you don’t hear that? Hey look…it’s Bev! Awkward!


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The Void (2016) – Like a seizure salad resulting from the strobing lights of a Canadian horror movie. Hey, this isn’t my face.


I’m your Firestarter.

Marsh County had a fire…but they are still open. That is a lot of hospitals for a small town.

I’m gonna deliver this guy to this gurney…slam.

What’s his story? He’s bleeding Bev.

This  guy is watching the night of the living dead.

This “That’s cool” guy is great. I don’t know what he is suffering from…I think it may be a bad case of the sarcasms.

I sure hope we aren’t going to see a de-gloving.

Good granddad is good.

Forced shot.

Bev keeps asking questions and Cop keeps shooting her down with “He bled…he bleed…” comments.

This girl do not want to work in the hospital..

Cop is dating head nurse? surgeon? what is she? I’ll tell you what she don’t know…and that is how to clean blood out of a uniform.

Ahh…Alice and Daniel lost a child and are either divorcing or have divorced.

pretty darn good shots so far. Really digging the atmosphere of the movie.

Beverly is having a tough night…like the kind where you stab a patient in the eye cause “this isn’t my face.”

“This isn’t my face.”.. “It’s not me”… “Can you help me?”

Cop is all like “She came at me!”

This cop is suffering from some PTSD

Good night Daniel.

A storm is a brewing.

Daniel is stubborn like his father.

Suddenly a State trooper appears

Daniels dad was a cop…and now Daniel has no gun.

Ben and Maggie are here…and Maggie is pregnant…I mean…I don’t think it’s Ben’s..buuuut. Small towns…am I right?

Dial 9 to get an outside line!! No…wait…fire

Where was the fire?

Daniel Carter is the cops name.

Almost no music so far.

and it’s dude with a robe on.

Daniel approaches most situations with a smile…so far…that isn’t working out so well for him.

Don’t be coming at me Robe Man!!

MORE ROBES! and a weird horn sound off in the distance.

oh…that is gross…those crab legs coming out of Dead Bev’s mouth. Dead Bev.

Kim…do something!

Daniel is having visions of something in the sky.

Daniel doesn’t like to stay down.

Got to kick this bed. Didn’t he have the handcuff keys?

Mitchell are you with me?

State Trooper is useless.

Doc McStuffins wasn’t wrong…he didn’t hurt the pregnant lady…but he did take one to the neck.

A Mexican standoff between cops, docs, rednecks and monsters

Give me that Axe!

I would play this video game

My eyes! also, I think I am having a seizure salad from those flashing lights.

Can you see the monster? I can’t see the monster!

This has the Thing written all over it.

Body horror and alien goo in memory of 70s and 80s horror.

Take my axe.

When you need a big bug killed you call the good old boys.

Daniel is always trying to have a rational conversation with non-rational things.

See…he can’t answer you…he’s got neck damage


“You can hear those horns for miles.”

haha! Fire gurney! Send out the dead!

Don’t put your tiny hardware store Axe on top of my Paul Bunyan!

Grandpa and the Teenage Slut

Bloody baby booty.

They are here for the BABYs!

“uh…may I approach” – Nicest Cop Ever

Did the cruiser get moved? Seems a lot further.

Grandpa is all like…I should have went to the hospital that wasn’t burnt up and crawling with monsters and crazy people.

Daniel is no speedster when it comes to keys.

Can this hospital get some more lights!

Horror movies like to have centered shots.

Oh bugger…a whole bunch of them robies with knives.

We got hospital beds…let’s put her on the dirty hospital floor.

Daniel is finally getting fed up.

“I’m pretty sure you can beat the shit out of me…but shut the f up. while I hate my wife.”

This gun is covered in goo. Goo gun.

Oh sure…now the phones work.

Is he talking to Richard? Who is Richard?

So when he passed out and woke up now he sees stuff and Richard knows.

Daniel’s father has gone to dead?

Alice had a baby clawing out of him.

Richard is dead! Nope. Richard is spooky…and so is his sick daughter. What are those pictures! THE TRIANGLE THINGY!

Those people are keeping us in. Like in Precinct 13?

not the hammer! Body horror.

wait…phew…no finger horror.

Don’t take his hand off…he is handcuffed to that.

It wasn’t a pill house!

Sex and stuff. Devil stuff? no…I don’t believe in the devil…

Found the fire! It was in the basement.

Of course it’s the door to the morgue.

a sub basement….like the basement is not scary enough….we have a basement with a basement.

Be patient…is that why they call them patients? They have to wait.

“You would be surprised at the things you find…when you go looking.”

“Smells like a grave…” You mean it smells like dirt?

Body’s in basements. Let the bodies hit the basements!

Let’s administer drugs to the pregnant lady…by Kim…who doesn’t know half of what this stuff is.

That is one badly painted triangle.

Apparently…cross the plane creates a fire.

OMG…Alice got a bad case of the gas.

Horror Movies this Movie uses…all of them.

He “Richard” can get into your head.

We are in hell….in the subasement of hell…or hells attic.

only the tearing of the veil with a new life will allow us to close the door to the hell’s attic.

This should win some shit for best monster design in a movie. Where are this movie’s awards.

Kim and Grandpa can not come to an understanding.

Oh well…so much for the veil tearing with new life.

Oh no…she has Doctor Powell’s baby in her belly.

well they ain’t getting along well at all now. Now the horror blame game begins.

How many axes are in this hospital.

It’s all in your head. the whole scary thing.

Older than gods! They told me everything.

Well this is not going well for anyone. EXCEPT RICHARD!

“Now watch this!”

Watch the Abyss open itself to me as I touch it’s special spot and say these words.

Come and bless my baby? I don’t need babies!

Hey Daniel. I’ve made a horrible decision.

Richard’s Daughter needs some work.

I will say it again…the monster design is awesome!

Flare time! How many pieces of flare? One


Et tu, Brute? right in the back.

It’s beautiful…I’m out! I got no more time to torture you. AXE!!

Axe wound


I thought stargates were round. Oh well.

Run Indy! Run! The Gorilla beast is chasing you Jumangi style.

You did it. You survived. You can’t talk…but you survived!

It’s morning…the horror is over.

Yay…Kim survived as well.

Well. I guess we live here now. Welcome to our new home baby. It’s got a giant pyramid. “Yeah…this is not better.”

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